Mollie Makes US Edition!!

One of my favorite folks is in the very first US Edition of Mollie Makes and she utilized Beauty Queen in the sweetest of ways..Look at these Yummy sachets.  Kim Layton is just the kindest and sweetest girl on the planet. Truth be told she had 20,000 followers on twitter and she actually acknowledged me when I reached out.  Sometimes folks can get way to important about the numbers and the followers and forget they are actually real people following them.  I think its so important to acknowledge folks cause really people all want to be seen. I have never forgotten her for that.  We have become good friends and I love how she educates Etsy sellers on her blog Everything Etsy and shows ways for sellers to showcase and promote their product.  She and her husband do tutorials and sort through all the Etsy information to bring you ways to reach your Etsy audience. They are just a couple of good folks and I was so happy they were in Mollie Makes first US edition.  So get your copy and pour through the wonderful inspiring pages of Mollie Makes found here.  


kim mollie



Sequined Trees Best Seller

Soon to come to our shop..sequined 7″ trees $38.00.  Not as easy as they look and they are amazing!!!  Crafts is my middle name and I love our Holiday show for our chance to show you what’s been budding over at Sis Boom.  I have way too much fun doing what I love.  These trees are no exception!!  So here is your personal invite!  Barbara Strawser with her Angels and Mermaids will have her own space so please come say Hello and there will be plenty of Lucky Girl on hand and lots of items made from your favorite Sis Boom fabrics. We love when you travel distances and come hangout with us it sweetens our lives!!! Well I better get back to work, the elves are a bit overwhelmed!!  See you soon!barbara bunnies belucky betree HolidayInvite


Barbara Strawser with her Angels and Mermaids will have her own space so please come say Hello and there will be plenty of Lucky Girl on hand and lots of items made from your favorite Sis Boom fabrics.
Starts: 11/07/2013 10:00 am
Ends: 11/09/2013
Duration: 8 hours:
40 East Meadow Rd
Wilton, CT

A stormy day miracle

This shoot started with Thunder cracking and lightening bolts and everyone in the kitchen at 7am in case a tree decided to fall on the house…Poor George was shaking like a leaf..I wondered what God had in store and how we would pull it off but I just had to trust.  I see now as always a need for faith in all things.  Dreamy photos by a brilliant photographer and stylist.  Tim Geaney and Madeline Rhodes collaborated on some sensational photos. We love to bring you cutting edge style , we are quilting fabric Fashionistas ! We just love to bring you quilts and apparel that will live on long after we are gone!!!! So hop on board take a look and please feel free to inquire about anything that you see that you might like!!! We are listening. Handbags $72.00 handmade in the US of A!!!

We love that you stopped by today and want you to know we design with you in mind..xo Jennifer





Tulle and glitter ribbon

One of the favorite projects of Girls World is this amazing tulle layover apron on your child’s favorite dress.  You all have had such fun with this and you keep us in awe of your concepts. This is literally fuel for your passions, I see so many applications for this wonderful jewel of an idea.  I just love looking at it!!  Take the ribbon up higher make ribbon bows or flowers!! We are loving you today and everyday.  You are like a cup of coffee to savor. xo


OH MY, Oh! Veronica

You can just IMAGINE our delight when we stumbled upon this beautiful site, Oh! Veronica. They’ve taken Circa to a whole new level with this absolutely darling little vintage party frock. The silhouette is to die for.

Handmade in Australia, your little girl will surely be the best dressed sweetie on the playground. That’s for sure! The photos are so beautiful, borrowed from Oh! Veronica.

To peep this sweet frock, or order it, please visit Oh! Veronica.

Come shop on facebook!

We are selling some of our one of a kind handmade clothing so please stop into facebook and say hello!!!  It’s too fun for words.  I post some real fun clothing and accessories and you jump in and say hey I want that for my teenage daughter.  Come by facebook and see for yourself how it works and scroll down the page and see what’s for sale If it says Sold at the end of comments then it is no longer available.  All you have to do is like the page and take a look at what’s for sale.

Like these pillows for instance $32.00 each shipped, sell like hotcakes 8 x 8 and so addictive. and this sweet dress for your 3/4 year old $35.00 each shipped.  so come visit so you don’t miss this wonderful Sis Boom Opportunities.


Starts Monday

Look at these beautiful bubble Rompers from Presley Grey a new boutique on FB.  FB lit up like a switchboard when she posted these beauties. She is the wonderful     Jennifer Radcliff Gouffon   that took this wonderful fabric design and used it’s proportions to perfection.   We are blown away by the outcome and are certain she will have no hard time selling these when the bell goes of Monday Morning.      These fabrics are around but being eaten up like mad so please make sure you hoard.  I don’t say that lightly in true Sis Boom obsession style we have friends bidding on a retired Sis Boom classics for upwards of $100.00 + per yard..not kidding  I won’t even post the fabric for fear they will come for me and my family!! :))  Seriously it gives me a big head but that’s about it.  It’s fun to be a legacy in my own mind.  Presley Grey we are so glad to know you and be a part of Monday’s launch..Gogettum!!!! Presley Grey website here. Serious beauty.  Fabrics found here.    and here.


We do it all!!

As you know the show is coming and we are very busy elves and we would just like you all to know how much we would love to sell on line.  One of a kind things are so difficult because by the time it’s listed it’s gone. But we are trying everything  Looks like manufacturing is in our future.  Please check out the beautiful quilt and stockings and the most amazing fox ever created.  Everything in this shot is handmade.  Yes even the dress!!  So come visit us next week we are standing by to greet you.  I almost forgot our lovely friend Lynn Harris made this quilt!   Looking for Happy Land Fabrics just google lots of places come up or support your local quilt shop and please tell them we sent you.

All our love,


More Holiday Ideas

so you are loving June Tailor  fabric sheets Create for less has quite a few options.  Well I’ll keep the ideas coming…I love to use fabric glue and glitter create the overnight bag from Girls World yup Girls World is fantastic for Holiday ideas!!!  That’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Notice the advent calender below and a little vintage chick for that new baby!!!  I love to sew sequins for the sweetest of details that makes are nostalgic juices go into overdrive. Always remember for baby nothing loose that they can swallow , these are just totally decorative..hope your  days are full of wonder and expectation of good things to come..xoxo Jennifer