Urban Chic in Berlin

Squish is other mediums using my fabrics look at what Linda Gaylord does with our fabrics to advertise her fabric shop Volksfaden located in Berlin, Germany. Thanks Linda for sharing this wonderfully edgy art to show fabric…we love it…To enter a squish catagorey show us what you are doing with the fabrics in an artful way..45

12 Responses to “Urban Chic in Berlin”

  1. jonipossin says:

    That is an awesome photo. Great advertising. It might be fun for scrapbooking, to clothe a person here and there in a layout.
    Love new ideas,

  2. Great advertisement! The colors really pop…

  3. Suzy says:

    Oh my, that picture is so FAB!

  4. Jennifer,
    I am loving seeing how all these wonderfully creative people are using your fabrics! The horse blanket especially! WOW! Thanks for sharing all these, they are fun and so inspiring.

  5. teresa says:

    oh awesome!!! I love this!!

  6. teresa says:

    oh awesome!!! I love this!!

  7. teresa says:

    oh awesome!!! I love this!!

  8. Hi Jennifer…how fun! All my Mod Girls came in the mail Thursday. I luuuvvvv it! I did a post of the three bags I made (one is girlfriends). I immediately went back online to order more of my favs. So many ideas…I’ll keep posting. Thanks for such beautiful designs!

  9. Tammy says:

    Oh. My. Stars. Totally fab photo!

  10. Amelia says:

    That’s an adorable photo, love the edgy style of editing!

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