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I’ve neglected my blog and the work is piling up!!  Please forgive me. I devote so much time to sewing these days and I really need to get on the stick? the stick? and why a stick?  Anywho I miss you all and I’ve wanted to share with you the greatest project I did this summer …I mean we.  Katies boyfriend Berto painted the dresser below with Annie Sloans Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint, forget the paint, that name sends me to the moon!!! I knew I had to have it and yes pricey for a pint but I still have a 1/2 a can left!!!   This woman is brilliant, her colors are fabulous and the videos and tips on various sites and youtube make the whole thing go quite quickly.  I want to paint everything this color just so I can say Napoleonic  Blue..feels so noble..Royal!! So take a look and tell her I sent you.  Not that she’ll care or even know who I am….So inhale this beautiful dresser if you like.. The knobs are from Anthropologie but a little to transparant..not showing I painted the back white so no light could shine through and now they pop!!!  So I promise from here on forward not to neglect my Blog duties but please say you’ll keep coming..xoxoxo  Oh and sweet boy George was such a big help!

PS this has nothing to do with chalkboard paint..



annie sloan







A wonderful tote!!

Here’s the remarkable tote everyone talks about in our Happy Home book. We actually have a beautiful sunhat as well to show you the versatility of quilting cottons, not just for quilts but has expanded to apparel and home dec product categories.  We just adore Circa and are so glad you have decided to hoard that line because it will be years before it makes a comeback if at all.  It is a classic and will live on long after the shelves are depleted.  We thought we’d show you two of the projects from Happy Home done up in Circa for your viewing pleasure.  As you all know I have made it my mission to get these books into every sewist’s hands so they can have fun creating all the loveliness inside these books!! I know I belabor the issue but I love that these books connect us all and inform us of the aesthetic that is Sis Boom.  We love that you join us in our homage to color and all the artists that have gone before us in celebrating color!

So enjoy making the market tote and sunhat we appreciate you!!

Lovely to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Like my Hat??

Like my Hat??




What I’m thankful for..

That’s easy..all of you!! and your photos and your smiles and your incredible generosity.  But most of all the amazing love you all send me everyday.  For that I am truly Thankful.

Below Jenny in her Thanksgiving dress The Shana Bell Tunic she wears so well.  Fabric can be found at Quilt Home.

All my love, Jennifer

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Melissa Stramel of  Lilac Lane has created the sweetest bound notebook of all your favorites rolled into one.  I was sent a copy of her published piece and can’t get over the beautiful quilts and all the homemade goodness.  Melissa is a born designer. I love the notebook format produced from  It really makes it portable and less fussy the kind you can take with you wherever you go.  The magic is in the photography and the beautiful photos of the kids in the country with the thread of patchwork heaven woven throughout.  From recipes of Friendship bread, twirly girl skirts and canning fruit to gorgeous aprons this is the book designed just for you.  The quilts steal the show!  I’m honored to be a part of her blog roll and I’ve known Melissa for awhile now and it’s great to see her following her bliss.. Congrats Melissa. PS  Hard Cover coming soon!!!