A great gift for the Holidays

Whole Cloth Quilt!!  So you purchase two fabrics with 6-7 yards of each fabric to make a twin quilt and a pillow case to coordinate and about a yard of another coordinate for the binding. One fabric on one side of the quilt and one fabric on the other, thus the name whole cloth!  Great to put a spring/summer  fabric on one side and a fall/winter fabric on the other Find a local long arm quilter we have a special lady Jackie in Canton at Canton Village Quilt Works who will take your fabrics batt and quilt for a price and ship it right to your door.  So great for a unique gift that you won’t find in the big box stores!!  Everyone at my daughters school is constantly asking her where she purchased hers?????? Visit her shop. Talk to Jackie about how you can possibly get a whole cloth made cause she is so service oriented and loves what she does!!!  Look below at West Indies Chandler in Blue found at Sew Mama Sew.

When she’s not teaching , she’s designing!!!

Look at this girl!!! Jenny with a J our very own Jenny on the block!! I wish I had permission to show you this dress in progress..definately R rated!!!  Whether she’s leaning on the bath tub or interrupting the hubby while he’s watching ESPN we adore miss Jenny for her flavorful photography!!..She has singlehandedly sold the most copies of  Girls World by her incredible enthusiasm and teaching girls in her neighborhood about sewing empowerment!!!  Read her blog, we are not imagining this she is out there hustling!!  She also can’t get enough West Indies so that makes our world turn too!!  Jenny is the iconic Sis Boom Girl that we like to see, starting her own business, adapting our patterns to create her own visions!!  We want you to be your greatest success!!!  Create, design, believe in possibilities!!  Carve out a place for you in this world..Do not wait. Begin and watch it all unfold.  We support you!!  So get your Meghan Peasant and your West Indies fabric.   Throw a ruffle on and get out your sexiest pair of boots. We love you Jen-Jen. Have fun at Market. If you see her at market post the photo to our  Sis Boom Sightings on our flickr group and Win 2 fatquarters!!!

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without these Amazing Folks…

As Jen heads back from LA after having taped a wonderful sewing tutorial with the awesome Judy Norman of Rick Rack, and the fabulous Dolin O’shea of Girl’s World, we want to take a very special moment to extend a Big, Huge, Heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the amazing, wonderful, supportive sponsors below.

We LOVE everything you have helped us accomplish and we so appreciate your time and efforts! Thank you for making it possible for this very special event to take place! … Now it’s time for all of YOU out there to enjoy it! Hurry up, as registration ends in just a few days! To learn more about the Rick Rack Sewing tutorial for Mary’s Fancy Sash Dress, which you can all access from home, click HERE! (psssst- included in the purchase price for the class is your very own Copy of Girl’s World!) Sweet, right?!