So Way Cool

Check out this cute Bucket Hat my friend Jane Skoch from Maiden Jane created.  Jane is so fun and I think this laminated Bucket Hat is no exception!!!  How adorable is this???  She’s even sharing folks. I tell you those friends of Sis Boom have big hearts.  So where ever you are and we hope you are not worried about hurricanes and if you are be safe.  This little hat will keep you covered!!!  Martha Pullen has the goods!!  We wish your beautiful daughter all the love and success in school..xo

Saluting a long time Friend!

Judy Buchanan has become so popular on our facebook page and Sew Beautiful noticed!!!!  This is what it’s all about for me.  I am over the moon.!!!  You never know who might be watching and now she is on their blog and next they might ask her to do a project or two.  Hey you never know.  Ask Carla, your story unfolds you don’t have to chase after it,  just step into it and watch the magic unfold...oh and I almost forgot the most important thing. Always be grateful for where you are at.  Even if you think it’s not the most desirable place to be it can always be worse.  So a toast to all you folks who make me look good you are the stars in all of this. xoxoxo

Article here!

More good news the fabrics are available at Martha Pullen.



Martha Pullen You Inspire Us!!

Give it up for Martha!!!  This long standing institution of heirloom sewing and it’s dedication to teaching old school makes are hearts go flip flop.  Carla Crim and I were corresponding with Martha Pullen’s website when we realized we were actually communicating with Martha our mouths dropped and behind the scenes we were doing a Happy Dance .  She asked if we would visit her in ALABAMA!!!!  Carla and I are giddy with excitement.  To think Martha Pullen running her grandchildren around while having a conversation with us and giving us her all!  She lives it just like we all do and it’s just great to see that she doesn’t take it for granted.  Success like anything can be fleeting and we must stay current and open to the possibilities!  Martha Pullen is a charismatic individual with incredible passion who inspires us to remain teachable.  She is quite the legacy. Do yourself a favor and sign up for her Newsletter.  I have a promotion starting today that for every Girls World Book sold at Martha Pullen’s site I will send 2 yards of Girls World Vibe (your Choice)  . This is a great opportunity to buy another Girls World to have around as a gift or an extra for those teachers of Girls World!!!  Also I have badges let us know if you are teaching and I will get them off to you..limit 20 per person!!

An excerpt from her latest News Letter….
Dear Sewing Family,

Now back to Easter sewing! We have never, never had so many gorgeous prints for your sophisticated, contemporary Easter sewing. Please look at the Sis Boom fabrics. The book, Girl’s World by Jennifer Paganelli is one of the most beautiful that has ever been printed. It ties with a pink ribbon separating the pattern section (with 21 patterns in all) and the book with spectacular photography and beautiful, beautiful, clothing. The directions are fabulous and there is a world of patterns in this one book. There are four patterns for girls sized 2 to 14. There is an apron, a tulle ballet skirt and an apron with a frilly pocket. Accessories include a headband, purse, paper doll overnight bag, badges and flower pin/barrette.

For decorating a girl’s bedroom, which will make her very happy, there are directions for banners with pompoms, two pillows, fabric animals, a quilt, a lampshade, memory board, pinwheel strands, and a happy birthday banner. To see the book on our website and order it, click here. To see the fabrics on our website ready to ship now please click here . When these fabrics are gone they are gone, so you probably will want to order them now. The book is only $24.95 and I guarantee it is one of the best sewing book values you have ever purchased. It is photographed by a very famous photographer, Tim Geaney who has photographed for Vogue magazine and other famous magazines. Ladies Home Journal says about Jennifer Paganelli, the author and fabric designer, “Jennifer Paganelli has a talent for creating whimsical pieces…blankets, flowered lamp shades, throw pillows…it’s inspiring.” Martha Pullen says, “Her patterns and fabrics are among the most creative and beautiful that have ever been developed. And the book, Girl’s World is a national treasure of sewing.”

I feel like a lucky gal!!!

So buy the book and get two yards Girls world Vibe Free when you show us your receipt from Martha Pullen’s site. Starts today  1/14/12  ends 2/14/12 Spread the word.

Martha has lots of Honey Child and I will say there is not lot around and grab it up while you can.