Made you Smile

Here they come our new pillows and we will let you know the retailers that will be carrying them.  You saw the ones in Happy Home and for those of you who don’t sew we decided to make them available and boy are we glad we did. The outpouring of love on facebook is a good indication that we scored. My Girlfriend Jennifer at Earth Angels Studios will be a good place to start May 1st! We are so excited by their debut..we are talking HAPPY!!!!  You can also create these in our book Happy Home with any word/s you like.  Please note do to overstock issues their are plenty of books under new on Amazon with much better pricing..just FYI That’s one of the best sewing books ever. ( I’ve been known to exaggerate.)



Messages from the Heart

I love word pillows , I love expressions, I love the Happy Birthday Pillows you create inspired from our book Happy Home.  Look at all the fun Judy Buchanon is having and look at our one of a kind pillows on ticking.  Get in touch with Judy to purchase she sells so many incredible items made from Sis Boom fabrics.  We love whatever she creates!! What are you waiting for Happy Home is in stock here!!  oh leave feedback whenever possible we really appreciate it !!!


College Kids Unite!!!

Tell mama you need these for school!! His or hers we sell more of these boxer shorts at our Holiday show than anything and guess who’s got the pattern flying off the shelves??? You’ve got it,  our very own Melanie at Above all Fabrics!! Sweetest girl in the industry!!  Seriously make a ton of them my daughter Kate 18 and Matt 21 love to steal them and share them with Mom and Dad if you are thinking of great ideas for under the tree or for Hanuka then get started whipping these babies up!!!  Malanie get in gear for some Holiday orders..We love you girl!! and don’t forget to applique their name or embroider their school on the back.