As promised!!!!!

Dance with me !! The singular most popular line so far is triggering a national celebration (not really but loved announcing it that way.)  It really is the request du jour  certainly from my quilting buds.  So tell me is it true?  What is your favorite Sis Boom Line? ….oh and after the peasent pattern that Carla is working on are their any requests for patterns?  So leave a comment and enter to win a fat quarter bundle of these beauties.  Drawing ends this coming Sunday at 5pm June 28th.  I have my neice visiting so it could be busy around here for a few days . Have fun thinking up great ideas for the big win.  Visit the Jolly Jabber The Fat Quarter Shop blog to learn more about Dance With Me then visit their shop for some prebundled fatquarters!!  They make sewing a quilt from Dance With Me so easy.

232 Responses to “As promised!!!!!”

  1. Dana C says:

    I LOVE your Flower Power! So pretty. I would like to see a simple, easy to make dress pattern for adults. Let me know when it is ready. 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    I just love pretty please, but I haven’t been able to use it enough. I am looking for a better pants pattern for girls than what I’ve seen out there. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love to get my hands on more of your fabric.

  3. Cathy says:

    This is completely not fair…You are making me pick ONE line I love most???? OK I will say….ummmm….Pretty Please. Ok, now tell me your favorite color! LOL

  4. DianeY says:

    Love them all! But I am a little partial to Dance with Me-especially the hexagons and the paisleys. But what I really love is that they all the collections go so well with all the others!

  5. ariel says:

    Jennifer, I love love love all your lines. However, I’m in agreement that Dance With Me is my favorite thus far…maybe because it’s different from what I’ve seen anywhere else! I love the paisley prints especially. I would love to see a super cute apron pattern OR a pattern for one of Nancy’s adorable hobby horses!

  6. kye says:

    I love the latest dance with me the best, and am partial the fact that the lines all mix well together.

  7. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    The newest Dance With Me is just awesome, but I also love the Bell Bottoms line. Maybe that is dating me, but those are so cute too. I would love to win some of the Dance With Me fabric.

  8. Suzi says:

    Seriously? One line? Well if I have to choose, I guess it will be flower power….I have a dress in mind for the zebra and loopy vintage floral.
    Speaking of patterns, I would love to see one for the halter dress, both long and short.

  9. Meg says:

    I love them all! I really love Dance With Me, but all of your collections work well together!

  10. Joyce Lucas says:

    I Love Dance With me The best but if truth be told, I love them all! The colors are amazing and all work so well together.
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    Joyce Lucas

  11. Joyce Lucas says:

    I Love Dance With me The best but if truth be told, I love them all! The colors are amazing and all work so well together.
    Thanks for this opportunity.
    Joyce Lucas

  12. amylouwho says:

    I love all the damasks in Pretty Please. Pretty much I love any damask – so all of your lines speak to me! And fun happy colors to boot!

  13. Jennifer Hinote says:

    I LOVE them all too! But Dance with me is definitely the Fav so far! I totally love how they all go well together too!! 🙂

  14. Mandy says:

    Jennifer, I love more than a few in all of your collections, but I’m really enamoured with Flower Power. I would like to see a funky bag pattern, because I’m always on the look out for bag patterns!

  15. Jessica R. says:

    The Bellbottom fabrics are my favorites, although it was hard to choose – they are all really great!

  16. Angie says:

    I just love the Dance With Me patterns/fabrics. They are my favorite for sure! I love all the colors and prints. I too would like to see a bag pattern.

  17. ...t. says:

    Jennifer, I LOVE the dance w/ me line!!! I think a nice clean a-line skirt (maybe wrap style) would be a great pattern. One of those old classics that could use a little sis boom spin. Also another piece that flatters virtually every shape. I am SO looking forward to more patterns by you and Carla. HOW much do you LOVE her???

  18. karen says:

    Mod Girls is my favorite line… Molly is going on the back of the quilt I’m working on now!

  19. Lara says:

    I love your flower power line! The pattern I would most love to find – especially from Carla – would be a peasant top with all the options for us moms too!!

  20. Jeanne says:

    I LOVE them all, I really do! But at the moment I’m going through a Mod Girls phase. And I have it on good authority that the peasant top pattern is going to be fab!

  21. carri says:

    Well, that is a tough call, but Dance With Me – I mean – I kept on oogling it – and I already thought of things I can make with it! It is really a beauty.

  22. Leslie says:

    Hmmm…just one line? But they coordinate so well together!! Ok, my favorite right now is Flower Power.

  23. Andi says:

    I also love them all, but really love this new line.
    I’m not a big pattern person but would surely make something divine with these fabrics.
    Andi 🙂

  24. Melissa Jordan says:

    Dance with me wins. Love all the color.

  25. Sadie Lou says:

    I Love BellBottoms–I don’t know why but the designs really appeal to me and my retro-ness.

  26. minnie2 says:

    Jennifer it is impossible to choose a favorite line of yours! They are all so gorgeous! Then I am sure you already knew that:) If I HAD to pick I would have to say Modgirls ONLY because you have a fabric design named Nicole and that is my daughters’ name.
    As for patterns I think a bag pattern is always great or some of your big girl clothes in little girls and/or tween sizes. Like the Dana would be so cute in a tween and an adult.

  27. Debby Schuh says:

    I love flower power. The colors are true and perfect for my home.

  28. No fair that we can only pick one! I seriously love all your lines – but if I have to pick one (and apparently I do!) – it would be flower power.

  29. VickiT says:

    Wow, that’s really tough to pick just ONE line. I’m new on your blog but found you because I loved the Girlfriends fabric line. I just love all the fabrics in that line. But, coming in a very, very close second is Dance with Me. They are all such wonderful prints in all the different lines you have. They’re all beautiful.

  30. Renae says:

    I honestly LOVE every line! If I had to pick one right now it would be Flower Power. I need to buy more for the tunic patterns I bought this week.

  31. one line? moi??? c’set impossible!! I love them all! Maybe flower power if I had to choose….but if I have a chance to see the newest line in person, to hold and fondle it…hint hint hint….I might just have to change my minD!

  32. Diane says:

    Oh Hard…probably Pretty Please! Thank You for a lovely giveaway! What a pretty stack of color. A sweet simple baby quilt, gender neutral, or two patterns, one girl and one boy. Thanks so much, here’s hoping to win from Idaho!

  33. Teresajoy says:

    I love the Girlfriends line.

  34. MaryBeth says:

    OHHHHH…it’s so hard to pick a favorite. I love them all and YOU!!
    As for patterns I am tickled pink about the tunic…just got that this week. I need to catch up on my purse orders then I will be making that to wear at my home parties! It’s absolutely adorable!
    A purse pattern would rock…you know I love purses!! wink wink!

  35. Anita says:

    I love all of the them! Just so colorful and happy.

  36. Barbara G says:

    All your design collections inspire me! It’s TOTALLY unfair to pick one but maybe Mod Girls. Sheesh, I really HATE picking one…

  37. Barb says:

    Love those Dance with Me paisleys!

  38. Michelle says:

    I am pretty new here, and I love the paisley fabrics you offer. However they are all pretty and I can see visions of finished garments dancing around in my head with your coordinating fabric. As for new patterns, I would like to see a dress pattern for ladies or maybe a gored skirt pattern. I’ll be checking in frequently since this place is so inspiring. ~Michelle

  39. Laura says:

    Oh, so hard to choose just one! I love your new line, but I think my fave is Bell Bottoms. I also love being able to mix & match the different lines!
    I think a great purse/bag pattern would be fun to make, or I always need more patterns to actually make myself something (cause I’m always sewing for everybody else!)

  40. Tatania says:

    I love them all. As we have seen anything made out of your fabric looks fantastic. Its so hard to get your fabrics out here (Australia), I have only seen Girlfriends and Mod Girls in person. Bellbottoms, Flower Power, Pretty Please and Dance with Me all look gorgeous. If I had to choose I’d say “Them All”. They all make me dribble.

  41. Rachel says:

    I think my favorite is Mod Girls. I have the Molly print, right now but I still can’t think of a thing to do with it…I don’t want to cut it because it’s so pretty.

  42. Mechelle says:

    WOW, How unfair to make us pick one! But if I must, I must I will say Flower Power! As I can’t stop buying it or sewing with it. It just makes everything I do, so pretty!

  43. maigirlz says:

    I purchased a beautiful fat bundle of Dance with me and right now I am working on making the tunic!

  44. I love it all! They each have a different feel to them yet they all tie in together….

  45. Somer says:

    I love Dance with Me. When I was a four I was really sick and I spent a lot of time in bed. My comforter was a material called arsenic and old lace. I don’t remember what it looked like, but for some reason Libby reminds me so much of that comforter.

  46. Alicia says:

    I’ve yet to order online (your fabric isn’t sold near me) so I don’t really have a favorite. I’ve loved ALL the fabric I’ve seen on your site and I would love to win some to play with!

  47. Ruth B says:

    So very hard to choose but the Modgirls is calling my name pretty loudly. Love them all…they are fresh and bright and happy fabrics. The fat quarter bundle is a pile of joy and loveliness.

  48. Marsha says:

    Oh Jennifer – I’d love to win that! I want purse patterns!

  49. I need this right now!! I want it all!! love these Jennifer, but then again I love all of your fabrics!!

  50. I agree it is pretty inpossble to pick one, but I guess it would be bellbottom. But really I love all of them xoxox Clarice

  51. Courtney B. says:

    You’re going to make us pick one!?! I don’t think that is possible! I think I will have to say dance with me…you just can’t beat those colors!
    And…SO excited you already got the tunic out! Can’t wait for more! You guys are smokin’!!!

  52. mrs. Doodle says:

    I have to say Dance with me… my daughter is named Dancy 🙂 I also love the hexagons.. they are my favorite.
    I love all of your lines – you can do so many different things with all of them and mix and match them – which is
    something I love.
    Thanks so much for having an awesome giveaway. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

  53. gina snyder says:

    I love them all, but my absolute fav would have to be Flower Power!!!

  54. Mushyhed says:

    Too hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would probably be Dance with me! Great line! Your collections are beautiful!!

  55. Sherri says:

    Hmmmm…such a tough decision! I have loved and used Flower Power so much, but Dance With Me is really calling my name now and I think it’s my new favorite.
    I made a girls tunic with the Flower Power line and am working on my adult tunic now. I simply can’t wait to see the peasant top. Will it be in adult sizes as well? I would really love to see a simple (but versatile) adult dress pattern from you and Carla. You all amaze me!

  56. Sarah Slack says:

    Um, yeah “Dance with Me” is georgous! I’d love to have so much of it in my stash.

  57. Sarah Slack says:

    Wow…terrible on that typing: “Dance with Me” is gorgeous!

  58. Tabitha O. says:

    I love all the lines but the new one is a new favorite! I am in love with the colors of them all!
    Definitely something for the tween, teen and more adult stuff…my girls are out of the girly little kid clothes and really want something I can make for them that is more stylish and less ‘cute’ apparently ‘cute’ is the kiss of death in fashion for their age. I love what you did with the tunic making sizes for all sorts of kids and women…can’t wait for the next pattern no matter what it is!

  59. Nicki Kirk says:

    Like most everyone else has said…it is REALLY hard to pick a favorite–they are all SO GORGEOUS! I really really LOVE Dance With Me. It’s just lovely! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! My daughter will LOVE all the pretty things I will make her if I do!

  60. LuAnn Smith says:

    I’m ordering mine this week for my little one’s new room! But I have to say I will always love your girlfriend’s line. I even have a particular pattern that I consider my favorite. Maybe I’ll blog about it this week…

  61. Jen says:

    I just got in my Pretty Please fabric yesterday. Oh it is SO freaking cute! BUT, I love some FLower power too!!! I have my fabric waiting for the PEASANT TOP PATTERN!!!! I AM SQUEALING WITH EXCITEMENT because I have wanted that top since you debuted your items in your shop!!! (yes, I even looked for one similar and have NOT found a single pattern that looks that GREAT!) So, I will be one of the VERY first to get that pattern. HURRY!!!!
    I also like the Dana TOP and the Jane Dress…well I love them all. heh!
    HURRY HURRY HURRY WITH THAT PEASANT TOP! I am so stinkin excited. 😉

  62. belinda says:

    ……why your newest one course..Dance with Me….yes….this cute little line can come dance with me anytime…all the time….!!!

  63. Laurie says:

    Ho hum……… can I pick just one?! They are all supurb, Jennifer dear!
    Like a kid in a candy store…….how can I settle for the favorite one?! Pretty tough! I love your latest and greatest!

  64. mo says:

    One favorite line?! Not possible! I will say that one of my absolute favorite favorite prints of yours is this one- I bought several yards of it with no idea what I would do and I have been doling out for select projects ever since. I love the colors and the print of it even though I am not even a yellow sort of girl. It is one of my favorite fabrics period. Here is another project I did with it-
    So pretty!! As far as patterns go- I like adult ones like the peasant blouse. There are a lot of kids cute patterns out there but not a lot of adult womens.

  65. Flossy says:

    Ok honestly, I love them all, but my favourite is still Girlfriends 🙂
    And as for a pattern, well a gorgeous flirty summer dress would be lovely!

  66. Debbie van der Schyff says:

    I LOVE them all – especially the paisley in Dance With Me. Cant wait to play with that one. Thanks for the giveaway, heres hoping……

  67. Holly says:

    I love the Flower Power and all of them. This is not fair to make us choose just one. Oh, I hope I win!

  68. beckyhomecky says:

    I too am having a hard time choosing just one line. Do
    think the Dance With Me is the most unusual and love the colors of all the collections….so girly. Thanks
    for a chance to win a stack of fat quarters…what a treat.

  69. sherri says:

    I love all of your fabrics…but “Dance with Me” is definitely my favorite! I’m making a quilt right now from several of your lines…and it’s going to be spectacular!

  70. Oh — it is soooooo hard to choose, they are all gorgeous! I guess I would have to say that my favorite is mod girls.

  71. Sue says:

    What next, are you going to ask me to pick my favorite chocolate? Geez! I’d want to pick & choose several from all of the collections, great fabrics!

  72. Maria says:

    How can I chose a single line? They all have their own personalities, and I refuse to make any of them sad by not choosing them.
    I’m so thrilled to have my new Patricia Tunic pattern. I’m thinking about making a full length one for a robe. I do love skirt patterns too!

  73. Dawn says:

    I must say I love them all so in answer to your Q: The next New Line as I fall in love each time and dream of a new project to do!

  74. angel says:

    Super tough decision but I’ll go with Flower Power. No, Dance With Me.
    No, Flower Power….
    They’re all so lovely.

  75. Sivje says:

    I think Dance with Me is my favorite but I love them all.

  76. Aunt Spicy says:

    Cruel, just cruel to make us choose! So right ow I would have to say BellBottoms, purely because I am going through a Casey Scroll phase and am having a hard time finding some of the color combinations I want. But I have been stocking up on Flower Power’s Loppy Vintage Floral and Elizabeth Rose and Dance With Me’s Kayla for some Baby Girl Blankets. I think Leann may be my next purchase!
    I second the vote for patterns for bags, or home goods…I haven’t attempted clothes…

  77. Cheryl says:

    How can I pick just one line, they are all so lovely, fresh looking, unique and colorful!
    If I had to pick, I guess I would go with Flower Power as I can see those designs in so many different projects: quilts, dresses, purses, wall art and other creations.

  78. Lorraine says:

    I am very partial to all but if forced to choose it will be Dance With Me ….. I loved a dress in the hippie paisley days of my adolescence which my Mum thought too risque for my 12 yr old frame .
    It had a big keyhole mid back & in the bodice area where my boobs might have been had I had any .
    I miss this dress to this day !!
    The fabric looked a lot like the paisley in this line .

  79. Lil says:

    my favourite line is flower power, love the nix of florals and zebra, just awsome

  80. Stephanie says:

    They’re all fantastic but I just purchased Flower Power. LOVE those fabrics!!! What a delicious stack! If I win I won’t be back home until after the 4th of July weekend. So please don’t pick another name. :o) How is that for the power of positive thinking?

  81. Tom says:

    Love all your lines. Pretty Please is a favorite, but I can’t wait to start using Dance With Me!

  82. Rosemary says:

    I love them all, of course. I just picked up some of the Mod Girls Diane on Friday for a skirt. The loopy vintage floral will be prominently displayed in my new home (love that print!). Bridget is a favorite from Girlfriends. Dance with Me will be in the girls bedrooms. Should I continue? Love the idea for a bag! Keep ’em coming girlfriend!

  83. Vicki says:

    So hard to choose! I’ve used Mod Girls the most, but I’m leaning toward Dance with Me. They’re all beautiful.

  84. Terriaw says:

    What a beautiful stack of fabrics! I think Dance With Me is my favorite of the Sis Boom collection (so far). I would love to see a pattern for an adult skirt. Something pretty and whimsy. Thank you for giving us such gorgeous fabrics all the time!

  85. Rebecca says:

    Oh, to choose! It is a toss up between Dance With Me and Flower Power (one of my daughters is named Elizabeth Rose!) I also would love to see patterns of clothes for “tweens” I guess you would say. Kind of the 8-12 year olds? And I’m always a sucker for apron patters!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win those FABULOUS fat quarters!!!

  86. Grace says:

    So hard to choose 1, I am partial to all your scroll and damask patterns, but since I have to choose I say Bell Bottoms!

  87. Tammy says:

    I am new to sewing and absolutely love all of your fabrics…. gorgeous!!! If I HAD to chose my favorite, although that is such an unfair question… perhaps Modgirls???? or maybe Bellbottoms????or…. sheesh so hard to decide!

  88. Taiya says:

    Hmm… I am really loving Dance With Me! I could never pick a line of any favorite fabric! I love fabric too much!

  89. Sally says:

    Dance With Me is so lovely, but I always revert back to Pretty Please. Your naming is an influence I must admit – when I have the time I want to make a quilt using just Ann and Sally fabrics as a keepsake for my oldest and dearest friend.

  90. Jordon Manis says:

    I’ve always loved Mod Girls…it started my love of all lines that followed! I’d love to see a pattern for one of the women’s dresses, a halter maybe!

  91. Theresa says:

    I love Carole, Girlfriends, Loopy, Flower Power love those florals. What could be better than fat quarters and jellie rolls. Hope I win!!!
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  92. Gina says:

    I just love Dance With Me and I am getting ready to make a quilt from it. Would love to have a set of fat quarters although I have already purchased what I need to make my quilt. I agree with Dana C. Need a simple, pretty dress for adults.

  93. Sarah E. says:

    This is definitely my favorite so far!! I LOVE them all though! Fabulous! I’m really into bags right now, but I am always a fan of any girls clothing patterns too (I have 3 little girls so you know…) 🙂

  94. Jamie says:

    Really, must I choose? I think that Pretty Please is my favorite, though I also really love Modgirls. (And all the rest,too!)

  95. mrs. Kwitty says:

    Don’t make me pick a fav–I just can’t! They all work well together anyways. Some of the florals from your Girlfriends line make me drool, and I just love every little design from Dance With Me (especially the paisleys). Whatev–I promise to make fabulous things with those lovely fabrics if I win them! How about some patterns for cute sewing room accessories?? I think all of us sewing divas love to dress up our studios!
    Smiles, Karen

  96. heidi says:

    Good Morning Jennifer, OMGoodness?…My favorite collection???…I have to say I am somewhat partial (at the moment!) to your “Pretty Please” collection!!!!In particular “Amamda Fleur” in orange & also in pink!…For my etsy shop, “” I made two of my “baby bird blankets” from these two amazing prints of yours!!!One side your gorgeous wild print & the other side the softest white flannel…. & then a small appliqued bird sewn in the corner!…They sold immediately!!!…..So needless to say I am a very appreciative fan of your talent! :)….Keep designing & I’ll keep creating!….Enjoy your week!….Your friend, Heidi XO

  97. Heather says:

    Yes, as the others have said it really is hard to choose just one line – but it I have to I think Dance with me is my favourite followed by Pretty Please. As for patterns I would love a simple but stylish dress pattern for us moms.
    Cheers Heather

  98. 2hippos says:

    I’m liking Dance With Me, but the other lines are great as well. Casey Scroll and Libby are probably my 2 favorite fabrics.

  99. IamSusie says:

    It is nearly impossible to choose! I like Mod Girls a lot and I also love Flower Power. I like making bags and quilts more than clothes so patterns for those would be fun.

  100. Andrea says:

    Of course, I would love to win that stack of goodness. I just love all the beauty you bring to the fabric world. I think more little girl size patterns would be fun but I am a mother of two girls so I am a little biased.

  101. Carolyn says:

    I Love them all, so a favorite is a problem. I’m actually working with several fats from several of the lines in a quilt right now,
    but the Libby red is really really nice. Different….and I would love to build a quilt around it. So Pretty Please…enter me to win the fat quarter bundle. My youngest daughter just got married and I am broke and in need to fabrics…..hehe.

  102. Sandy Allen says:

    Oh. they all are lovely! I like the Modgirls line the best, but the Dance with Me is a very close second! Would love to make a simple quilt out of them so the fabric is showcased.
    Sandy A

  103. Carol says:

    How can I possibly pick? I ♥ all your fabrics and this new group is just outstanding!

  104. missy says:

    Dance Witn Me is my handsdown FAVE!!! I would love to see a pattern for kitchen goodies like Placemats, OVEN-MITTS and teapoy cozy or toaster cover!!
    Thanks for the contest!!

  105. Rachel says:

    So far….I have only had the pleasure of working with Mod girls and girlfriends but I am in LOVE with the Dance with me prints…my fingers and toes are crossed on this one, I have BIG ideas!!!

  106. Christy says:

    Dance with me is my favorite, but it will probably be whatever you do next 🙂 As for patterns, I already put my 2 cents in about gorwn up girl dresses, so I thought I’d tell you that I am also in love with the puffy sleeved tunic. I sure do wish you were making patterns when my nieces were little, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting tunics…teenagers!

  107. Kathi says:

    I haven’t received my Dance With Me fabric yet, but I think it will be my favorite because of all the colors. It is so vibrant!!
    I would love to see the peasant blouse made into a dress. I would also like to see a sleeveless version of the blouse and of the dress that I want!!

  108. Oh, that is hard! But since you’re such a sweetie, I think I’ll go with Girlfriends. I do like BellBottoms though. And actually everything else you’ve ever made. Sigh. My fabric bills are extraordinary!

  109. KZK says:

    I’ve got to go with Mod Girls – because it makes me smile!

  110. LindaSonia says:

    Oh my, toooo hard love them all, but I choose Pretty Please. LindaSonia (

  111. Heather says:

    I am loving the Modgirls line. I love the funky patterns and pretty colors!

  112. Mindy says:

    It is so hard to pick just one, but right now I am LOVING the new Dance w/ me line! Especially the paisley prints! And I can’t wait for the pattern for the Dana top that is in your shop right now! I just love it!

  113. Sandy Rowe says:

    I love “Modgirls”. I love how the colors coordinate so perfectly.

  114. Julie B. says:

    Jennifer, I like them all; I just love your fabric! If I had to pick I think I would go with flower power! I’ve been teaching myself to sew this summer and I’m making reversible aprons with very contrasting fabrics! I’m partial to small vintage flowers on one side with modern looking bold prints on the reverse. I think aprons are also a great accessory! Happy Day!

  115. lilyhaven says:

    Jennifer, you know I love them ALL! Your fabrics are always so colorful, pretty and unique. I could sew with them all day (and usually, I sew all night too). I suppose if I’d have to choose a favorite, I would have to say Flower Power. Gorgeous!

  116. lilyhaven says:

    Jennifer, you know I love them ALL! Your fabrics are always so colorful, pretty and unique. I could sew with them all day (and usually, I sew all night too). I suppose if I’d have to choose a favorite, I would have to say Flower Power. Gorgeous!

  117. Ruthie says:

    Dance with me is my favorite. 🙂

  118. Jeannette says:

    Hard to choose, but dance with me sings, for the future more bag patterns small and large to show of the materials

  119. Marnie Peck says:

    Oh how I would love to win your wonderful fabric!! I would love to see more patterns for teens. (12-16 age range). My daughter, who is 13, loves your fabrics, like I do. She recently asked why I don’t make her as many clothes as I do for her 2 year old sister. I said it is because I never see patterns that I like that are as cute. She loves your Tunic and I have made her 2 already. So, I would love to see more for the tween/teen. Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabric. I am a huge fan!

  120. Marnie Peck says:

    OH, and my favorite line….That is so hard. If I had to pick, I would say Dance with Me, but I truly love all of them, truly.

  121. kim says:

    dance with me is my favorite….that is until the next line comes out!!!

  122. steph says:

    Dance with me !!! the colors make me happy !

  123. suze says:

    Love the Flower Power. It’d be nice to see a sun hat pattern or a cute plain jacket pattern ~ the kind with big pockets, to wear around the house and garden. 🙂

  124. Caroline says:

    My favorite line? They are all my favorites~truly. But then you know that don’t you! I look forward to each and every new line you design…the gorgeous colors are so amazing to look at in each print.

  125. MichelleRenee says:

    I love Pretty Please, but I love them all. That’s just my current favorite. I am always looking for stylish patterns for my 7.5 year old. She loves Mini Boden clothes–sweet yet sophisticated.

  126. Jennifer says:

    That’s a tough call … they’re all so gorgeous! And I love that they work well with each other, so lots of mixing and matching going on! But if I had to choose, I’d pick Girlfriends. Yummy!

  127. MWright says:

    Absolutely impossible to pick a favorite – but I would say Dance With Me and Bellbottoms are up there. Then there is Flower Power and Pretty Please – oh I just can’t pick one:) I really liked the sundress on your flickr site that is green Casey Scroll with green Claire Blocks around the collar and at the hem. Would love to see a pattern for that dress!

  128. Kim D. says:

    Jennifer, All of your fabric lines are gorgeous.. I can see them made up in purses, totes, clothing as well as lovely quilts. You keep us coming back for more. I recently found your blog and really enjoy it. Thanks

  129. SHARON says:

    Flower Power was sooo cute but this new line is even better. Thanks for doing the drawing.

  130. Jennifer,
    there is no way I could pick one line! Dance with Me is delightful to be sure….but I could pick a favorite print though! You know it already, it would be– Laurie! And next pattern….well I am don’t know….maybe like a Taos Skirt and bolero jacket?

  131. Dolores McCune says:

    Love Dance with Me! Would love to dance away with the giveaway. Dolores

  132. Amy says:

    It’s a tie between Modgirls and Girlfriends for me. I just can’t decide!!!!
    (Crafting by Candlelight)

  133. Hillary Goodwin says:

    After having made quilts, bedding and other items out of Mod Girls, Bell Bottoms, Pretty Please and Flower Power, I would have to say Pretty Please is my favorite. I would love to add Dance with Me to the mix. The best part is they all go so well together!

  134. Heather says:

    I can’t pick a line. I love all your fabrics. I’d love to see some tops with empire seaming and I love that you offer patterns in larger sizes!!
    Happy Summer 🙂

  135. Viv says:

    I really like Pretty Please and Dance With Me.. If i got any of those I would think I’ve died and gone to quilter’s Heaven.

  136. Jennifer P. says:

    I love it all!!!! Seriously. I’m not kidding.

  137. Karin says:

    How can you make people pick one? That’s just too hard! But, if I have to, I would say I love Girlfriends a lot. There is something about those colours that ‘clicks’. But this dance with me is also so beautiful!
    Have fun with your niece!

  138. Kay Snyder says:

    Wow, couldn’t pick if I tried, love them all. So pick me pick me, I would love to get my hands on some so pretty please…Dance With Me?

  139. Dana says:

    I LOVE them all! But Pretty Please is definitely my Fav!

  140. says:

    Hi, Love all your Designs:D…but, fav would have to be Flower Power. All great colors for my vintage trailer. Thinking of adding several pillows in your wide assortment of blues , reds, and pinks.
    Thanx for sharing your talents with us!

  141. Marissa says:

    I love flower power, but I like dance with me too. I can’t wait to get some and start sewing with it! Thanks for the give away!

  142. Jen says:

    Is the peasant pattern the dress you’ve shown with the gathered neckline? I think there was mention of that pattern being available this summer, and I’m hoping so because I’m in love with that dress! I just finished a bag using Libby in turquoise from Dance With Me, and I’m so infatuated with it I have to say it is my current favorite. However, I have to say that I LOVE how well all the collections work together – I’ve not found that to be true of all other designers. Keep the beautiful work coming!

  143. Kristen says:

    I like girlfriends best. I’ve just combined 3 prints to make a sundress for my 3 year old. It’s so cute. I would like to see a fun adult skirt. Maybe an A-line that combined several fabrics.

  144. Monique says:

    I agree that Dance With Me is so popular. The diaper bag featuring it sold fast! 🙂 I really have a favorite fabric of each line as I fall in love with each one and can’t live without any of them!! I love that they coordinate- that is my favorite thing to do. My two favs now are Elizabeth Rose Ice and Kimberly in Lime (I think that’s the color). I would love to see in a pattern a tank-top or anything for tweens- as that’s my daughter’s age! Thanks for all the beauty!!

  145. Melissa says:

    Bellbottms… but they are all so beautiful!

  146. Carol says:

    Dance with me is my fav by far. I have been checking the local quilt shops for it, but have not seen it in person yet. I have been on a roll making bags and totes so would love a new pattern.

  147. Jeanelle says:

    Really they all are lovely but my favorite is Flower Power. I love the zebra (especially the brown)with the flower and stripped prints.

  148. Nanette says:

    Having just purchased the big hexagons in Dance with Me, I’m still enamored with Flower Power. So it is hard to choose. I guess I’ll stick with Flower Power. But this new line is so beautiful.

  149. Jessica F says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Girlfriends line…and I’ve searched high and low to find it (I’m in Texas and finally did in Australia!). Dance with Me is becoming my new favorite…so fun and flirty! I’d love to see a pattern for a woman’s dress- long, flowy, feminine, and perfect for summer! Thanks!

  150. Deborah says:

    I see so many beautiful creations made from your fabric lines. To choose one is the mandate so I must say that FLOWER POWER is the one that I love most. But it is definitely a hard choice. Love the post before for the tunic – next stop to check out that pattern…

  151. Susan Bailey says:

    I really enjoy the Dance with Me fabric. The colors are so bright and vibrant. A Yummy quilt would add pazzazz to any room!

  152. Hi Jennifer!
    I really like Dance with me, but all of your designs are totally charming!!!
    You know what I’d love to see is a book of small projects.
    Pin cushions, wall hangings, pillows,etc. Maybe even some small artsy dolls?
    Some cool stitchery designs to go along with the fabric would be fun!!
    I’d love to win…fat quarters are the best!!!

  153. Corey says:

    I really like Dance with me–I also adore Pretty Please. I think that all of your lines are fab really–the bright colors are just smokin’!

  154. Angie H. says:

    I really love this line. It so hard to choose a favorite, I really love them all. This one though is my favorite. Bag patterns are #1 on my list and I would love to see some. Thanks for letting me enter!

  155. The colors in your new line are AMAZING! And I am beyond thrilled that the Patricia pattern comes in extended sizes. I’m going to order it right now!

  156. Pat says:

    I love Flower Power. A great bag pattern would be wonderful – deciding which of your fabrics to use would be such fun!!

  157. brigette says:

    OH MY. i love the damasks in pretty please, and the florals in flower power, and the variety in dance with me. and…. there are things i love about each line!!!! they are so colorful and make me happy every time i look at them.
    i already have a quilt chosen to make with these!!! i guess i’m the eternal optimist!
    good luck to everyone!!!!!

  158. Debbie Sinclair says:

    I think my favorite line has to be Mod Girls. That was your current line when I first found your fabrics. Actually, I really love them all, but Mod Girls was my Sis Boom first. Keep the designs coming – they’re all beautiful, fresh, clear fabrics!! I look forward to every new thing you come up with!

  159. Theresa says:

    Definitely Flower Power, Loopy Vintage Floral ist the most beautiful fabric ever!
    Thank you for designing it

  160. Pina says:

    I can’t say I have a favorite line because there all just devine, love the vibrant colours.
    Pina 🙂

  161. Brenda says:

    Love the fabric so would love to win

  162. mel says:

    So excited about this new collection! I’d love a chance to win!! I have so many ideas for projects for my new baby girl!

  163. Angi says:

    I love Dance With Me, actually I love all of your lines! I can see all kinds of goodies being created for my 9yo daughter and our new baby girl.

  164. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Count me in too! : )

  165. Tracy says:

    I would have to say the Dance With Me. I love the thought of dancing around in all those fun fabrics. It would make some fun summer dresses.

  166. Dorothy says:

    How do you choose? I love it all. It would be such fun to win some fabric. In regards to patterns, my biggest problem is sewing for a 10 year old who is a plus size. I would like to see more stuff for girls in that age group. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabric

  167. I have to say Dance with Me and Bell Bottoms are my faves. I think a great fitting pant would make a great pattern.

  168. Kristi says:

    Believe it or not, Girlfriends is my favorite. It’s the best of everything….a little flower, a little stripe, a little design, simply delightful!
    I’d love this fat quarter, I’m in the verge of my VERY FIRST quilt and this would be in the works. Of course I’d faithfully send pictures and updates of “an art major’s first quilt”. Thanks!

  169. Jodi says:

    What a fabulous bundle of fat quarters! Someone is going to be very lucky!

  170. Madeline says:

    I’m loving Dance with Me. I am very excited about the tunic pattern as well. I plan on diving in just as soon as I get back from vacation! I love your designs…the colors…the way they all coordinate…just so beautiful!!! Keep up the fabulous designs. As for patterns….a great skirt pattern that really showoff your fabrics.

  171. Laura Weaver says:

    Dance with Me is my absolute fave….although truthfully I love them all!

  172. Karen G. says:

    I love all of your lines, but I’m really digging the Elizabeth Rose print from Pretty Please. The Kimberly patchwork print from Dance with Me is on it’s way to me as we speak – all so gorgeous!!
    As for patterns….I always love aprons and pin cushions!
    Have a great time with your neice!
    Karen G.

  173. Ellyn Z says:

    I love paisley so I’ll have to say, Dance with me is my NEW favorite! Would love to make a quilt for my new niece to be with this beautiful fabric!

  174. Cynthia says:

    I love this collection of fabric!
    The colors are amazing, can’t wait until I get my hands on some

  175. Dawn says:

    Horray!! I love this new line!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  176. jessie says:

    Dance with me is gorgeous but I think Flower Power is still my favorite!

  177. Carrie says:

    I love Dance with Me! It is just so fun. Love the colors and the movement. Very, very nice :o) I hope I win!

  178. Donna says:

    Oh gosh, I think Pretty Please may be my fave…….all of your lines look as though they were done at one time so any of them could be a fave 🙂 Beautiful colors………..

  179. Marg says:

    I just love all the color. Who could help but smile 🙂

  180. Susannah says:

    I have to say the Girlfriends Line is my fave.
    I’m just learning how many wonderful fabric
    designers there are. Thanks for sharing
    your talents.

  181. Cathy says:

    What a bright exciting group of fabrics. I must be honest I don’t know your other lines – I’ve not been quilting in a while, but I love Dance with Me that I saw over at FatQuarter Shop. Congratulations and I hope it does spark a national celebration.

  182. I must say that I really love the Dance With Me line of fabrics. Fun and cheerful.

  183. I rally love the new Dance With Me fabrics. Very cheerful. They make me think of my little granddaughter and how cheerful she is all of the time. I am rather new at posting comments. It generally comes up as LZ on the google account.

  184. Lori says:

    Both my daughter and I LOVE the Dance with me line. It is my favorite for sure!!!I would love to with the Dance with me bundle. Count me in!!

  185. Amy says:

    If I had to choose, it’s really a toss up between Flower power and Dance with me. I guess I’ll go with Dance with me, I really have a thing for the cheater cloth!

  186. Maria M says:

    I love all your lines! The vibrant colors are all the rage among my customers.

  187. Lesliebee says:

    It’s a tough call.. but I think “Bellbottoms” might be my fave. But I am looking forward to making some cute bags with your new “Dance with Me”

  188. Sandy says:

    I thought Flower Power was my favorite but, oh, Dance With Me is delicious.

  189. Patty says:

    I love the bright summery look of “dance with me”… is so fun after only seeing “dark” fabrics!! It would make a great quilt for my home.

  190. cindy novick says:

    Your new line is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!
    I also am partial to MOD GIRLS…I follow your blog as I get lots of inspiration for home dec etc. And—How cute is the name ‘SIS BOOM’???
    Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  191. Sarah DiLorenzo says:

    I have just started quilting in the last two months and I have been on a fabric frenzy ever since. I am drawn to bright cheery colors and Dance With Me looks so beautiful to me. I am going to my local quilt shop later today to see if they are getting it in!

  192. Patty Young says:

    What a beautiful blog…your photos are so pretty, and your fabrics are gorgeous. So glad the Fat Quarter Shop let me know about you!

  193. oh my gosh this line is lovely!!!

  194. Alison says:

    One line? Seriously? I love them ALL! I have pieces of Sis Boom I can’t bear to part with and now I’m completely smitten with Flower Power. I just ordered a few yards of Dance With Me, so I’m sure I’ll completely covet those when they come in. It’s all yummy! And fat free, which makes it so much better!
    Patterns? I have every pattern Carla has made…they are all AMAZING! And as soon as I have baby #3 I see an adult tunic in my future. Can I wait 6 weeks? I’d like more little girl dress patterns (more A-line-ish) or even an adult simple dress pattern. Carla can make you feel like a complete pro, so whatever she dishes out will be outstanding!

  195. Anna says:

    I agree with the others, it’s too hard to choose a favorite, maybe if I had a fat quater bundle of Dance with Me I’d be able to choose! Haha. I would really love to see some more cute bag or tote patterns with these fabrics. So fresh and fun for the summer! By the way I totally love that peasant shirt pattern. I think I’ll just have to go pick it up. Please enter me in the drawing, I hope I can win!

  196. Margaret M says:

    My favorite song is “I hope you dance” and these Dance With Me fabrics just sing out! Love the colors. They are nice clear true colors. Beautiful. Would love to have them dance over to my house! Thank you.

  197. jo smith says:

    dance with me by far,put the music on and quilt.

  198. lisa says:

    I am just becoming a fabric hound (been a fan for a while, but a clueless fan) so I can honestly say Dance With Me is my favorite of yours thus far, butI am sure that will change with time. I think anythign new is my favorite for the moment!

  199. Lisa Holmes says:

    I love all your lines but I am partial to the Flower Power line, that doesn’t mean that Dance with Me doesn’t stir my creative juices. I am dying to transform my sewing room into a sewing room decorated with everything Jennifer Paganelli, curtains, pillows, memoboards, if I can cover it with Jennifer Paganelli, then gosh darn it that’s what I’m going to do !!!

  200. Kathy says:

    I love Dance with Me, but I’m crazy about Flower Power! Of course, I’ve never met a Sis Boom fabric that I didn’t like:>)

  201. Rebecca Woods says:

    I couldnt pick just one. Love them all. And love the dolls that were made with Dance with me on the jolly jabber. Love it love it love it.

  202. I think I love them all! I just got done making a rosette pillow with the new line. I love my cuddly rosette pillow. I have pictures on my blog, take a peek!
    And I’d love to win those quarters too, by the way 🙂

  203. Amy says:

    So hard to pick just one, I’m seriously so in love with Flower Power, Pretty Please and Dance with Me. My favorite fabric collections ever! I love you bold color stories and how well all your lines work so well together…but I will have to go with Flower Power.

  204. I love the flower power line. My oldest always goes for the flower patterns & usually I think they look so old fashioned. This line makes us both very happy. I just checked out the dance with me line & I absolutely love it, too.

  205. Taylor says:

    I love them all, but bell bottoms is a favorite. They are all worth oogling over. Hope all is well. Au revoir

  206. Paula Bohan says:

    It’s too hard to decide on a favourite Sis Boom line of fabric- they’re all wonderful – but, I especially like the multi-stripes and paisleys and the Amy dots from Modgirls. I would love a pattern for an empire waist-type sundress for grown-ups – they flatter almost every shape.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Mandi says:

    I think Bell Bottoms is amazing — LOVE IT! And, this new line is so full of color & great patterns…. I’ve got to get my hands on some of it.
    I have some quilts in mind for these fabulous fabrics — but I want to make sure I choose a pattern with large pieces to show off the fabrics. Pretty stuff shouldn’t be cut up too much.
    Ooh I hope I win! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  208. TinkerVerve says:

    I have to say, with so many others, that Dance with Me is a winner! Would love to win a bundle…

  209. Penny in Denver says:

    I love all your bright, eye popping colors, but Dance with Me is my new favorite. Can’t wait to run out and get some to make a quilt for my grandbaby girl coming in Sept. Would love to see a diaper bag pattern with a new modern twist for my urban chick daughter and her new baby. Something that doesn’t look like the usual baby tote.

  210. Really, Jennifer, I can’t pick just one!! You know you are my fave. Everything you do is the best. I will say that Pretty Please and Flower Power are just off the charts in color! I think they may be my favorite fabrics of all time.
    Oh, and by the way, my birthday is on Saturday.. And winning that stack of fat quarters would really make my day! Tell that to the random winner picker thingie! (yes, that is the technical term!), right?? you are the best! xoxo

  211. Christina says:

    Though I love them all, I think Bellbottoms is my favorite. Right now I’m into sewing for my little girl, so I’d love to see more patterns for little girls. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric.

  212. Angie says:

    Wow! I love this line so much…love them all!

  213. Erika says:

    Oh! I like Flower Power and then there is Pretty Please but Dance with Me is my current favorite. I like how the prints are full of color and how some how remind me of times long ago with a modern twist and then the sweet ones that remind me of home….

  214. Carolyn Howland says:

    I adore the Dance With Me line of fabric. But to tell the truth, I love all the fabric you create.

  215. Melanie McFarlin says:

    Such beautiful colors! Great fabric!

  216. Meredith says:

    I just love Dance with Me, gorgeous colors and patterns, and it goes so well with all the lovely others. ~ Meredith

  217. Emily Moss says:

    Every line you have made is gorgeous! You are so mean for making us pick a favorite. 😉
    I love Dance with Me!!!! I already have some and here you see I have come back to beg for more!!!! You are so sweet to give away this gorgeous stack, just please let it be my lucky day?
    ~Emily xx

  218. Renee E says:

    I Love the new Dance with me line!
    Pretty! Pretty!

  219. LuAnn says:

    I bought my “Dance with Me” this week. I’m pairing it with pink gingham and vintage chenille for my daughters new room. Pink walls, of course. I swear I’m going to use it too. I’m not going to set it on the shelf and refuse to cut it. I’m so bad about that!

  220. LuAnn Smith says:

    Where did my earlier post go? Typepad is driving me a little crazy this morning so I apologize if I’ve posted this twice. Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Or maybe it’s this little hot flash I’m having…
    As I was saying…. I bought my “Dance With Me” this week. I’m pairing it with pink gingham and vintage chenille for my daughter’s new room. Pink walls, of course.

  221. Becky Howell says:

    Jennifer! My fave-hands down-is the Kayla Teal. I am sewing a quilt for my daughter’s big girls bed and using it at the border fabric because it is so gorgeous and girly! I would love to see patterns for little girls-skirts, dresses…something simple enough for a beginner:)

  222. Patrice says:

    OH Missy! I love Dance with Me The BESTEST!!!! xoxox P

  223. Kassia says:

    Dance With Me is my favorite….but all your lines have pretty fabrics. I guess I’d say that Girlfriends would be a close second. I always go for bag patterns. 🙂

  224. Chasley says:

    If your going to make me pick one then it’s probably Flower Power. I just recently fell in love with your fabric lines, not sure why it took me so long but I love all your fabric designs.

  225. sewpam63 says:

    Girlfriends, Bellbottoms, Flower Power. Those three are my MOST favorite! I still have some Girlfriends on my shelves that I use judiciously and COVET!!!
    A bag, a computer sleeve, a sassy skirt!? Truthfully, any pattern would be excellent with these FAB fabrics! ; )

  226. Kimberly says:

    They’re all too beautiful! But I’ll go with Pretty Please, if I must. I so appreciate that you’ve already collaborated on adult clothing patterns – I’d love to see more of that, especially when there are coordinating children’s patterns.

  227. P Pierce says:

    I’m loving Flower Power these days, but they are all so lovely…it’s very difficult to choose just one.(sigh)

  228. Brenda says:

    I love the one with the hex cheater

  229. Alison says:

    I’d have to say the new one takes my fancy…it’s a real feast for eyes. So pretty

  230. says:

    I have to say I am partial to ModGirls.
    Can’t wait for the new pattern.

  231. Grete Birgitte says:

    I would love to make beautiful things with this!

  232. amy says:

    I love every new line more than the last!
    Congratulations!! Dance with me is stunning!

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