Valentine Girls

I just adore these two girls so I made a girlfriend Valentine…..if you are anything like me the girlfriends
make life worthwhile and I love all my new Girlfriends..oh that’s right ..I named a fabric line Girlfriends!!Cimg5247

6 Responses to “Valentine Girls”

  1. clarice says:

    So sweet. I like how you sewed it. Clarice

  2. ArtsyMama says:

    Ah yes…girlfriends are the best!!! I love this…just delightful!

  3. robinw says:

    Girlfriends! What would we do without them! (P.S. “Girlfriends” fabrics are my favorites! Can’t wait for more)

  4. Perfect!! so so sweet!! Love these lil gals!! The colors are really really happy!!!!
    Love it!!!
    xoxo Jenny

  5. Jessica in GA says:

    I so adore my girlfriends! They make everything much easier and so much more laughable… Nothing like a gaggle of friends and a bottle of wine!
    Beautiful, Jennifer! What a tribute…
    Happy early Valentine’s Day!!

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