Hickity Pickity for Jenny Eliza

hickity hickityp hickitypick HickityPi HICK HickitypickitySo by now you have heard of Hickity Pickity and I know for some of you it can be confusing because we are always talking about them on Facebook. they are the leaders in their genre. They use quilting fabrics for all of their products and we couldn’t be happier that they are smitten with both Sis Boom and Jenny Eliza. Judy Buchannan has been the visionary of Hickity Pickity and now along with her daughter they have artistically styled a very branded look.  They bow to Lily Pulitzer but have a certain signature that moves beyond that and distinguishes them from the pack.  They are also the ones that got the Aussies all their Jenny Eliza and we are so grateful for their generosity.  Hickity Pickity  you make us thirst for more of the incredible style that is you!!! Follow them, They will make you anything, you will enjoy working with them. They are in Florida and ship internationally!!! Organic Moments thanks for all the beautiful photos.


Be prepared to flip out!!

Melissa P. is under the weather and never made it to quilt market but she sent these lovelies ahead to represent Lucky Girl and boy is she amazing with color. Melissa P. of 100 Billion Stars has 100 billion ideas and they are all amazing.  Melissa, Utilizing 2 patterns from K Whitt’s book ‘Sew Serendipity Bags’ she came up with these amazing looks!! These bags are sooo good looking.  So be sure and read Melissa’s blog for more info and the next fabric giveaway we do will include a free pattern for the   gorgeous pillow!!!  Melissa, thank you so very much.  Nice work!!  I swear as a bad sewist I appreciate anyone who sews with such conviction. I love her free motion quilting.!!

precious fussycut punchfussycutprecious


The bus went by today and it’s always a trigger for longing..It went by so fast and yet I am so grateful to be present for all of it.  There is so much that can take us out of the day to day , we see it all the time.  I ‘m just so glad to have felt all the good the bad and the ugly.  There is something so precious about being present and available to our kids.  I love mine to bits and  I do miss the wonder that they experience in front of you every day..It’s exquisite.  So when I saw this beautiful quilt on the beach that Jane from Maiden Jane made it made me miss their youth even more.  She created something so beautiful that will be packed with memories over the years!  Have you met Jane be sure to follow her she is delightful.  Crazy Love is no longer being produced but lots of places carry them.  Here’s one place I found. Quilt Home has a ton!!

Summers end

Summers end

Check this out!!!!!!

Hawthorne Threads ordered more Circa for those collectors (hoarders) out there!  They have cut you fat quarters and charm packs and all that good stuff.  So please take what you need to complete your Sis Boom Treasury!! We are so excited this line filled you with inspiration! We love all the ideas and are amazed at the talent out there!! This may be the end of it so grab up when you can!! The sellers shelves are making way for Lucky Girl!!!



So speaking of Lucky Girl Lynn Harris of the Little Red Hen made the most gorgeous quilt from Lucky Girl!!

We are so in love with this Herringbone design!!  Lynn you always turn us on with your amazing color choices and this one is no exception!  With the most sincere gratitude we thank you!!

Gorgeous Quilt from Lynn Harris

Gorgeous Quilt from Lynn Harris


Lucky Girl has lived up to it’s name incredibly and hasn’t even made it’s debut!!  It’s just simply perfection for quilting. Marsha Moore has shared her direction with me and I couldn’t be more excited about it..She is so good at what she does..I saw these and had to share.  These are such terrific fodder for your Lucky Girl Quilt!! It should ship beg October or possibly sooner so get those pre-orders in so you can fill those orders. We love our quilting community.  Marsha you delight us in every way possible!!! So what’s your fave star? stripped or simple triangles..

Star Quality

Star Quality


Beauty unbound!!

I can say that because Michele Conroy Andy Whitby from My Georgie Boy hasn’t put the binding on yet.  This is drop dead gorgeouness at it’s finest. Holy Cow!!  Made in Australia I’m sure she will ship to the US.  This huge beautiful double quilt is amazing made from Circa!! Only one available!!! I am so inspired by this each block looks like framed artworks.  Way to go my Aussie friend!! You are on fire!! I had the wrong name posted..forgive me Michele!!

So there you have it !! Hawthorne Threads has plenty on reorder so you should not have a hard time finding it!!! Make sure to put your name on the list or contact her!!

Love the Dreaminess of the photo!!

We rave about rag quilts!

Check out this stunner from Jack and Mae!!!!  We woke up and just had to share..lots of tutorials on line just google rag quilts.  These make great gifts because they are not as labor intensive a good beginner quilt I should say.  My daughter made one at sewing camp when she was 12.  I love the mix of Bohemia and the exuberance of color.  Such a beauty. Sarah and Liz we love what you are up too keep it coming we want to see. They also make sweet tea wallets so you are never without your fave..very cool.


xo Jennifer

Mod Podge by the Gallon

I really do because it’s my go to glue!!  I buy the mat but the glossy is great too.  Now listen if you have perfection issues leave them in the garbage by the door..seriously they so get in the way of any great art!!  Here’s how I do it..I hate gloves..that’s why I’m always covered with glue and glitter but if you need plastic gloves this could be the time.  Get out large great scissors the ones for fabric only.  Using a cutting blade and a cutting mat is the best but really it’s not necessary.  I do it all freehand lends to the handmade quality. Also the Accuquilt Go Baby is perfect for this . I love using  for this, like the circles and hearts. Try to have  a bunch of stuff cut before you start you don’t want to leave once you start. Dust off your suitcase.  These old suitcases are great, I don’t think I’d recommend a samsonite because frankly they are so rounded and slippery but what do I know?  Get your pieces together and start laying things down and butt right up against the edge.  Just get a sense of your design.  Take them off and then begin putting mod podge down lay fabric over and sponge brush mod podge again over that. Take your time and this is a no judgement no self criticism zone.  The wonderful thing about mod-podge is that it is so forgiving.  I’ve been doing these suitcases for 20 years mostly with old wall paper paper and it’s a hoot, the next morning when it’s dry it’s like fairy’s came in the night to make it all perfect.  Seriously, it’s such cool stuff.  So lay them down on sponge brushed suitcase as it lays down go over the fabric once again with sponge brush. Overlapping is cool no worries just make sure there is glue everywhere.  Do one side at a time and then the sides let dry and Voila!!  The trick is to get through the ugliness most folks give up..or think they are doing it wrong.  If there are areas that don’t come together easily lay a circle of a square on it.  Camouflage. This is where Accucut Go Baby come in handy!  or do some fancy fussy cutting..Melissa P. can show us a thing or two!! Ok get the modpodge off the scissors pronto..even using nail polish remover because I have at least 50 pairs of scissors with glue on them. I wish I wasn’t exaggerating. Try to get fibers off the suitcase but don’t get crazy. I really want you not to be fussy on the first one then you’ll find your true North after doing a few!!  oh and I have John Mayer singing in the background that seems to help!!! xoxoxo Amy Anderson, Lovely Amy Anderson writes a blog Mod Podge Rocks and can answer any questions!! Get to know her. I also recommend a mat acrylic sealer keeps it from sticking. I want to see yours. xoxo

Late addition!! Thanks Amy

We have a winner!!

Thank you to Accuquilt for sponsoring such an amazing fun and creative giveaway, I wish you all could win..not kidding.. anywho her name is Lisa Holmes and waiting for confirmation of a blog or etsy shop so you can get to know her.  On the other hand don’t forget everyone is a winner with Girls World why just look at this picture of Olivia wearing her Halter dress which is totally amazing in every way.  Yup this dress and so many that you see on our blog are  from Girls World!! Do you have yours? Makes a great Holiday gift!!  Our badges come in next week for Living a Girls World classes so if you are interested in badges for your students  leave your address in the comments and we will get some off to you. Photo by Tim Geaney.

It’s Monday and here we go!!!

The raffle begins so please listen while I explain the details.  First we can share the project we created with Accuquilts Go Baby. Also these are some of the dies we used. I love this machine reminds me of an Easy Bake on so many levels!!! I love applique, I love it on ticking something wonderfully appealing about the old with the cut outs!! Oh  and please forgive Penelope she wanted so much to be in the photo and was a little concerned that you may not see her if she wasn’t directly in front of the camera..oh well you get the point.  I also used the appliques on squares of green to give them some contrast on the ticking.  Anyway I’m pleased as punch and hope you are too.

So for the raffle there’s lots of ways to enter and they are as follows.  First sign up for their email and get 22 patterns for doing that simple task.  Then go to these links and say hi.  Most importantly leave a comment here to enter to win one of these die-cut machines..Yes you heard me correctly
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Don’t forget leave a message here and you could win one of these machines, it’s that simple but please don’t forget to sign up for there newsletter.  Oh and end Friday night at midnight winner to be announced Saturday!!