A Sis Boom Cottage!

Fresh cut flowers, a warm breeze, lemonade in your hand, and your feet up on a soft, handcrafted quilt. The curtains billow in the air as a Summer breeze passes through, and you dream of your next sewing project… A pillow? A table cloth? A satchel?… all things that make your life just a little bit sweeter. You’re in a Sis Boom cottage, and it’s perfectly balanced between a soft, whimsy sensibility and a sleek modern spin… Somewhere in the middle of those two worlds is where Sis Boom lies. Pom poms and cotton meet glitter and sheen to create a welcoming, happy, inspiring place for you and your family to dream, love and play.

1. Happy Home, signed by Jennifer Paganelli, 2. Papier Mache Animal Sculpture, 3. Jennifer Paganelli Antonia embroidered pillow, 6. Circa Wholecloth Twin Quilt


Aside from the rainy few days we’ve had it’s been super amazing outside. Don’t you just wanna soak up the sun? Peep our NEW Sis Boom expression pillows and sundial pillow (that’s what we’ll call it for now!).


These pillows wanted to live in a warm, cozy sun room filled with plants, natural light and the sound of birds chirping. Don’t have a sun room?! Don’t fret!! These pillows will transition beautifully from sun porch, to living room, to kids room and all the way back around to a cozy den. It’s all about carrying out your own vision and making it work- with these, anything is possible!

Circa also wants to live in this sun-soaked room. Curtains, bench cushion cover, DIY pillows.. you name it!

1. Zuo Modern Ceiling Lamp, 2. Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planters, 3. Circa Fabric JP072 Green Lilly 4. Circa Fabric JP075 Lauren, 5. Sis Boom sundial pillow (available soon), 6. Sis Boom expression pillow (available soon), 7. Dexter Outdoor Bench, 8. Mosaic Tiled Bistro Table, 9. Melamine Plates