Pom Poms and Flowers

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Way Cool Hipster!!!!

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE has added a new pattern to their tiny but growing steadily pattern collection!!  Smash Hit each and every bag she makes!!  The she is Suzanna Marosi McKeon and she is on a serious path to success!! You can buy from her Etsy shop or you can make one your own with her  wonderful patterns!  Remember size is everything and I love that these are such wonderful works of art and yet hold so many items.  Keep her in your bookmarks..more to follow.


Sweetest little one!!

You have to love Violet Fields new pattern.  We are crazy about it. The Emmaline dress can be found here.   We adore it in Circa and love how the Taylor in blue was just made for little girls, priceless, precious!!!!  I just couldn’t wait to show you this photo and have you watch the fabric come to life.  An abundance of floral bouquets tells a beautiful story on this little girl. Fabric found here.


Auction Starts Now

April Keeter approached me back in January about her Boutique challenge Auction that happens a few times a year.  The theme was Sis Boom Patterns and sis Boom fabric and I am telling you, blown away!!!  Oh I love a challenge and these ladies brought their personal best.  Each one had me smitten and I know it will be a huge success.  I am telling you a great group of  women and extremely amazing talents. Love the fabrics they paired and using older lines and newer lines all I can say is brilliant.  Please go there now and bid!!  Thank you April and all the wonderful people of the Boutique Challenge Auction I wish you uber success in all that you venture!! Below is a taste of what you will find.  I am overjoyed that you thought of me and kudos to the This amazing endeavor.  Check out below the fabrics and patterns some chose..Too many to cover here so go and vote..

This is our Betty Ann Pattern with West Indies and Girls World Vibe

This is our Cathy Pattern with Crazy Love and Honey Child

Our Cathy in Happy Land!!!

Our Cathy Pattern in Crazy Love

This is the Josie Pattern in Girls World Book with Crazy Love Fabric and West Indies at the waist.

Our Vanessa Pattern in West Indies Fabric

Our Jamie Dress from our book Girls World in Crazy Love.

This is our Marissa Pattern in Happy Land fabrics

This is the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in Girls World Book in Crazy Love.

Create Kids Couture Pattern and Queen Street

Our Marissa Pattern in So St. Croix fabrics

This is our Betty Ann pattern with ruffle sleeve option and a mix of Queen Street and Crazy Love

this is the Marissa in Girls World Vibe!!

I pray I got a sample of all of you , incredible showmanship and I am beyond honored!!!



Flickr Love

We love you folks you keep Flickr Hoppin!!!!  Sis Boom Sightings in Flickr is filled with your amazing creations!!Giving me an overflow of content for the blog!!!!  So appreciated.  So here goes.  Michelle Renee is doing a bang up job with all the West Indies, Girls World Vibe and Honey Child she can find!!!  Love the satchels!!  Also used our laminate for a wonderful large beach tote.  Isn’t she soooo fun.  Then of course Bell Bottoms is revived by Jenny with this new pattern in the testing phase for Melissa Stramel.  she is an up and coming fabric and pattern designer and we love the princess feel of this dress on Kelsey.  Blogged here.

Hey by the way , looking for a Sis boom Fabric??????  We can help!! Find us on facebook or email us at Sisboom.com.  Have a great day!!!

The epitome of cute!!

Look at this toe head!!! God knows where that word comes from. We feel so lucky to have Kristin Dellasega as a friend of Sis Boom all of you have those wonderful gleaming eyes and lovely temperament and just love having an exquisite time with fabric. I used to Love when that school bus would come !!! Time alone..Yipeeee!!! Well everyone loves Kristen on facebook I knew they would.  Her company  Three In The Nest makes the most charming clothing.  Look at miss Emma Kate such a fun frolicky dress with a wonderful ruffled hem!!  We get so excited by the little beauties!! For now find her on facebook but soon she will have a lovely site for you to purchase her items!!

See what’s growing…

Hoola Tallulah!! got to love the name !!  I love how this girl travels like me with sequins and felt..in a box and very organized.  So i go to flickr and see the most beautiful tree growing quilting hexies!!! You are going to love them all made from the fruits of Sis Boom!! (Guys I had too!!!!)  So go say hello to this wonderfully talented gal and tell her I sent you.  Her blog is pure magic.