Wholecloth Quilts from Circa!

Something very big coming to Sis Boom wholecloth Quilts made in the USA.  As you know not many designers offer wholecloth quilts because they are so costly to make. We pay a huge premium to do business in America but we also know this is something that many of you want. We are starting with twin bedspread quilts only!! These are an investment for sure but so worth it!!! These are heirloom quilts.
These will last a lifetime just like our ancestors quilts!  They will travel with your children throughout their lives and the beauty is these are ready made from our Circa Line, no custom available but we would like to know if folks would like to see Queen and King so please let us know.  We hope to hear from you!! These are $400 each and please no hate mail, we are trying our best to keep them made in America. Once we get into volume orders we may be able to reduce the price. But we are years from that. Hope you like them. They will be available in our shop very soon!!

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  1. Ruth says:


  2. quiltjane says:

    I would love to see wideback fabrics made in some designs so I could make my own wholecloth bedspreads and have non pieced backings for quilts. Fingers crossed.

  3. Keep forever, stunning!

  4. Petra says:

    I love them, they’re beautiful and will so much brighten up a room, no need for other decoration. Love that they’re made in America too. I would be very tempted if I wasn’t a quilter myself!

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