Jenny Eliza for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

Jenny Eliza the collection from Jennifer Paganelli that debut for Joann Fabric and Craft Stores last year has another launch this coming January 2015. Like the first it has the same amazing quality and a visual balance of sweet harmonies!!! We love this line here at headquarters for all things Jennifer Paganelli and know that you will too. Kate Buchanan has also reopened the Australian shipping depot that she does so well under https: The Fabulous JP’s Jenny Eliza overseas shipping group of Happy Seamstresses.  They are on facebook and ready to take your orders. The fabric arrives to Joann Fabric and Craft stores in January.

We are so blessed with all the lovely ladies who help get Jenny Eliza across the ocean to folks that would never be able to purchase these fabrics. So take a look and see these beauties and decide if you can’t live with out them.  I personally hope you will want them all. Great blenders in this series!!


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Sweetest little one!!

You have to love Violet Fields new pattern.  We are crazy about it. The Emmaline dress can be found here.   We adore it in Circa and love how the Taylor in blue was just made for little girls, priceless, precious!!!!  I just couldn’t wait to show you this photo and have you watch the fabric come to life.  An abundance of floral bouquets tells a beautiful story on this little girl. Fabric found here.


It’s shipping

More beautiful then I remember.  My delivery came today and it is beyond what I recall!!  Really is so beautiful and so worth the wait. I’ve been right along side my friends who have waited patiently.   Before you know it you will have it and have difficulty cutting it.   That’s what I always here from you guys!!  So here is a pic, dream of the days ahead. The good news is most of it will ship in the next three weeks so before late May like intended.  Think about headboards and canopy’s in Happy Home and Girls Dresses and accessories in Girls World.  Please show us your visions too!!  Remember both books are in our shop for $42.00  Come by and say hi!!




Dream of Possibilities

So my job is to entice! How am I doing?  I know it feels like a tease but you can be sketching and laying out your quilt ideas or children’s clothes or beach bags while I torture you with my photos.  I know not very nice.  So you’ll just have to sit back and take it!!  You know I love you guys.  Wow facebook has been lighting up like a switchboard and please no hard feelings if I don’t get to you I am doing my best but sometimes I have been known to miss a few things whatever you do don’t take it personally. Seriously it’s all about the fun of creating.  I adore all of you so much and would hate to think you felt overlooked.  So here’s some photos to help you think outside the box.  Much love, Jennifer


We are big in Australia

How cool is that.   It’s so neat to have friends that are waking up when you are going to bed!!!  We chat while we can.  I have news for all my diehard friends!! Fabric Pixie will be carrying Circa!!  She’s going to have 2 bolts of each so make sure you get to know her. I love her already and told her we would be talking her up!!  Tell her we sent you and to have all our Aussie friends join us on facebook!

Hi Jennifer,

Oh my goodness! That would be just so fantastic that you could put the word out for me!
I run my fabric store from a studio at my home located at 15 Dymock Drive, Goonellabah, New South Wales 2480 Australia.

My website is

Thank you for your support!

Kind Regards,

Deanne Coombes

15 Dymock Drive
Goonellabah NSW 2480

M: 0415 826 994
P: 02 6624 1220
F: 02 6624 3854

OMG I can not wait..

I am going to redo my bedroom with Circa. I am going to do a Canopy and A duvet, A quilt, and a dust ruffle, curtains and pillows which are all inside our beautiful book Happy Home.  And with the scraps make a dog bed!!!   I love this book, the gift that keeps on giving. If you love it as much as I do please leave a Like or review over at Amazon..We appreciate it!!!

What will you make first???




The Romance of Circa

Coming this May and I can tell by the facebook followers and likes that this is a moment you have all been waiting for.  Do you know how happy this makes me???  There is no one like you.  I mean it!!!  The Pretty Please votes will be reviewed next week so please keep them coming keep sharing and to tell you the truth I am feeling good about this !!  Say your prayers.  I love January!!  I am cleaning and organizing and designing to make 2013 the best yet!! Look at this beautiful graphic Madeline created!! Thanks sweet girl!

If this makes you happy then we will be lifetime friends!!!  Imagine your home with these fabrics by following the projects in Happy Home!  This book and Circa equals tons of Romance.  I’m in the mood for love!!