Circa Alphabet… FREE!

We know you’re all dying for Circa in your sewing studios.. and it’s so close (ships in May).. ‘Til then, here’s something fun for you. It will also give you a taste of what our CLIP ART products are all about.

Click HERE or on the image below to automatically download a Circa Alphabet file (FREE!). Once you’ve completed the download, use the file for digital or printing purposes! (The File is a PDF and will probably go directly to your downloads folder)

Create an e-card for your friend.. print and cut out the letters to collage your way to a masterpiece… Make a mini banner!!… Really, the possibilities are endless and that’s what we LOVE so much about CIRCA.. and, CLIP ART! HAVE A BLAST!

What I do in January

So here you have it!! Jenny Fish asked if I was doing my Vision books I actually was in Country Living several years ago for my journals.  I mix family and ideas and dreams all in one place.  This is when I hibernate and get cozy with the animals inside my warm fortress!!!  I love these I love imagining a world of Sis Boom Color everywhere.  So tell me what you are dreaming of these days.  Look for a giveaway soon.  Oh and thanks for stopping means the world to me!!


So get cozy and watch a good movie while you dream of taking yourself higher!!  Always here for you!


Here’s to enticing photos..

Let these images represent inspiration for you to create and we love a hollaback if you saw it here first.  Sis Boom loves to be original and loves to give credit to all of our creative peeps with new and fascinating ideas.  It’s what we are known otherwords we share that pie.  love you guys, get  that creative thinking cap on and dive right in.  I purchase so much at garage sales and flea markets but ebay and etsy make it real easy to keep warm in the winter.  Hope black friday is enjoyable!! xo

Thinking of a class before the holidays!

Would you come to a paper class to Wilton for an afternoon????  Everything would be supplied. $100.00 for the afternoon?  Make a collage or one of these?? I will show you how.  I need a headcount and limited to 12 folks , are you up to playing with me??? Let me know. Just an idea I’m toying with.  of course you can bring glitter or other things to play with..just a thought. I’ll be posting more ideas as well..

MODPODGE ROCKS… no, Seriously

Amy Anderson has it all wrapped up when it comes to Mod Podge influencing even the diehard users such as myself. Years ago I would create suitcases with Mod Podge from old Story Books.  I always had a hard time with the finishing stage.  Using varnishes and such , the suitcases couldn’t open would yellow etc… so then I tweeted to Amy what do we use to seal and Voila she tweeted back use a Matte acrylic sealer spray or paint on and look how lovely this turned out.

P.S. they do open. Just mod Podge and scraps and sealer.  Hats off to our girl Amy!!


Every year in January the way I renew is commit to the path unfolding before me and do the footwork.  I don’t begin a year without picture journaling which helps me to visualize the path I’m on.  Visualization is the best way to achieve success that I have found.  See it before you in your minds eye.  Try not to fret the small stuff hold fast to the dream and own it.  Oh and it never hurts to ask God for help along the way.  I have over 20 journals that I have collaged over the years to achieve my goals. Here’s some takes from the journal I’m working on now and yes that’s George with his buddy!!  So get started , collect photos that resonate with you try not to have any judgment or criticism turn off your head and go for it. Go ahead dream big, don’t question just get started.  I believe in you!!!  oh and enter to win raffle below..ends Thursday so there is still time.