Sis Boom in Homespun Magazine


We are thrilled to be in this month’s issue of Homespun magazine out of Australia. Older fans might recognize this photo from a few years ago, but it’s a timeless idea worth sharing again. Here, Jennifer used her grandmother’s yo-yo quilt for the upholstered headboard. You know how we love mixing vintage looks with the new here at Sis Boom! Pillows by Jennifer for Peking Handicraft. Photo by the uber talented Tim Geaney.

Below is a picture of the magazine cover. Its worth seeking out for our Australian fans. Interested fans outside of Australia can download a digital copy as well. It’s a lovely issue loaded with ideas. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


A wonderful tote!!

Here’s the remarkable tote everyone talks about in our Happy Home book. We actually have a beautiful sunhat as well to show you the versatility of quilting cottons, not just for quilts but has expanded to apparel and home dec product categories.  We just adore Circa and are so glad you have decided to hoard that line because it will be years before it makes a comeback if at all.  It is a classic and will live on long after the shelves are depleted.  We thought we’d show you two of the projects from Happy Home done up in Circa for your viewing pleasure.  As you all know I have made it my mission to get these books into every sewist’s hands so they can have fun creating all the loveliness inside these books!! I know I belabor the issue but I love that these books connect us all and inform us of the aesthetic that is Sis Boom.  We love that you join us in our homage to color and all the artists that have gone before us in celebrating color!

So enjoy making the market tote and sunhat we appreciate you!!

Lovely to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Like my Hat??

Like my Hat??





We love you guys!!!  Facebook is hopping and it tells us that we are on track !!  You all mean so much to us and your opinion matters. So when you give us the thumbs up on a pattern or a product we get so very very excited!!!! So browse through our pics find inspiration and get to your bliss!!!  We support the dream in everyone!!!



A stormy day miracle

This shoot started with Thunder cracking and lightening bolts and everyone in the kitchen at 7am in case a tree decided to fall on the house…Poor George was shaking like a leaf..I wondered what God had in store and how we would pull it off but I just had to trust.  I see now as always a need for faith in all things.  Dreamy photos by a brilliant photographer and stylist.  Tim Geaney and Madeline Rhodes collaborated on some sensational photos. We love to bring you cutting edge style , we are quilting fabric Fashionistas ! We just love to bring you quilts and apparel that will live on long after we are gone!!!! So hop on board take a look and please feel free to inquire about anything that you see that you might like!!! We are listening. Handbags $72.00 handmade in the US of A!!!

We love that you stopped by today and want you to know we design with you in mind..xo Jennifer





Into the woods with Circa!!!

We can feel the romance of Circa!!! We wanted to share with you some of the beauty from our most recent shoot…Some of these are our own patterns revisited and some our from Girls World, again revisited!! We feel so blessed to be working with the master ..Mr. Tim Geaney!!

Fashion Shoot

As you can see we have disappeared for a few days and we apologize . As a designer these are the moments that are most stressful. I want to bring you the very best of Sis Boom and that means working like crazy with the stylist (Madeline) and my seamstress (Bettyann) we go until the sunsets and as most of you know I pop up early to get the inspiration on paper. We adore you all and hate when we can’t be in touch with all of you all the time.  You are what make me want to raise the bar every time.  Carla is busy working on a Sis Boom pattern for all of you and we are so grateful to that very busy woman. Remember to purchase all the Scientific Seamstress classic patterns on Etsy.  Today we go underground for more planning and styling but we will be back soon!!! So get your ticket to the show and get a front row seat..(:)))))  we are so excited for you to see.


What I’m talking about.

It’s a new world, it’s a new day and we are blessed to be part of these new emerging times.  Check out Judy Buchanan shedding light on the wonderful Jane in Superfly. Remember, Judy is your source for purchasing items if you don’t sew. Shop her adorable and wonderful selection HERE on ETSY, or contact her directly here.

Loving these bold prints juxtaposed with this Shabby Chic Interior.  We get to choose. How lovely is that?  There used to be so many rules. My mom reminds me of them all the time- mostly that everything from one era stayed in that era and that you didn’t mix. Now it’s so much more eclectic and we define our own style in making choices.  In my mind, there is a fresh breath in Judy’s take on the world and it is shown over and over on our facebook page.  She has style.

I hope you will join us on facebook— join the conversation, because everyone there wants to meet you and we are all saving a place for you.  If you love what we do here just stop in and meet like-minded friends.

So, here are some portraits from Georgia Handy’s latest photo shoot. (See more Georgia Handy HERE).  The brilliance of this combo below can’t be denied.  Your photographer and his interpretation is everything- that’s why I so love Mr. Tim Geaney who photographed both of our books, Girls World and Happy Home.  Purchase them for less than $35.00 on Amazon! (Now, that’s unheard of!).

Hoping for signed copies? Look no further – visit our shop.



The PERFECT Holiday Gift!

It’s that time again.. Holiday Shopping time, that is!

Having trouble choosing between Happy Home and Girl’s World? Well, we’re going to make it easy for you by extending this awesome holiday promotion!

Signed Girls World AND Signed Happy Home for $42.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Just in time for the holidays, you can gift that special someone signed copies of both Girl’s World AND Happy Home!  This creative duo is the perfect gift for that friend or relative who loves to sew and craft…. and especially that little girl who is bursting at the seams with creativity…. or maybe it’s just the perfect gift for YOU!


(Individually: Happy Home $27, Girl’s World $24) We suggest you place your order by December 5th to ensure a timely holiday delivery.

Make mine Chunky Zebra!!

The Marlo top on Liz so fresh so cool, so comfortable.  I think our Aussie friends will love this at any time of year.  Australia is one of our largest demographics so whenever you work with Sis Boom fabric think of vacationland!!!  We are so grateful to all of our customers who have put us on the map before all of you noone one knew what a Sis Boom was!!!! 🙂  So I am thinking of all of you today as I post a picture of beautiful Liz in her marigold zebra!!  Are you a seller? Leave a comment please!!! Let us know you carry this heavenly fabric.  We are big fans of the gorgeous Marlo Top and as you can see it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  This Friday a winner for Carla Crim’s Sewn Hats will be announced so leave a comment..xo

PS Create better photos , wrap a plain canvas in your favorite Sis Boom fabric and watch the world change to color right before your eyes..Fabrics are 45″ wide so bear that in mind when purchasing your canvas, 40″ is perfect.

Wherever you are ..Have the best day ever.  Never forget you have a choice. xo

A Tim Geaney Photo.

Mary Fancy Sash Dress

Right out of the pages of Girls World comes The Mary Fancy Sash Dress.  I love the fresh take in the Jane Super Fly in blue!!  That little bit of yellow…Holla!!!  Here Mia sits on a pouf while Tim takes the most exquisite photo and Nancy styles the sweet up do with large silk rose.  I just love her sitting on a Pouf made especially for this dress.  Hey you all are super quiet I would imagine kids are back at school and sewing machines are whirring. Whatever you are doing enjoy the beauty of this day!