Beach Boho Style

Our friends over at Hickity-Pickity sent me these gorgeous shots for their new summer collection using Caravelle Arcade. All I can say is WOWZERS. Have you seen anything cuter for little girls this summer??? They have outdone themselves again!


Holy summer cuteness! The top is called Beach Bandeaux and the bottom’s are Shelling Shorties! Loving the contrasting big bow on the back.


Perfectly cool and comfortable for a beach party or just hanging out in the backyard on a lazy summer day.


Who is ready for tea in these darling Twirly Sundresses?


Judy has such a talent for mixing the colors and patterns. I bet any little girl could dance the day away in one of these dresses!


Such much cuteness, I can’t take it! FABULOUS!


Any summer weddings coming up? These Tulle Sundresses complete with a beautiful tulle overlay with white seersucker skirt would be perfect! Thank you Hickity Pickity for designing and making inspiring clothing for little ones. I am honored you pick Sis Boom fabrics to bring your creations to life!

Rich color Palette

Erica Hill of Stripes and Ruffles tested this wonderful pattern for Whimsy Couture .  We are loving this one in the Crazy Love fabrics.  What a wonderful combo.  I must say that daughter of Erica’s is adorable!!!!! I am smitten!! The fabrics can be found here. and here Also try ebay and etsy.

Please also if you are a store or brick and mortar and are reading this please add your store and location.  We have lots of readers and folks looking for fabric locally.  We will also put it on facebook!!!

Nice job Erica and we will be watching for further great looks from you!!!



Auction Starts Now

April Keeter approached me back in January about her Boutique challenge Auction that happens a few times a year.  The theme was Sis Boom Patterns and sis Boom fabric and I am telling you, blown away!!!  Oh I love a challenge and these ladies brought their personal best.  Each one had me smitten and I know it will be a huge success.  I am telling you a great group of  women and extremely amazing talents. Love the fabrics they paired and using older lines and newer lines all I can say is brilliant.  Please go there now and bid!!  Thank you April and all the wonderful people of the Boutique Challenge Auction I wish you uber success in all that you venture!! Below is a taste of what you will find.  I am overjoyed that you thought of me and kudos to the This amazing endeavor.  Check out below the fabrics and patterns some chose..Too many to cover here so go and vote..

This is our Betty Ann Pattern with West Indies and Girls World Vibe

This is our Cathy Pattern with Crazy Love and Honey Child

Our Cathy in Happy Land!!!

Our Cathy Pattern in Crazy Love

This is the Josie Pattern in Girls World Book with Crazy Love Fabric and West Indies at the waist.

Our Vanessa Pattern in West Indies Fabric

Our Jamie Dress from our book Girls World in Crazy Love.

This is our Marissa Pattern in Happy Land fabrics

This is the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in Girls World Book in Crazy Love.

Create Kids Couture Pattern and Queen Street

Our Marissa Pattern in So St. Croix fabrics

This is our Betty Ann pattern with ruffle sleeve option and a mix of Queen Street and Crazy Love

this is the Marissa in Girls World Vibe!!

I pray I got a sample of all of you , incredible showmanship and I am beyond honored!!!



School Girl

I love this new dress by Jenny!!!!!  She’s digging into her Happy Land and coming up with some amazing stuff.  Just love that girl.  I can’t believe I am going to meet so many peeps when I travel with Carla this next month to the Houston Quilt Market.  Lawdy I will never be the same.

A new Girl in Town!!

I meet so many amazing folks cruising around the social network and some of them really get to me because of their kindness.  I mean it.  I met these folks a couple of months ago and they were just so kind to retweet some of my messages and then I went to see out of curiosity to see what they were about and they make the sweetest jewelry.  I am loving Joyful Princess! So we were just having some friendly fun when this popped up and I didn’t even know the girl could sew!!  Makes me giggle.  Kim Hageman  you are just so lovely and kind and it’s so cool to get to know you but no more surprises!!!  This outfit is so way cute!!!  On Etsy,  yes you heard that right!!!  Tell her to make oodles of them.!!


They are coming in your beautiful clothing created with Crazy Love!!! Jennifer Marconi-Cid is having the best time creating and we just loved her combo on this pretty girl!!! We love her lovely designs at Pink Sugar Clothing!! Thanks Jennifer for sharing this wonderful portrait with our Sis Boom friends!! Dress created using Crazy Love Fabric Line.

OMG Girls World Vibe!!!

So here’s the deal!!!  Girls World Vibe is so dynamite with Honey Child and West Indies that you are going to freak!!!!  I love all of your photos and love how you mix it all up and no one knows better than Judy Buchannon of Hickity Pickity to stock up on your faves cause they disappear quickly!!  Think of Girls World Vibe as your anchor fabrics and they will be perfect for whatever you do!!!!  Check out Judy with her West Indies and Honey Child Combo!!!!
See Girls World Vibe in the Fabric Gallery of our site!

Anchor Fabrics are the common Denominator of everything Sis Boom we also tried to get Casey Scroll addicts to take a look at our new designs and we think you’ll be happy…We are crazy about all of you!!  So Take a look at Girls World Vibe and create some of the beauties in Girls World Like those big pillows on the back of the book you’ve been wanting to make! Thanks Judy for sharing your amazing talents and imagination we love you for the wonderful soul you are!!  Oops almost forgot to mention

Georgia Handy photography!

A Special Little Mary

What a special moment this is… brought to us by a very special little girl, Mary, and her very special mother, Michelle from Scenes From The Wild!

The fact that little Mary’s name is the same as our beloved Mary’s Fancy Sash dress from Girl’s World just warms our heart– We are told that Mary has 5 older brothers! Can you believe that!

We love how Mom added a precious little sleeve to the dress and replaced the traditional sash with a wide ribbon. That’s what it’s all about– making it your own and making it shine.

Rebecca & Shannon Dress Patterns Hot off the Press!

Join us in welcoming the newest Sis Boom patterns!!!….

The Rebecca Dress and the Shannon Dress!!! Sleak, Chic and fun, these new dresses are flattering, classic with a twist, and of course, an absolute pleasure to sew!! We are SO super excited about these gals!!!!!

Just $10.00 each for a fabulous & amazing pattern. Thank you to Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress for working her magic with this one (as always), our wonderful models, Abby & Liz, and of course, thank you to Tim Geaney for capturing the Sis Boom magic so beautifully.

More about The New Gals in town, Rebecca and Shannon…


The Rebecca shift is a stunningly simple garment that gets you right out the door, looking manicured and ready for anything.  Grocery store, errands, PTA, cocktail party, speaking engagement….this is THE go-to closet item.  The flattering notched neckline and dropped waistband can be made with matching or contrasting prints.  Imagine the Sis Boom fabric choices that take this one from prepster college girl to sophisticated city girl.  Because of the tailored style, we have provided extremely detailed fitting information and pattern pieces in every numerical size from 0-26W.  The semi-fitted skirt and princess bodice can be made from a combination of sizes to get a cut that is perfect for your proportions.  In addition, the bodice and skirt have multiple cutting lines, so even if you are tall or petite, you can get just the torso and hemline lengths you are after.


The simple shift is a true all-occasion garment, and we are so in love with our Shannon! Pair with flip-flops for a stroll along the boardwalk, or with a headband and dressy flats for an evening at the symphony. This little dress features a tailored fit with a slight A-line flair. The notched neckline and dropped-waist belt can be made of matching or contrasting fabric…what a fun way to play with Sis Boom prints!  The bodice and skirt have multiple cutting lines so you can get just the look and length you are after.


This is a new style for us but very similar to the Mary Fancy Sash Dress in Girls World done up in the new West Indies. One of our favorite models Abby loves all of our dresses and we couldn’t be happier..She is the sweetest loveliest girl you’ll ever want to meet.

You all know this fabric is going to be a winner so stock up no holding back on this wonderful West Indies design. Chandler JP52 in Brandy see other colors and designs here.

love you miss Abby and your brother Tyler and of course little Brady!