Carla has once again outperformed herself giving us wonderful outfits to get pumped up over!! Carla not only gave us this wonderful bell sleeve pattern but look at those wonderful embroideries on this little ones Jeans!! All of these products are available on You can make this  right now and tell Kim I sent you,crazy about that girl! ok i am so Loving the horizontal pigtails on our little cover girl !!  This photographer  is new to our Sis Boom family and we can’t thank her enough for these sweet images. A big thank you!! As always see all of Carlas Patterns on etsy!   One more thing the embroideries are separate and available on SWAK embroidery so please take a peek!! And to our very talented group of testers Go, Fight, Win, or the cheer of your choice!!! Love you guys for upping our game and having fun and creating sweet things in the meantime. Don’t touch that dial!! Next week the adult version called Shana!!  Thank you Miss Carla!!


31 Responses to “Priceless”

  1. Oh my gosh, so, sweet, darn cute xoxox Clarice

  2. I love it!!
    She is such a cute little model!

  3. Tabitha O. says:

    Holy cow that kid is cute distracted by adorable pigtails and bright fabric–was there a pattern you were gonna show us? lol jk

  4. Jennifer-
    I am listening to your podcast you did on CraftSanity awhile back and I just want to say thanks. You are very inspiring. As a mom and an artist it is so nice to see someone doing so well and to know it is possible to live a dream. And I really thought that one would need to know how to sew to design fabric. Thanks for saying that this isn’t so. I don’t sew but I do love to design patterns. Your fabrics are lovely. And I have always admired your holiday line.
    Dana Barbieri

  5. so sorry the top is a pattern and its over on you can make this!!! just press the link!!

  6. says:

    Great new pattern. Carla has done it again.

  7. Courtney B. says:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! That is all I could say when I saw it pop up on What’s New over at YCMT!
    You 2 make the most amazing team and I can not wait to see the Momma version! I have all kinds of cutesy matching ideas going through my head right now! 🙂
    Thank you once again!

  8. Jenny Fish says:

    Well now I have a purchase to make, and some sewing to do! So cute! Love the little horizontal pigtails too!

  9. This little girl and this little outfit are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I love her supermodel face:) Darling!

  10. Heathersue says:

    That cover photo is adorable! I love the jeans that Carla made to go with that top! Adorable!

  11. Terriaw says:

    Aw, so sweet! I love those pigtails too. I bet this top would be so comfy. How fun to have such wonderful people to work with and carry out your visions.

  12. Cathy says:

    I am so excited!!! What an awesome pattern to pair with your super amazing fabrics!!! Match made in heaven! And then you go and put it on that adorable little girl with the excellent photography skills of her mom….and you get as close to perfect as you can get here on earth. Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. oh….. Embroidery designs to match!!!!OH HOW I LOVE this! I have been wanting someone to do this for a long time (or maybe it’s been out there and I just didn’t know it!)
    That Damask is so cool!!!!!
    lots of ideas spinning in my head. I just made my daughter a quilt for her room and needed something for the shams, I’m thinking this might be it! … (your new fabric would have been PERFECT for it, but it’s at the quilters now).. I’m sure I’ll think of a million things to do with it come January, please post when it starts to hit stores (or if you ever need a sample sewer… he he he)
    … I love the bright/white combos!

  14. Allie says:

    How sweet is that! I love the pigtails too – adorable!

  15. Vicki says:

    Annie’s photography is amazing and her kids are the cutest! That’s just adorable.

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    It’s has been while since I checked your blog, I have been out of the loop for a while and just getting back into the swing of things(I had very bad morning sickness, I am better now:)). I am so happy to see your having a show in Dec, I am going to try and come up. Still trying to move your way, we have been taking lots of trips, it’s quite beautiful.
    Have a good one,

  17. Caroline says:

    I love this!!! You and Carla have done it again – it looks so cute!

  18. Kathi says:

    That is SSSOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh, well this one’s another must isn’t it?

  20. Jeanne says:

    Ok..seriously…that little girl is as cute as the clothes!!!!

  21. Mechelle says:

    WOW, adorable and so are the clothes! I don’t know how you get it all done all the time, but you do! Congrats to you!

  22. fantastic!! if you need anymore testers give me a holler! can’t wait to see the womens version!

  23. joanna says:

    that is the cutest pattern cover I’ve seen in a long time.Congrats on the new pattern. BTW, I know comments were closed on your post about not being a “matchy” designer but I just needed to tell you that you continue to be one of the most inspirational gals out there. Don’t ever change your process and your way!

  24. Hi Jennifer, I love the new pattern and the little model on the cover. My Grand-Daughter is part Asian. I love it! Take Care, Franchelle

  25. Kim D. says:

    So adorable and the little girl is so sweet. Congratulations to you and Carla for another great pattern and love those embroidery designs.

  26. So adorable! And that little girl…well, I’ll just take one of those too please.

  27. That outfit, those pigtails, that face!! Love it all.
    ~ Jennifer

  28. Well I can’t sew so I’ll just drool over the gorgeous fabric, adorable kid, and beautiful photography. 🙂

  29. love the colors..the style…and of course the model is so cute!!!
    smiles, Joy~

  30. What a cute outfit. I can’t wait to get that pattern so I can make one for my niece!

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