Public announcement

Wow I am the luckiest girl I know!!!  This past weekend I was unable to attend Quilt Market due to our imminent show here back at home.  I was fortunate to be blessed by lovely friends who really did an outrageous job of sharing Lucky Girl with all of you.  First of all to know the Long Ladies of Marie Madeline Studios is to love them.  Hearts as big as the eye can see.  You just want to be around them and be smothered by there openness to love you right back.  I am so touched by their gifts and there uncanny ability to make beautiful things. This year with appliques and stunning clothing and fierce patch working I can only pray that they hit the roof in sales!!  My understanding was that the booth was always crowded!!  I want to thank Freespirit for supplying them with Lucky Girl so they could have everything ready for market.  Long Girls what can I say..except your beauty out shined everything ! I will always be your fearless cheerleader and always here for you.  Jenny thanks for your satellite reports from the Convention center in Houston you did an amazing job!!!  So please venture over they have lots of Lucky Girl in stock and Patterns that will bring a smile to your soul.!!

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A wonderful tote!!

Here’s the remarkable tote everyone talks about in our Happy Home book. We actually have a beautiful sunhat as well to show you the versatility of quilting cottons, not just for quilts but has expanded to apparel and home dec product categories.  We just adore Circa and are so glad you have decided to hoard that line because it will be years before it makes a comeback if at all.  It is a classic and will live on long after the shelves are depleted.  We thought we’d show you two of the projects from Happy Home done up in Circa for your viewing pleasure.  As you all know I have made it my mission to get these books into every sewist’s hands so they can have fun creating all the loveliness inside these books!! I know I belabor the issue but I love that these books connect us all and inform us of the aesthetic that is Sis Boom.  We love that you join us in our homage to color and all the artists that have gone before us in celebrating color!

So enjoy making the market tote and sunhat we appreciate you!!

Lovely to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Like my Hat??

Like my Hat??




Circa Land

I can’t get over the beauty you are all creating with Circa!!  You have all been so patient so loving so supportive of one another, sharing and giving yardage away to help another quilter or passionate sewist!  You are all making me so happy and I can’t get over how many lovely people knock on my FB page everyday. You are all so delightful and you know I love seeing those pretties you are sewing.  I don’t have to tell you the word on the street about Circa and it all started here by listening to your requests and at the same time upholding the Sis Boom Legacy of Happy!!

So check these out.  Another one of our Aussie friends is creating to die for sunsuits that are just dreamy! Lil Luscious on facebook needs to get more in stock because she does it so well.  Serenity Worell you are making our day!!!!

She’s taking orders..just sayin.



Twirling and twirling that’s what girl’s are made of.  Emma Woods on facebook made this amazing dress and it got lots of attention on our FB page.  All of you with all your talents just make my life so easy.. So much better than talking about me all day.  Emma this is gorgeous and I believe this is your daughter. She looks so happy. I’ll never ever forget my first twirl dress mom couldn’t get me out of it.  So here’s  to all of the dizzy girls and the mother’s who love them.  Fabric found here.  Thank you Hawthorne Threads   Also on ebay charm packs and fatquarters of Crazy Love!! Holla!! Emma we can’t wait to see what’s next.



She’s a Sweetheart

Ranell Miller Pogue has been following the blog and facebook for awhile.  She’s just the kindest and most supportive gal and loves everything Sis Boom.  I always love seeing her pretty face pop up after I post something. You all make it so magical.  So lately Ranell has been posting the prettiest frocks and all of a sudden I am taken by her sweet little Etsy shop The Mulberri Bush!!!  She’s doing an exquisite job and the details are priceless.  I was so happy to put her in the spotlight today and share her sweet sensibility.  Ranell, This is our official welcome to the community and we are so glad you love our fabrics.

PS Craftsy still has some deals left. Crafters and Quilters take note just the right size to create amazing crazy quilts for framing. See mine below. Great gift ideas!! Are you in??  Have a great weekend..xo

Also Holiday fabrics..Just saying Crazy Love Natasha in red and green are the biggest show stoppers!! Thanks Hawthorne Threads.

Everything she does is magic

Judy Buchanan of Hickity Pickity has more ideas than anyone I’ve ever seen.  She’s blessed with amazing creativity and also loves to share her work and love of everything Sis Boom.  I’d give anything to have her brain for a day!! Maybe even the rest of the year.

We’ve highlighted her here before because she works the fabrics in such a magical way and truly makes them signature frocks.  Then we have the added photography of Jennifer Anderson Wiggins and it’s a match made in heaven. Check out Judy’s site and look at the immense product being hand made by Judy and friends!!!  Mind boggling.  My favorite are the pet collars!!

So I’ll leave you with Miss Addi and Miss Stella in their fall Honey Child Clothing. Precious.