This week sharing the love

As you know we continue to share the love , we continue to share projects from our books because with each new fabric collection the books come alive once again.  So please do your self a favor try Girls World and Happy Home they are filled with everlasting projects!! The clothing, the floral crowns, the pillows , all find there roots in our books.  We look back to them often to inform and fuel new ideas!!  Purchase from me and I will sign or purchase from many of the fabric stores when you are purchasing fabric.   Purchase both together and with prime shipping you got yourself a deal!!  $34.96. So take a look enjoy the photo shoot and please stop by  The studio Tuesday for some great deals!!

Florida!!! Are you listening??

Big event in Del Ray this weekend that you do not want to miss…R u hearing me..?  Hickity Pickity will be there with all your favorites for everyone in the family!!  I so wish I could attend.  Make sure to look for Judy Buchanan and her talented daughter Katie   Follow them both and facebook to see what they will be bringing to the Affair.  This is big and make sure to bring the kids and make a day of it..lots to see and do.  The Delray Affair, read about it here.



My mom’s made up word for everything she loves!!!!  So I’m borrowing it to let you know Sew Mama Sew is having a big sale on Girls World Vibe!!!!! We call it that because we wanted to bring back Casey Scroll in a fresh new way!!!  Tangerine is the hottest color around.  Look how beautifully Debra (photo Tim Geaney) wears The Devon in tangerine!!  Try also making a Pareo wrap  Like Judy Buchannan of Hickity Pickity did with amazing pom poms, perfect for all the warm weather we are going to have this summer or order one from her yourself..Thanks Judy..xoxox

Monique in her Devon!!!

Monique who you have become familiar with through her quilts is back but this time with her Devon shirt in Poodle Maeve in blue!! Is she stunning or what??? Love you miss Monique!! I love her post because it shows that our patterns from Sis Boom Pattern Co are quilter friendly.  Carla our technical writer and partner in all things patterns insists!!! We pride ourselves in being quilter friendly if you can sew than the transition to clothing is not difficult.  Thanks for explaining it so well Monique!! Then I couldn’t resist posting fatquarters to make the quilt below.  That is one of my all time faves done by Marsha Moore. And now you can create one by purchasing fatquarters off of Etsy. Here’s a listing for the Poodle Rose ask if they have more!! Remember patterns are PDF only!!

The Devon

When you wake up there will be a new pattern in town!!!  Called the Devon !!  Dress or Top you call it and here it is in the Wonderful Girls World Vibe tangerine!!!!! Our lovely friend Debra agreed to model this for us and we couldn’t be happier..She was the right choice for this pretty peasanty look!  Devon is the daughter of Cathy who is our customer service rep for the Pattern side of the biz and who we are grateful for everyday..imagine if I got a call with how do you attach the sleeve????  I’d simply say  “go with sleeveless and have a nice day” it would not be pretty!!!!   Cathy has been with Carla for a few years and knows all the ins and outs of these PDF’s downloadable patterns  which we always encourage you to try!! Devon is Cathy’s daughter and we wanted to tip our hat to Cathy for all the good she does in helping all the customers. And truth be told Devon is a cutiepie!!

So thank you to Carla for another winner in our pattern line up and for being the very best partner a girl could have..xoxo