The bus went by today and it’s always a trigger for longing..It went by so fast and yet I am so grateful to be present for all of it.  There is so much that can take us out of the day to day , we see it all the time.  I ‘m just so glad to have felt all the good the bad and the ugly.  There is something so precious about being present and available to our kids.  I love mine to bits and  I do miss the wonder that they experience in front of you every day..It’s exquisite.  So when I saw this beautiful quilt on the beach that Jane from Maiden Jane made it made me miss their youth even more.  She created something so beautiful that will be packed with memories over the years!  Have you met Jane be sure to follow her she is delightful.  Crazy Love is no longer being produced but lots of places carry them.  Here’s one place I found. Quilt Home has a ton!!

Summers end

Summers end

Pom Poms and Flowers

More from our fabulous day!!






We had a magical photoshoot with Tim Geaney our favorite photographer in the whole wide world.  His photos are just soulful and touching.  We can’t believe our good fortune when we get to have fun with him in the jungle or in his studio.  We love a collaboration and we love trying new things, it’s how we grow into ourselves.  I hope these photos engage you and encourage you to be expressive and enjoy the process!!

Check out all the inspiration!!


We love the the Marco Pattern on women..great for summer!!!!




Fashion Shoot

As you can see we have disappeared for a few days and we apologize . As a designer these are the moments that are most stressful. I want to bring you the very best of Sis Boom and that means working like crazy with the stylist (Madeline) and my seamstress (Bettyann) we go until the sunsets and as most of you know I pop up early to get the inspiration on paper. We adore you all and hate when we can’t be in touch with all of you all the time.  You are what make me want to raise the bar every time.  Carla is busy working on a Sis Boom pattern for all of you and we are so grateful to that very busy woman. Remember to purchase all the Scientific Seamstress classic patterns on Etsy.  Today we go underground for more planning and styling but we will be back soon!!! So get your ticket to the show and get a front row seat..(:)))))  we are so excited for you to see.


Hit Send

I did it, I announced Lucky Girl on Facebook. It’s always thrilling to launch a new line but it can be terrifying simultaneously!! You just always want everyone to be happy and that you continue to raise the bar for yourself.  Achievement can never really be measured so it has to come from within.  I like this line so much and know that you will have so much fun putting the designs  together. You know how much I love seeing your work and if I can help you launch a little biz so you can stay home with the kids I am happy to do so!!!! So I hope you are enjoying the summer it can be difficult juggling kids and your biz but take heart in knowing it will come when you are ready and not before.  Savor the notion that you are right where you are supposed to be!!




Crazy for Crazy Love

I tell you the quilts made from this line are to die for!!!!  The votes are in Crazy Love is a super duper hit !!!  Wherever I go I see the most beautiful works of art from this amazingly rich colorful line.  I am so glad you like it!!  So I found this beauty in our FLICKR group and I had to share.  It’s a design from the very talented legendary Kaffe Fasset and it just struck a chord with me.  This was created by the sweet miss Amber and we at Sis Boom are loving it!!!  Thanks Amber for posting it , really appreciated.



Have you seen flickr??   Look in Sis Boom Sightings!! Have you been on our facebook,   Search Sis Boom. Do you see what’s going on??  Folks with their Girls World and their Happy Home and patterns from the  Sis Boom Pattern Co.are creating the most beautiful items!!  Here’s a quick collective for those who have lost their passwords, can’t find the link, don’t want to register on those sites..We get it!!!  First up Sew Fun by Monique,  Her very affordable quilts can not stay in stock..think Holidays!!!!!  Next Judy B. who has become a household name has these amazing pillows and stockings for the Holidays.  contact her through her Etsy shop here! Call her, contact her, she is easy to work with..Make it a Hickity Pickity Sis Boom Holiday..Ok Miss Jamie you are up next with that amazing quilt you posted to Flickr.  That’s a party in a blanket!!!  Thanks for that beauty! Jamie’s Etsy shop is here!!    Shop Sweet baby Jamie!! Thank you all for your love and devotion!!!

In our Flickr Group!!

Thanks once again to Kelly for posting such a sweet photo of her Girls World Projects!!!! She did these for a birthday party and raved how easy it was!! Find the bag and pattern and instructions in Girls World! Thanks for adding to our flickr pool!

fabric found here.