Sis Boom Holiday Blog Tour – Day 3 The Ethan and the Marco

As we roll into the Thanksgiving week home stretch, we hope you have a wonderful, and blessed holiday with family and friends near and far. As always, we are thankful for our fans. We couldn’t do what we do without your continued support. Thanks for loving all we do here at Sis Boom.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog tour so far. Today, Kelly of Handmade Boy has a lovely write up about what she loves about the Ethan and Marco shirts for her boys.

Sis Boom for the Holidays

by Kelly S


I LOVE the holidays! Seriously love them. I love getting together with my family and cooking crazy amounts of food. I love the traditions we have developed over the years. One of them being pajama pants. We are totally casual and I’ve actually declared Thanksgiving and Christmas pajama pants day. Yeah, you read that right, my family comes over and we hang out and eat dinner in our pajama pants. So comfy! However, my kids still need some nice clothes this time of year, especially Thomas for his Suzuki concert. So, I made him the most adorable Sis Boom Ethan with this gorgeous fabric from Phat Quarters and paired it with Sis Boom’s Bosco Bow Tie. Talk about adorable!!!
 I love making button down shirts for my guys. There is just something about a button down that is so clean and simple, but beautiful. It’s a wonderful pattern for showing off some topstitching.

Read the rest of the post over on Handmade Boy.

The Sis Boom Holiday Blog Tour – Day 2


Tuesday we kicked off our Sis Boom Holiday Blog Tour with Mrs. Podges post on the Patricia Tunic. Today, Anna’s Heirloom Boutique is stop 2 on our Sis Boom Holiday Blog Tour.  Amy sewed a lovely Gabriella Fae using part of a gorgeous embroidered pillow case.  So head on over and learn about  sewing with vintage linens and Amy’s experience of sewing a zipper into a dress for the first time! She also has a giveaway at the end of her entry so make sure to enter.



The Sis Boom Holiday Blog Tour – Day 1



It’s time for another blog tour! Hope you’ll join us sewing a few goodies to gift or wear during the most wonderful time of the year. As always, share what you make with us on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing what you are up to!

Rachel Hodges kicks off our Holiday blog tour with a review of the Patricia Tunic. Here she is modeling her Patricia Tunic in the fabulous Sophia in green fabric from the new Hotel Frederiksted line. Rachel has sewed this beauty numerous times and worn them all over the world. It’s the go to pattern she uses for herself. Read about why she loves the Patricia Tunic on her blog – Mrs. Podge.


Next up on Wednesday, November 17 is Anna’s Heirloom Boutique and a Gabriella Fae with stunning embroidery! You won’t want to miss it.

Border Prints!!!

valpizzazz valerie valeriehat valerie12

So imagine my surprise when I saw lovely images of this beautiful woman in a dress she created using our Border print from Beauty Queen (Valerie) in her dress design.  I almost fell off my chair when I got to see her vision in real time.  Exquisite.  border prints can go a long way but you have to be inspired,  you have to know what they can be used for and we think Paisley Farm did an incredible job!! You will be so stuck on her blog!!  She does it all so well!!!!  Sofia lives in Las Vegas , Nevada and her blog is so inspirational.  She loves Floral fabric so I would say she really gets me.  I am so excited for you to meet her and see her beautiful dress that I know will make you swoon.  I took the same border print and used it on my antique bed as a covering and I just love the results so whatever the use just know you can’t go wrong with a border print..heavenly ideas await you!  So be sure to follow Sofia Moore on her blog and Facebook page, we are hoping she does it in other colorways. This is very much like our Angie so I expect to see some of those being created. Thanks Sofia!!!  Please show us how you use your border prints!!!





So I while I was busy getting my craft on for the Holidays 12 lovely friends of Sis Boom were conspiring to do a blog hop of 12 days of Sis Boom.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Shocked , touched, moved, humbled, grateful, doesn’t begin to describe the emotions I felt. I am so touched by their big hearts.  They seemed to sense that I needed a little rah rah, we all go to negative places and I had had my share the last month.  Little do they know what they did for me. They gave me hope and brought the awe back into my life.  It’s the perfect time of year for small acts of kindness and theirs is truly expressive of that. I feel so deeply about being kind!  I am blessed with the sweetness of this incredible gesture and touched beyond belief.  Our community is so special and right here right now is what is sacred.  I delight in your amazing work and it brings so much joy.  Please follow the blogs as they share their Sis Boom Beauty with you !!  I love you all and can’t thank you enough..xoxoxo

tweety tweet

Follow them throughout the next 10 days

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We Love a Flying Girl!

A favorite personality of the Quilting World is Melissa Stramel , She is simply put..Lovely. She has no idea that I am a big admirer of her work and love for life.  She is one of the loveliest folks I have found and she is going after her dreams which is always a positive message to carry to others. The Beloved pattern is hugely popular but because her daughter requested a ball gown she made some changes and added a couple of things and voila, she has reinvented the pattern for her daughters whimsy and now so can you! Purchase the pattern here.  We love her use of Happy Land found at Hancock’s of Paducah.   Just a reminder Happy Land is moving fast to make room for Circa so don’t delay your decision. Getting harder to find. Melissa thanks for delighting the world with frills and fancy!!!!

Do not miss the raffle June 15th.


Made you Smile

Here they come our new pillows and we will let you know the retailers that will be carrying them.  You saw the ones in Happy Home and for those of you who don’t sew we decided to make them available and boy are we glad we did. The outpouring of love on facebook is a good indication that we scored. My Girlfriend Jennifer at Earth Angels Studios will be a good place to start May 1st! We are so excited by their debut..we are talking HAPPY!!!!  You can also create these in our book Happy Home with any word/s you like.  Please note do to overstock issues their are plenty of books under new on Amazon with much better pricing..just FYI That’s one of the best sewing books ever. ( I’ve been known to exaggerate.)



Loving you!!

All of you near and far who make this business way tooo fun.  So we open again today 12-5 and enjoy your visits. Yes bring your children because they mean the world to us!!  My mom made me this beautiful needlepoint that I will cherish forever!!  My favorite Christmas gift!!!

Just sharing with you highlights of the show..xoxox Suzy is the best!!

Thank you Enriched Stitch for beautifully framing our needlepoint!!


Everyday Friends

How do I thank the folks that got me to where I am today?  These sweet friends without me knowing  started a Blog Tour of Happy Home on their very own.  Spear headed by Jenny Fish one of our amazing cheerleaders behind the scenes got all the folks who have been with us for so long to join her in a blog tour.  I really don’t know what to say except faklempt! (?)  My heart overflows with their genuine natures and just really wanting folks to know the beauty inside Happy Home.  To me that just speaks volumes of their amazing character.   Each of these woman are taking time out to share my book with all of you is just extraordinary to me.  I love these peeps because they care so deeply and I am truly honored by there selfless act of kindness.  Thank you ladies and hope you know I’m here for you.  To all our Sis Boom fans let no one feel left out there is room for everyone and these ladies will make you feel so welcome around the blogosphere.  We have hit a few road bumps of late and I just want to say with friends like these I know everything will be ok.  Truly an inspiration and loving bunch of ladies.  So please follow along as they create the beauty as they see it from the pages of Happy Home.

Blog tour Friends

A tour,  A lovely tour, a blog tour through the eyes of many creative geniuses weighing in on Happy Home!!!  I am so grateful to all of them for their input for sharing my work with their followers.  It means the world to me.  How do you thank folks who want the best for you and are willing to help you succeed in your endeavors, there are no words.  Some of us choose to be gatekeepers to the world of fame and success and I in sincere humility do not want to hold up someone else’s progress,  remember no one has a corner on anything. (Thank you Marianne Williamson)  Believe me I share what I can when I can so that my experience may help another  artist.  To serve is one of the many gifts we are able to give one another. I love all of you in a very special way and If I can ever return the favor I want you to know I have your back.   All my love, Jennifer