You light up my life

Who knew that could be a background song for a life style face lift..but it got your attention and that’s what matters. Just want to show you what I’m working on.  Seriously you all mean the world to me. Our facebook page is jumpin!!!!! So here are just a few of the things happening around here. We are gussying up the place and getting ready to welcome you to #sisboomworld where everything that happens here stays here..xo

From welcome door hangars to catnip treats we got you covered at #sisboomworld. oh and thanks for stopping..means the world to me. There I said it twice..

Show times November  7-9 (10-6 ) stop by or else..

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Sequined Trees Best Seller

Soon to come to our shop..sequined 7″ trees $38.00.  Not as easy as they look and they are amazing!!!  Crafts is my middle name and I love our Holiday show for our chance to show you what’s been budding over at Sis Boom.  I have way too much fun doing what I love.  These trees are no exception!!  So here is your personal invite!  Barbara Strawser with her Angels and Mermaids will have her own space so please come say Hello and there will be plenty of Lucky Girl on hand and lots of items made from your favorite Sis Boom fabrics. We love when you travel distances and come hangout with us it sweetens our lives!!! Well I better get back to work, the elves are a bit overwhelmed!!  See you soon!barbara bunnies belucky betree HolidayInvite


Barbara Strawser with her Angels and Mermaids will have her own space so please come say Hello and there will be plenty of Lucky Girl on hand and lots of items made from your favorite Sis Boom fabrics.
Starts: 11/07/2013 10:00 am
Ends: 11/09/2013
Duration: 8 hours:
40 East Meadow Rd
Wilton, CT

Check this out!!!!!!

Hawthorne Threads ordered more Circa for those collectors (hoarders) out there!  They have cut you fat quarters and charm packs and all that good stuff.  So please take what you need to complete your Sis Boom Treasury!! We are so excited this line filled you with inspiration! We love all the ideas and are amazed at the talent out there!! This may be the end of it so grab up when you can!! The sellers shelves are making way for Lucky Girl!!!



So speaking of Lucky Girl Lynn Harris of the Little Red Hen made the most gorgeous quilt from Lucky Girl!!

We are so in love with this Herringbone design!!  Lynn you always turn us on with your amazing color choices and this one is no exception!  With the most sincere gratitude we thank you!!

Gorgeous Quilt from Lynn Harris

Gorgeous Quilt from Lynn Harris

10-5 today my place

yes we are open..letting go of lots of product, many handmade right here in CT.

See anything you like, please inquire, we are here to help!


Into the woods with Circa!!!

We can feel the romance of Circa!!! We wanted to share with you some of the beauty from our most recent shoot…Some of these are our own patterns revisited and some our from Girls World, again revisited!! We feel so blessed to be working with the master ..Mr. Tim Geaney!!

Hit Send

I did it, I announced Lucky Girl on Facebook. It’s always thrilling to launch a new line but it can be terrifying simultaneously!! You just always want everyone to be happy and that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.  Achievement can never really be measured so it has to come from within.  I like this line so much and know that you will have so much fun putting the designs  together. You know how much I love seeing your work and if I can help you launch a little biz so you can stay home with the kids I am happy to do so!!!! So I hope you are enjoying the summer it can be difficult juggling kids and your biz but take heart in knowing it will come when you are ready and not before.  Savor the notion that you are right where you are supposed to be!!




A Great Year Ahead

Who wants classes???  Right here in my studio I am thinking about hosting small groups.  To make and create, to build lasting friendships and inspire!!  Are you in??? Then of course we may also do online videos. So much to think about.  I am pumped, Carla is pumped and so is Madeline!!!!!  This is going to be the year to remember. 2013 we are coming and we are expectant!!  Let goodness rain down upon us all!



In just two days..

Rudolf makes his debut at the Sis Boom Show……you don’t want to miss this one..

Life is Good

Sometimes I’m asked how do I start my day??? Lots of caffeine and a quiet request for help throughout my day.  Then onto the task at hand.  I love to play, I love to create I love to hand sew and I love to write.  I walk Mr. George cause that’s equally important to me. Our walks are slow and we talk , we share secrets, his secrets always have something to do with chasing squirrels. I talk out loud to him especially when we see deer. He loves to watch the deer and seems quite respectful especially after a doe stamped her front leg as he approached her offspring just being curious.  We see birds , we count the ducks in the pond, we talk to neighbors especially the ones with 4 legged friends.  We look for new smells and places to mark.  It has to be a leisure walk because when I’m rushed and hurried that’s how the day goes.  If I make a conscious decision to be deliberate and serene that’s how the day unfolds.  Let me tell you the sky could fall and there is nothing more important  than time away with God and nature for me.  So that’s how the day starts.  Then I take quite a bit of time to say hey to all of you and thank you for just being you, being giddy, being playful, sharing and giving each other salutes and acknowledgement of a job well done whooping it up on facebook and twitter.  (Pinterest I’m coming….) I mean it nothing in this world moves me more than folks helping one another and you all do it everyday.  Someone said our customer service was the very best, she was referring to all of the friends of Sis Boom who helped her locate a fabric.  🙂 You guys rock and make me feel so blessed to be part of this community of loving peeps.  So come join the conversation you will be welcome with open arms!!  So playing yesterday and I can not stop!!!! The birdies may be sold in kit form what do you think??? The collage is me sewing to paper,  I am addicted, changing and filling bobbins like a pro..move out da way!!