Celebrity Style

It is always fun to see someone famous wearing our fabrics.  Even if it’s a swatch we get very excited and grateful  to be part of the action. We adore this amazing tutu for Moxie and Mabel Design.  Lindsy in Blue from Circa makes its red carpet debut on the sweetest of little girls Dannielynn Birkhead who posed with father Larry at the Moet & Chandon bash at the 140th Kentucky Derby in Louisville Saturday.  She be represent en!!! We are so delighted That Moxie and Mabel have used our fabrics in their creations. See there site for more precious finds.



nice pumpkin trrific father Mabel moxie

The Vanessa

Coming soon, in the testing phase so it won’t be long now.  Long or short inside pockets, patch pockets.  you know Carla , the Queen of options also has a sweet flutter sleeve that is just going to make you go Lady GaGa!! Grab up some Crazy Love and believe you can do it.  Our patterns are quilter Friendly a phrase we coined ourselves to include everybody!!!  Fabric found here.  

Vanessa for women and Betty Ann for the Girls!! Coming August.


Spiderwebs in Spring!

By now you all know Mel P. of 100BillionStars because she and her Signature Sis Boom Cat have been featured so many times.  Well there is a reason!!  Check out this amazing quilt.  She won’t part with it and I’ve already tried. She is too much.   I get so excited to post about my followers because honestly I don’t do it this well. Sure I make beautiful fabrics I will own that but I don’t pretend to know all of the story that’s why I rely so heavily on all of you.  My books, my patterns, are all a collaboration, no sense hiding the village that is all of you so I display it proudly!!   Hey guys little secret it all comes back around.!!!  How fun is that.?  Look what I get to show all of you this is the quilt Melissa describes as the community that is Sis Boom, all interlocking all needing each other..nice..right???  She describes it so beautifully  because we would never support a clubby atmosphere.  That’s not our style. This is a community that thrives on interaction and sharing.  The nice thing about it if you feel like you are not part of the group just leave a comment or speak up cause we love to get to know you!!!  I like to offer this as your place to get to know others and to share ideas and to celebrate one another.  In my eyes you are all a success and I get to encourage and be a support and hopefully make your travel lighter.  We are all going places and arrival is an option!!  Thanks Melissa for another beautiful design.


New Flickr Friends

Look at these precious girls!!!!!!  Hope someone comes to claim them..I found them in our flickr group!!!!! 

I love the Marissa , It fits so nicely!!!! Done up in Crazy Love!  Purchase your Marissa today!!!


I also want to give a shout out to Granny B’s clothesline for their amazing dresses inspired by the Laundry Bag in Happy Home.




Quilting with Honey Child

I love this stole it from my Flickr Sis Boom Sightings Group and had to share and I’m afraid I don’t know more than that !!  At the end of the day it’s the quilts that get most of your attention and that makes me so happy.  Look at the addition of the wonderful pieced pillow in Honey Child.  Somewhere I see beach and waves in this quilt could it be because winter is quickly  approaching?  Tell us about yourself the creative person behind this quilt we are madly in love..xoxoxo  Update!!! We found her!! or she found us! Melissa Quintana from Sew Addicted to blogs you are fabulous!!

Homegoods Sighting

Yes right here in our town my girlfriend Nuala texted me from the store!!!  Great prices too!!!  Go getum for the holidays.  I’m talking cheap.  It’s so fun to hear about these sightings they make me giddy!!!