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Yup at Quilt Market!! Bump into Jenny grab a card and Instagram your Golden Ticket #jenniferPaganelli and @jenniferPaganelli to win your PDF download!!!  Jenny will be there handing out these beautiful cards to 100 people.  We just love to give away prizes!!!!  So get to the Quilt Market and Introduce yourself to Jenny and start creating beautiful fashion today with your #hashtagged Sis Boom card !!! Look for Miss Jenny in A Good Company patchwork dress that is undeniably Sis Boom ! She will be a show stopper we are sure of that. So lucky to have this lovely woman represent us at market..There are no words that extend my love for this woman.  She encouraged me at a time when I was so lost.  So cheers to you Jenny and Thank you for being you.  Her picture below with her amazing daughter.

QM! QM 2 Good Company Collage Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 7.30.44 AM

International Quilt Market

Hey we are debuting Lucky Girl and we hope that it makes you feel special and fluffy(?)  Surrounded by a cascade of flowers and sunlit hues you will start seeing Palm trees and snorkels if you aren’t careful.  Sis Boom fabrics have that affect on people.  We are so memorized by the beauty of Lucky Girl and the effects on your psyche meaning you may hunker for a Pina Colada.  It’s all ok you are in a very good place because there will be others like you!!  We find as we go along that Sis Boom fabrics elicit happy it’s as if they were printed in honey!!!  We love to be your place for happy and always we thank are lucky stars above for all of you.  Oh and for blog followers only a chance to win 3 yards mixed of Lucky Girl. Please leave us a message..ends Sunday evening.  There will be also plenty at the show.

Win three yards

Win three yards


You light up my life

Who knew that could be a background song for a life style face lift..but it got your attention and that’s what matters. Just want to show you what I’m working on.  Seriously you all mean the world to me. Our facebook page is jumpin!!!!! So here are just a few of the things happening around here. We are gussying up the place and getting ready to welcome you to #sisboomworld where everything that happens here stays here..xo

From welcome door hangars to catnip treats we got you covered at #sisboomworld. oh and thanks for stopping..means the world to me. There I said it twice..

Show times November  7-9 (10-6 ) stop by or else..

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One of my favorite things

One of my favorite things to do is to share with you the Scientific Seamstress Patterns with you.  Carla Crim Just introduced the Be-bop!!  For Girls and their Dolls!!!!  Yes you heard me correctly. I just absolutely love this one …heck I would wear it!  so pretty, so painterly like the artists smocks from back in the day. Purely and genuinely innocent and lovely!! We are so happy for her and we love that her team has been doing sew alongs and how-to’s on the Scientific Seamstress website.  They will be putting zippers in this week so pay attention to the Scientific Seamstress website!!  Look at the beautiful flower pin from Girls World that she designed for our book Girls World.  She is the very very best their is. Carla continues to be one of the first PDF designers and consistently on the cutting edge. We are so grateful to have her in our business but more importantly in our lives. Hats off to another win Carla!! Oh What I love about her work is that she gives options, This one can be a flutter sleeve, a long sleeve, a dress, a top, lots of bang for your buck!! Check out the photos on Etsy. Sure to become a classic!!




A stormy day miracle

This shoot started with Thunder cracking and lightening bolts and everyone in the kitchen at 7am in case a tree decided to fall on the house…Poor George was shaking like a leaf..I wondered what God had in store and how we would pull it off but I just had to trust.  I see now as always a need for faith in all things.  Dreamy photos by a brilliant photographer and stylist.  Tim Geaney and Madeline Rhodes collaborated on some sensational photos. We love to bring you cutting edge style , we are quilting fabric Fashionistas ! We just love to bring you quilts and apparel that will live on long after we are gone!!!! So hop on board take a look and please feel free to inquire about anything that you see that you might like!!! We are listening. Handbags $72.00 handmade in the US of A!!!

We love that you stopped by today and want you to know we design with you in mind..xo Jennifer





Eyes and Ears, I need yours

Ok so let’s have a serious chat!!  I want to help the brick and mortars of the world.  Maybe a shout out to your local store for carrying Sis Boom fabrics or a photo of old Sis Boom stock and a location they can be found.  We have a need for old stock!!! People scour the internet day and night for our first lines.  Most will pay top dollar!  We also want to get to know you if you are carrying Sis boom fabric and get you on our locator list.  It’s hard in a world of online sellers to find a spot but we want you to know we are holding a place for you..Having a sale?? Tell us so we can let your neighborhood  know.  These quilters and clothing designers will travel!!! That much we do know.  We have an active community on facebook.  Alas the dreaded facebook but it’s amazing how fast we can get up to speed to see our favorite fabrics.  Brick and mortars, dead Sis Boom stock, can’t move, post your photos to Jennifer Byrne Paganelli and we will chat you up!!!  Better yet show us what you have and then our sewists will make the trip.  Are you a fan of Sis Boom ??? Take a photo in your favorite store that carries Sis Boom and enter to win 5 yards of Circa!!!! Ends August 31st!! We will be sharing more about that.  We want every seller to be an online seller , to be known for carrying Sis Boom.  We are an eager bunch and we love to chat!!!  Got a favorite store in your area?? Give them a shout out and tag me , tell me what town they are in and if they have a website or not. Shout out to Trains and Fabrics in Tacoma Washington, who doesn’t even do email for carrying some of our new lines. They now have a facebook page!!

Have any of these?? Folks are looking. Do you ship? Do you ship internationally?


What I do in January

So here you have it!! Jenny Fish asked if I was doing my Vision books I actually was in Country Living several years ago for my journals.  I mix family and ideas and dreams all in one place.  This is when I hibernate and get cozy with the animals inside my warm fortress!!!  I love these I love imagining a world of Sis Boom Color everywhere.  So tell me what you are dreaming of these days.  Look for a giveaway soon.  Oh and thanks for stopping means the world to me!!


So get cozy and watch a good movie while you dream of taking yourself higher!!  Always here for you!


We are ready!!

Tomorrow is the big opening day!!!!  We are looking forward to seeing you. No pressure just come and enjoy coffee and cookies.  Also to let you know for those George lovers he will only be here Saturday.  Customer Service is busy with Holiday Packages..  So come meet the girls and be prepared to spend a couple of hours with us  It can take awhile to get through it all.  We are here to help!!

more photos to come!!! This is our largest show ever !!!!

Martha Pullen You Inspire Us!!

Give it up for Martha!!!  This long standing institution of heirloom sewing and it’s dedication to teaching old school makes are hearts go flip flop.  Carla Crim and I were corresponding with Martha Pullen’s website when we realized we were actually communicating with Martha our mouths dropped and behind the scenes we were doing a Happy Dance .  She asked if we would visit her in ALABAMA!!!!  Carla and I are giddy with excitement.  To think Martha Pullen running her grandchildren around while having a conversation with us and giving us her all!  She lives it just like we all do and it’s just great to see that she doesn’t take it for granted.  Success like anything can be fleeting and we must stay current and open to the possibilities!  Martha Pullen is a charismatic individual with incredible passion who inspires us to remain teachable.  She is quite the legacy. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her Newsletter.  I have a promotion starting today that for every Girls World Book sold at Martha Pullen’s site I will send 2 yards of Girls World Vibe (your Choice)  . This is a great opportunity to buy another Girls World to have around as a gift or an extra for those teachers of Girls World!!!  Also I have badges let us know if you are teaching and I will get them off to you..limit 20 per person!!

An excerpt from her latest News Letter….
Dear Sewing Family,

Now back to Easter sewing! We have never, never had so many gorgeous prints for your sophisticated, contemporary Easter sewing. Please look at the Sis Boom fabrics. The book, Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli is one of the most beautiful that has ever been printed. It ties with a pink ribbon separating the pattern section (with 21 patterns in all) and the book with spectacular photography and beautiful, beautiful, clothing. The directions are fabulous and there is a world of patterns in this one book. There are four patterns for girls sized 2 to 14. There is an apron, a tulle ballet skirt and an apron with a frilly pocket. Accessories include a headband, purse, paper doll overnight bag, badges and flower pin/barrette.

For decorating a girl’s bedroom, which will make her very happy, there are directions for banners with pompoms, two pillows, fabric animals, a quilt, a lampshade, memory board, pinwheel strands, and a happy birthday banner. To see the book on our website and order it, click here. To see the fabrics on our website ready to ship now please click here . When these fabrics are gone they are gone, so you probably will want to order them now. The book is only $24.95 and I guarantee it is one of the best sewing book values you have ever purchased. It is photographed by a very famous photographer, Tim Geaney who has photographed for Vogue magazine and other famous magazines. Ladies Home Journal says about Jennifer Paganelli, the author and fabric designer, “Jennifer Paganelli has a talent for creating whimsical pieces…blankets, flowered lamp shades, throw pillows…it’s inspiring.” Martha Pullen says, “Her patterns and fabrics are among the most creative and beautiful that have ever been developed. And the book, Girl’s World is a national treasure of sewing.”

I feel like a lucky gal!!!

So buy the book and get two yards Girls world Vibe Free when you show us your receipt from Martha Pullen’s site. Starts today  1/14/12  ends 2/14/12 Spread the word.

Martha has lots of Honey Child and I will say there is not lot around and grab it up while you can.