Circa Land

I can’t get over the beauty you are all creating with Circa!!  You have all been so patient so loving so supportive of one another, sharing and giving yardage away to help another quilter or passionate sewist!  You are all making me so happy and I can’t get over how many lovely people knock on my FB page everyday. You are all so delightful and you know I love seeing those pretties you are sewing.  I don’t have to tell you the word on the street about Circa and it all started here by listening to your requests and at the same time upholding the Sis Boom Legacy of Happy!!

So check these out.  Another one of our Aussie friends is creating to die for sunsuits that are just dreamy! Lil Luscious on facebook needs to get more in stock because she does it so well.  Serenity Worell you are making our day!!!!

She’s taking orders..just sayin.


Convince me!!

Here you go your chance to bring back (hopefully) Loopy Vintage Floral and Elizabeth Rose.  Do your best convincing.  We had 44 comments in 15 minutes when I posted on Facebook.  So get your best pitch on and let Westminster know how much this would mean to you.

“OK here it is your chance to vote!!! Should we bring back Loopy Vintage Floral and Elizabeth Rose? We need lots of input to convince some folks at Westminster. Tell all your friends and let’s see what we can do here. I can’t promise anything but I figured I’d get the ball rolling..Leave a message here .”

so give us your best woot woot!!  Share with like minded folks let’s get to 1000 signatures and show them who is boss!!!