Tote-ally awesome

Ok, we couldn’t help it with the title– but you see what we did there, right?!

So, take a basic tote and cut out some cool geometric shapes. Here we imagined circles. Other ideas can include diamonds, rectangles, squares etc.. Here we’ve used Lucky Girl… SOON we will all be able to use Beauty Queen.. (we can’t wait a minute longer!)

Use a fabric glue or adhesive backing to tack these puppies onto a tote in a simple pattern. In minutes you can go from a basic tote… to a tote-ally awesome tote. Share you pics with us on facebook!



I can never get enough!!!!  I would fill my house with them.  Real, artificial , dried, give them to me anyway!! So it’s my job to keep them coming.  Thanks for all the Circa Love and for being the best peeps ever!!!  Roses below, something in the future possibly??  Keep all the love coming this way, we feel ya!! We are busy making Circa prototypes so forgive us if we lag at all on the social media piece cause you are all very important to us!!!  Always enjoy dreaming of more roses!



Ruffles and more

Oh Megan Loggie is up to great things in her shop Butterfly Betsy.  This you are going to love.  You get to choose your silouette and then choose the size.  All are made to order so you can really have it your way.  We love all your creativity Megan and we love that you have developed a made to order site.  It’s worth the wait.  Megan uses our Happy Land Line to create a host of beautiful merchandise.

I love everything I saw!!!!  Thanks Megan for your love of the cloth and your passion to create beautiful items.  I love what you did with the green floral.



Hodge Podge

Sort of a weekly round up of good things around the play yard,  so great to see such excitement over Circa. Lynn Harris has her’s laid out and she just got a style board so she can play with shapes while she fashions a beautiful quilt, the excitement is contagious. And of course Miss Monique Reynolds has the beginnings of hers all cut out.  It’s such a wonderful day here, we love to see how you see the world and quilting is no exception.  Your visions take my breath away.  I’ve been showing off Laminate and beautiful vintage china on facebook and making hearts out of a fabric line I”m working on.  You know, always trying to bring the lush to your front door.  We also want you to know the shop will soon be filled with our beautiful pillows so be watching for them.  That’s about it for now please know we just think the world of each and every one of you!

Best, Jennifer

Make the Josie

Grab a copy of Girls World so when Circa gets here you will be able to create the Josie and all the other pretty dresses with those romantic fabrics called Circa!!!..Oh I can’t wait to see…HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!  See you here in May when it begins to ship..while I’m thinking of it please hoard your faves in Happy Land.  I am definitely a fabric pusher but everyday we get folks looking for discontinued fabric so if you see it!!!  That’s how fast they move off the shelves and make way for new collections.