Cloth Paper Scissors

Thank you to every one at Cloth Paper Scissors who made our dream come true ! We made it into the Studio magazine.    Jeanine Stein the editor is so lovely!!

7 pages was just so generous and we are extremely grateful!!!  If you aren’t familiar with the publication you will absolutely love to see other artists and their studios!!!  Such amazing talent out there! Purchase your copy here!!

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Katie for some amazing photography!!!


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You light up my life

Who knew that could be a background song for a life style face lift..but it got your attention and that’s what matters. Just want to show you what I’m working on.  Seriously you all mean the world to me. Our facebook page is jumpin!!!!! So here are just a few of the things happening around here. We are gussying up the place and getting ready to welcome you to #sisboomworld where everything that happens here stays here..xo

From welcome door hangars to catnip treats we got you covered at #sisboomworld. oh and thanks for stopping..means the world to me. There I said it twice..

Show times November  7-9 (10-6 ) stop by or else..

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This week sharing the love

As you know we continue to share the love , we continue to share projects from our books because with each new fabric collection the books come alive once again.  So please do your self a favor try Girls World and Happy Home they are filled with everlasting projects!! The clothing, the floral crowns, the pillows , all find there roots in our books.  We look back to them often to inform and fuel new ideas!!  Purchase from me and I will sign or purchase from many of the fabric stores when you are purchasing fabric.   Purchase both together and with prime shipping you got yourself a deal!!  $34.96. So take a look enjoy the photo shoot and please stop by  The studio Tuesday for some great deals!!

The Boy

Here it comes the best shirt pattern for boys ever just two weeks away!  We named the pattern  Ethan after this guy in the photo here.  Ethan is the son of Jenny from Sew Pretty Dresses who you all know so well!  You may recall Ethan’s sister, Kelsey is one of our all time favorite models and she loves everything Sis Boom. Here she is supporting her brother’s debut. We love Jenny and the love she brings to everything she does what can I say it just shows.  So the Ethan will be also available for men as the Marco and I know that you are all waiting for that as well.  Oh and this fabric from West Indies is perfect for these shirts it’s called  Luca and can be found at Cotton Blossom Farm , Ebay, Etsy, and Hawthorne Threads.


Happy Home for the Holidays

Sorry about the intermittent blogging I’ve got so much to do!!!  I love handmade at the Holidays. Thanks for your lovely thoughts for my mama, she is feeling way better and hope is on the horizon.  If you’ll excuse me I’ll plug Happy Home for a Holiday Gift for the next couple of months until I’ve sold every last one!!! (I wish)  I wonder what you are all creating for the Holidays show me on Sis Boom facebook because I love to share in your creations.  We also need to have a raffle soon, so next week we’ll do something about that.  Good cheer my friends.  Think about handmade and made in the USA , we certainly do!!  Hugs to all!!  Hey has anyone attempted the dog bed in Happy Home?  Check out Georgie!!



Keeping It Light

Not much to say except that we are fine and dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.  So appreciated your comfort and prayers during this scary time.  Thanks for all your support.  We were one of the lucky ones not a single tree came down and that’s saying a lot.  Like all of you praying for the victims and all of those with the stress of clean up.  We have water and electricity so please come by and use the facilities!! Yes folks there are plenty of folks without power and until the water table recedes plenty without water.  So continue to keep the northeast in your prayers it was a devastating blow that will forever live in our collective memories.  So grateful to all of you.

Here’s something to make you smile and continue to keep it light.

George and Charlie!

A lovely patchy heart and cute pup!!

Thank you so very much for this adorable pillow in our flickr group. Love when you post there I get to see what you all are working on and the lovliness that you create.  Everyone listen up if you have created from a Sis Boom pattern or use Sis Boom fabrics we want to see you in Sis Boom Sightings!! Join the group and start posting!! We go crazy for your work!! so nuf said.  Next up Jamie Harned from Sweet Baby Jamie!! Another blog buddy from 2008 when we started she was making baby blankets and she even did some for us!!!!!!  Jamie thanks for your contributions and for being the lovely person you are.  Visit her Etsy shop! She makes the most beautiful items!!  So this is what I found in FLICKR and I love the pillow done in Crazy Love with the sweet fold over ruffle!!  OK but as a crazy dog person I had to include the one picture with the loveable pup!!!! Enjoy and be inspired friends!!