Summer Style Using Jenny Eliza

Jodie, of Twinkle Star down in Australia, tagged me on Instagram with this darling romper using my Jenny Eliza fabric available at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I just love it. She used Bungalow Multi Floral for the romper and Green Dots for the ruffled short sleeves. Jodie ships all over so check out her darling Made It shop if you have a wee one to shop for in your life.

Best of all Jenny Eliza is on sale for $6. 99 a yard at Jo-Ann Fabrics right now so order a couple of yards of your favorite today! Or call your local Jo-Ann today to find out if they’ve got it on the shelves. Keep sharing what your making with me on Facebook or Instagram! It always inspires me and I hope it inspires my other readers too. XOXO


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Sis Boom, Baby!

Ooooh baby! Something very special is happening around our offices these days… Jennifer’s right hand gal, Madeline, is pregnant! Yaaaaayy to Madeline and her hubby, Jordan!!  Thanks to my fellow Sis Boom admirers (i’m talking about YOU!) and a one stop shop at Etsy, Madeline can spend her entire maternity surrounded by all things Sis Boom!

Need some bloomers? MaggieBogart has you covered:


Rattles? LoneCedarStudio saves the day:


Mama needs a coffee break? Protect your fingers thanks to ckstitches:


Ensure sweet dreams for your little one thanks to bailybelle:


Zurelli knows that no nursery is complete without some plush animal friends:


And finally, for when you’re overwhelmed with joy, love, and happiness towards the perfect little human you’ve created, reach for those tissues in style with help from SarasDaisyLove:




P.S. Madeline will be posting a big nursery reveal in the coming weeks on her blog, Oh My Gemini!! Make sure to check it out!

Circa Love from down under

Denise Walker another fan from Australia has done such an amazing job with Circa and the overalls are just the most exquisite for your baby.  Photo ops welcome. We are loving the styling at Butterflybees and as of right now there is not a pattern but you never know. You can see her items on Made it!!  We are so delighted to have her as part of the burgeoning group on facebook. I’m telling you they are chatting up on facebook and lots of sewing sites on FB to help you along!! Join the Scientific Seamstress Lab for updates, happenings, sew alongs and coupons!!!!!!  Carla has an infinite staff ready to help and answer questions.  Make sure you sign up today!!!

So Denise we wish you all the very best join Butterflybees on Facebook.

Dream of Possibilities

So my job is to entice! How am I doing?  I know it feels like a tease but you can be sketching and laying out your quilt ideas or children’s clothes or beach bags while I torture you with my photos.  I know not very nice.  So you’ll just have to sit back and take it!!  You know I love you guys.  Wow facebook has been lighting up like a switchboard and please no hard feelings if I don’t get to you I am doing my best but sometimes I have been known to miss a few things whatever you do don’t take it personally. Seriously it’s all about the fun of creating.  I adore all of you so much and would hate to think you felt overlooked.  So here’s some photos to help you think outside the box.  Much love, Jennifer


Elephants Oh My!!!

Emma Maker creates such lovelies.  Baby shower??? anyone?? Here’s your go to spot.  She is in demand and there may be a wait but I say worth it to get an Elephant in a handmade basket!!  Thanks Emma for sharing with our friends on facebook!!!  Loving all you do.   Emma is from Australia and a curious note the majority of our followers are Aussies!! Great country I tell you. They get me!!

Do You Know About Our Downloadble Embroidery?!

…So we’re surfing through flickr, one of our favorite spots, as you all know, and we came across this darling tie dye onesie embroidered with a Sis Boom design!

This sweet little piece was designed by the talented, fabulous, Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress, who we are also SO lucky to have working on our patterns as well! She seriously has a magical touch, that Carla!!!

She doesn’t stop with the onesie..she’s also embroidered hand towels, napkins & more. What an awesome idea!! Totally adds that necessary pinch of fun to everyday items! Love it, Carla! You ROCK!

Like what you see? If you pop onto our patterns page and scroll down you will see all of the sweet embroidery options. After you place your order, we will email you the file, which then gets imported to your sewing machine! Crazy cool! Thanks Carla for showing us how it’s done!

So Sweet.. For a Little Baby!

Peep these adorable baby bibs from our fabrics that go way back! We borrowed this photo from AndieJohnsonSews’ photo stream on Flickr. Well done!

We love the delicate scalloped edge. too sweet! What a stylish little baby this will be!

pssst.. have you checked out Monday Mania over at Rick Rack? Jus sayin’!! xo

Sis Boom Swaddle

Somewhere between the chaotic moments of everyday life we should all carve out a moment to do just this… Just be at peace.

Just relax. Just step out of ourselves and count our blessings.

Just act like a peaceful sleeping baby.

Let’s all take a moment today for this very special purpose. If you have to lock yourself in the bathroom or hide in a closet to get some peace and quiet– go for it. Just a few moments can recharge you for a long time.

Thank you Starlit Nest for bringing us this moment of pure peace. We wish you all a peaceful day! Beautiful photography by Shawnee