Free PDF download!

Yup at Quilt Market!! Bump into Jenny grab a card and Instagram your Golden Ticket #jenniferPaganelli and @jenniferPaganelli to win your PDF download!!!  Jenny will be there handing out these beautiful cards to 100 people.  We just love to give away prizes!!!!  So get to the Quilt Market and Introduce yourself to Jenny and start creating beautiful fashion today with your #hashtagged Sis Boom card !!! Look for Miss Jenny in A Good Company patchwork dress that is undeniably Sis Boom ! She will be a show stopper we are sure of that. So lucky to have this lovely woman represent us at market..There are no words that extend my love for this woman.  She encouraged me at a time when I was so lost.  So cheers to you Jenny and Thank you for being you.  Her picture below with her amazing daughter.

QM! QM 2 Good Company Collage Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 7.30.44 AM

Circa Love from down under

Denise Walker another fan from Australia has done such an amazing job with Circa and the overalls are just the most exquisite for your baby.  Photo ops welcome. We are loving the styling at Butterflybees and as of right now there is not a pattern but you never know. You can see her items on Made it!!  We are so delighted to have her as part of the burgeoning group on facebook. I’m telling you they are chatting up on facebook and lots of sewing sites on FB to help you along!! Join the Scientific Seamstress Lab for updates, happenings, sew alongs and coupons!!!!!!  Carla has an infinite staff ready to help and answer questions.  Make sure you sign up today!!!

So Denise we wish you all the very best join Butterflybees on Facebook.

Starts Monday

Look at these beautiful bubble Rompers from Presley Grey a new boutique on FB.  FB lit up like a switchboard when she posted these beauties. She is the wonderful     Jennifer Radcliff Gouffon   that took this wonderful fabric design and used it’s proportions to perfection.   We are blown away by the outcome and are certain she will have no hard time selling these when the bell goes of Monday Morning.      These fabrics are around but being eaten up like mad so please make sure you hoard.  I don’t say that lightly in true Sis Boom obsession style we have friends bidding on a retired Sis Boom classics for upwards of $100.00 + per yard..not kidding  I won’t even post the fabric for fear they will come for me and my family!! :))  Seriously it gives me a big head but that’s about it.  It’s fun to be a legacy in my own mind.  Presley Grey we are so glad to know you and be a part of Monday’s launch..Gogettum!!!! Presley Grey website here. Serious beauty.  Fabrics found here.    and here.


Dream of Possibilities

So my job is to entice! How am I doing?  I know it feels like a tease but you can be sketching and laying out your quilt ideas or children’s clothes or beach bags while I torture you with my photos.  I know not very nice.  So you’ll just have to sit back and take it!!  You know I love you guys.  Wow facebook has been lighting up like a switchboard and please no hard feelings if I don’t get to you I am doing my best but sometimes I have been known to miss a few things whatever you do don’t take it personally. Seriously it’s all about the fun of creating.  I adore all of you so much and would hate to think you felt overlooked.  So here’s some photos to help you think outside the box.  Much love, Jennifer


Never Give Up!

Jennifer  Fraunfelder never gave up and now she sews through the night filling orders for her etsy shop SouthernBabies   She’s getting the kids to school, feeding the cat, and no wonder with all our daily tasks we want to throw the towel in when business doesn’t run smoothly!  This sweet gal like all of us at one time or another, including myself have persevered! Listen if you are making it through these tough economic challenges chances are you will be poised for success when this is all behind us!!  Jennifer thanks for not giving up on your dream because we all need your success story to motivate us!!! Love you girl!  6mos-4T.