A great gift for the Holidays

Whole Cloth Quilt!!  So you purchase two fabrics with 6-7 yards of each fabric to make a twin quilt and a pillow case to coordinate and about a yard of another coordinate for the binding. One fabric on one side of the quilt and one fabric on the other, thus the name whole cloth!  Great to put a spring/summer  fabric on one side and a fall/winter fabric on the other Find a local long arm quilter we have a special lady Jackie in Canton at Canton Village Quilt Works who will take your fabrics batt and quilt for a price and ship it right to your door.  So great for a unique gift that you won’t find in the big box stores!!  Everyone at my daughters school is constantly asking her where she purchased hers?????? Visit her shop. Talk to Jackie about how you can possibly get a whole cloth made cause she is so service oriented and loves what she does!!!  Look below at West Indies Chandler in Blue found at Sew Mama Sew.