We are so grateful to Carla Crim for our amazing PDF patterns. Every Day, and I mean Every Day, you all are singing the praises of Sis Boom patterns and we feel truly blessed to have the Scientific Seamstress tried and true pattern designer for the Sis Boom Pattern Co.

She gives it her all and simplify’s  the process and anticipates your questions before the pattern debuts. Our faithful testers give her feedback and talk each stage through. They also add to the magic of Sis Boom Patterns.

I can tell that you are all happy because we get so few questions It’s kind of like the Maytag repairman there is nothing to fix!!

Kudos to Carla and her amazing team of testers.  We appreciate you all so much.

So here it is the most popular pattern for it’s ease of  creating and of versatility.  It’s the Molly Peasant!  Named after my sweet sis and that’s Sophie my niece when she was a little one. You probably know her from our book Girls World.


Such a Cutie!!

Faith and glitter does it so well! Look at this sweet adorable tiny peasant on this sweet thang!!  I love when you post on facebook.  I love seeing what you are all about.  I also love to share your patterns and designs with my followers.  It excites and inspires so thanks for keeping my facebook filled with wonder!!! xo  Make sure to like these guys and purchase their lovely items!! Thanks my friends!! Fabric found here.

Above All Fabric

Look what Melanie Thornton has been busy doing???  love to see the Queen Street designs start rolling in!!!  These are both so wonderful and I loved that her daughter chose the fabrics. Just so you know Melanie also sells the fabric on her website! Please thank Haley for her pretty poses!!  Just so you know Madeline is busy selecting the winners for our raffle and she’ll announce tomorrow.  We love that you keep coming back for more Sis Boom.  Have a great day!!

Layered Pink

Dream in pink

I Pick Purple