Made you Smile

Here they come our new pillows and we will let you know the retailers that will be carrying them.  You saw the ones in Happy Home and for those of you who don’t sew we decided to make them available and boy are we glad we did. The outpouring of love on facebook is a good indication that we scored. My Girlfriend Jennifer at Earth Angels Studios will be a good place to start May 1st! We are so excited by their debut..we are talking HAPPY!!!!  You can also create these in our book Happy Home with any word/s you like.  Please note do to overstock issues their are plenty of books under new on Amazon with much better pricing..just FYI That’s one of the best sewing books ever. ( I’ve been known to exaggerate.)



Ruffles and more

Oh Megan Loggie is up to great things in her shop Butterfly Betsy.  This you are going to love.  You get to choose your silouette and then choose the size.  All are made to order so you can really have it your way.  We love all your creativity Megan and we love that you have developed a made to order site.  It’s worth the wait.  Megan uses our Happy Land Line to create a host of beautiful merchandise.

I love everything I saw!!!!  Thanks Megan for your love of the cloth and your passion to create beautiful items.  I love what you did with the green floral.



In just two days..

Rudolf makes his debut at the Sis Boom Show……you don’t want to miss this one..


I decided That I needed some pom poms but mine never turn out!  So I was in Marshalls and saw this for 14.99 and thought this is the last time I attempt this.  So far they are not looking so good.  But I am determined. Not giving up !!  So here’s the kit I have to say great instructions and great yarn and great ideas.  So if there is a trick to this please share!!  I have purchased lots of pom pom makers, even made some of my own and this one is by far the best.  Game on girls!! and boys!!!

Don’t forget the pom poms!

Once again Girls World Adapts!! Happy Hanakuh or Merry Christmas or Kawanza we’ve got you covered.  Think of the wonderful combos of fabric and lettering you can come up with!!! even do a solid background with solid letters or patterned letters!!  Happy Birthday is just one of many ideas to create for this banner!!  oh and don’t forget the pom poms, that’s what gives it finesse!!!  all resources inside Girls World. Tell Santa!!  This is such a wonderful party decoration!!