A Great Year Ahead

Who wants classes???  Right here in my studio I am thinking about hosting small groups.  To make and create, to build lasting friendships and inspire!!  Are you in??? Then of course we may also do online videos. So much to think about.  I am pumped, Carla is pumped and so is Madeline!!!!!  This is going to be the year to remember. 2013 we are coming and we are expectant!!  Let goodness rain down upon us all!



6 Responses to “A Great Year Ahead”

  1. Sounds wonderful!!!

  2. Can we skype a class???

  3. caroline lazzara says:

    Would LOVE to be part of this!!

  4. Rachel Hodges says:

    I would love to take part in a workshop or something!

  5. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Classes with you would be so much fun!!

  6. Jenny Fish says:

    Since I am faraway, an online class! Those mice are the cutest. The apron is getting me!

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