Sis Boom Sightings

It’s what we love here.  We get emails now and again that tell us of Sis Boom Sightings and we really and truly appreciate hearing about them..So Terri one of our die-hard fans emailed and told me about a quilt in this months Quilt Magazine by Karen Dumont of KariePatch Designs that really got our attention!!  It is fabulous and the step by step is all there in the magazine.  Karen chose Honey Child   (which I saw plenty of at Lola Pink Fabric) to complete her quilt called Day at the lake which is really  taking Bow Tie Blocks and standing them on their head.  3D no less.  She along with Judy Jennings made a fabulous quilt that you have to have!!  Thanks ladies!!  Got a Sis boom Sighting to share?? We want to know.

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  1. Melissa P says:

    Oh that Honey Child. No matter how it is used, it really makes a happy statement. Great job, Karen!

  2. I really love this combo!! so pretty!!

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