You light up my life

Who knew that could be a background song for a life style face lift..but it got your attention and that’s what matters. Just want to show you what I’m working on.  Seriously you all mean the world to me. Our facebook page is jumpin!!!!! So here are just a few of the things happening around here. We are gussying up the place and getting ready to welcome you to #sisboomworld where everything that happens here stays here..xo

From welcome door hangars to catnip treats we got you covered at #sisboomworld. oh and thanks for stopping..means the world to me. There I said it twice..

Show times November  7-9 (10-6 ) stop by or else..

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Summer Kick off

That’s what Hickity Pickity is all about!! Sis Boom in bloom over there!!  They’ve got the goods and want to share.  Please check out their stock ask them questions they will make you anything!!!  Look at  this glorious Devon!!!  and these little guys pareo’s.  Stop what you are doing and get thee to her shop.!! Listen busy weekend coming up so just enjoy the photos get in touch with Judy and tell her what you need .. ..xo  Facebook Hickity Pickity or Judy Buchanan and get shopping.  Crazy Love at Quilt HomePink Poodle found here!

Mix the colletions!!

Mix with older lines and create fascinating results.  You know me I always say if you like Sis Boom it never hurts to hoard when it goes on sale. Seems like someone is always looking for older lines so collect when they go on sale.  Always feel free to share a sale on facebook!!!  So look what Sara Upshaw from Simplybeu added to the Sis Boom Sighting flickr collection.  Dreamy for sure. Love a Maxi!!

Easter Dresses

Do me a favor drop everything and get over to Art and Soul and order your Easter Dress today!! So many to choose from and ask her about that special discount for facebook friends tell her you heard it here first. ok?? Even if you didn’t !! 🙂 Just wanted to get that out cause Art and Soul Boutique by Bercot does it so well!!!!  Once again these little boutiques got the following so like them today and get in on the deals!!

Monique in her Devon!!!

Monique who you have become familiar with through her quilts is back but this time with her Devon shirt in Poodle Maeve in blue!! Is she stunning or what??? Love you miss Monique!! I love her post because it shows that our patterns from Sis Boom Pattern Co are quilter friendly.  Carla our technical writer and partner in all things patterns insists!!! We pride ourselves in being quilter friendly if you can sew than the transition to clothing is not difficult.  Thanks for explaining it so well Monique!! Then I couldn’t resist posting fatquarters to make the quilt below.  That is one of my all time faves done by Marsha Moore. And now you can create one by purchasing fatquarters off of Etsy. Here’s a listing for the Poodle Rose ask if they have more!! Remember patterns are PDF only!!

If I had a vision

This is what I see!!!  Carefree Clothing on a beach that whispers the long days of summer.  Thanks Judy for the incredible moment in time.  Love to your beautiful family!!  oops almost forgot..that’s the Devon for women and she will have them available so please connect with her. Devon will be available early February for those of you waiting in the wings!!!  The Leighanna for the girls is already available.  Shop Hickity Pickity!!

Leighanna with Pom Poms!!

Pom Poms are the bomb!!!!!!  We couldn’t resist designing a simple dress whose adornment is the beauty and spark of the pom pom!!!!  Like most folks I see a pom pom and I want to own whatever it is with those precious baubles. Judy captured the heart of the pom pom when she paired it with this wonderful fresh geometric Poodle Marnie in Fuchscia!!!!! Fashionable Fabrics has it in stock!!  The orange pom poms set it off so nicely!!  and oh so Palm Beach!!  Judy Buchanan does it so well that even the babies are happy with this selection!!!  It helps to have Georgia at Georgia Handy photography. Happy New Year to the tribe at Hickity Pickity for the New Years eve slam dunk!!! So download the pattern today..

Introducing the Leighanna

our next pattern is about to come off the presses , We are so excited to introduce the Leighanna and the little girl who inspired it all.  This little girl belongs to Cathy and is not Leighanna.  Confused yet??? Cathy is one of our beloved testers and our Pattern customer service rep.  Her little girl was the first to wear the Leighanna.  Cathy came to us via  the scientific seamstress , Carla Crim (by the way she is pumping out the bias tape with her new gizmo so go take a look) Cathy is a diehard Sis Boom fan , fun loving and loves to sew.  See her wonderful blog here Sewing Story Projects .   Cathy we can never thank you enough for representing Sis Boom in the wonderful professional way you do.  If you ever have a technical question she’s your girl.  So here is the Leighanna in poodle and lucky for you i found some here. Quilt Home. Hey Leignna tell dad to get your peasant done so I can introduce you to the world.  Cathy next time we name the pattern after this pretty girl..Scouts honor.  Dress or top you call it.

Putting the Vintage in New

I don’t know about you guys but I think Lynn Harris’s use of color is completely amazing in this quilt.  The old antique gold contrasting with these warm hot hues just sends me to the moon. She calls this Mustard Melody I call it DREAMY!!!  Seriously a meticulous piece of Joy!!  Lynn is charming and was a pleasure to work with.  I am sure you will see more and more from our gal Lynn.  The photos speak for themselves and I think this could possibly be award winning!!!  Sis Boom bestows high honors and gratitude to this talented lady.  She teaches you how to create the square on her fabulous blog called Little Red Hen.  It’s a pleasure to know you Lynn.  Thanks for your take on the Poodle Collection.

Hop Skip Jump!!

Look at this sweetness from one of our biggest fans Marnie Peck!!  Marnie thanks for sending me this!!  She also says this is a Pink Chalk Fabric pattern which is totally adorable..We Heart Pink Chalk!!!! Also an unbelievable sale going on right now!!  Make the Maddie dress!! All these fabrics are adorable in the Maddie!!  So really hoard cause that is a really great price..oh and always do what your told ..ok???