Free PDF download!

Yup at Quilt Market!! Bump into Jenny grab a card and Instagram your Golden Ticket #jenniferPaganelli and @jenniferPaganelli to win your PDF download!!!  Jenny will be there handing out these beautiful cards to 100 people.  We just love to give away prizes!!!!  So get to the Quilt Market and Introduce yourself to Jenny and start creating beautiful fashion today with your #hashtagged Sis Boom card !!! Look for Miss Jenny in A Good Company patchwork dress that is undeniably Sis Boom ! She will be a show stopper we are sure of that. So lucky to have this lovely woman represent us at market..There are no words that extend my love for this woman.  She encouraged me at a time when I was so lost.  So cheers to you Jenny and Thank you for being you.  Her picture below with her amazing daughter.

QM! QM 2 Good Company Collage Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 7.30.44 AM


Lucky Girl has lived up to it’s name incredibly and hasn’t even made it’s debut!!  It’s just simply perfection for quilting. Marsha Moore has shared her direction with me and I couldn’t be more excited about it..She is so good at what she does..I saw these and had to share.  These are such terrific fodder for your Lucky Girl Quilt!! It should ship beg October or possibly sooner so get those pre-orders in so you can fill those orders. We love our quilting community.  Marsha you delight us in every way possible!!! So what’s your fave star? stripped or simple triangles..

Star Quality

Star Quality


Book Signings and Schoolhouse

Please come by I want so much to meet you.!!  I’m already misty eyed to meet those I have never met folks that I converse with almost every day.  I have real friends from doing the thing I love to do in this world. How cool is that???  So come by because I am terribly excited to meet you.  If you must know I am doing book signings Saturday and Sunday 2-4 so please come by with your Happy Home for me to sign or purchase right there from Westminster.  We will have such a good time.  Oh the things I will write in your book,  just amazing!!  seriously Freespirit Booth Saturday and Sunday 2-4 Get a signed copy of Happy Home!!  Booth number 1608.  Please come by!!!!  School House is at 11am with myself and Carla and something exciting in store for Brick and Mortar so stay tuned.

PS Monique made another Devon!

Sis Boom on Quilt Home!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! It’s a very special day today, as Sis Boom is featured in the Quilt Home newsletter!!!…. and (drumroll) there’s a video for all of you to see!! It’s Jennifer and Carla chatting with the lovely Heidi Porth of Quilt Home taken at Quilt Market in Utah!!! Thank you SO much Heidi! What a wonderful experience!!

Check out the fabulous newsletter by clicking HERE. We LOVE Quilt Home!

Enjoy the video!!!…

Thank You, Utah!!!

Wow! What a fantastic week we had in Utah for Quilt Market!!

A HUGE thank you to every single person reading this, every single person who came to visit us, every single new person we had the pleasure of meeting– for each of you plays such an intricate roll in what we do, and for you all we are eternally grateful!

A heartfelt thank you to Free Spirit Fabric for accommodating us so beautifully. We’re very proud to be a part of the fabulous Free Spirit Team!

Getting ready for our Girl's World book signing!

We received such wonderful feedback on Girl’s World. We already we knew how magical it was and how in love we were with the beautiful project, but what a treat to hear it from so many dedicated, talented, supportive people. Thank You!

We love you with all our heart!!

behind the scenes of a signing... You never know what you're gonna get!...

What we’ve been up to…

First of all, a huge, heartfelt thank you to the Make & Mingle crew, as well as all who joined us at the fabulous book signing on Tuesday–what a fun gals afternoon we had!!

It was really awesome meeting friends in person that we’ve been chatting it up with on twitter! We love our twitter & we love our Sis Boom friends!!!

West, son of Make & Mingle owner, Alexcia, sure had a great time hanging with Jennifer. He also did a great job of greeting all the women who came to get their copy of Girl’s World!! Thanks, West! He even signed someone’s book for them! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Our next big event is Quilt Market in Utah! Get ready!!!.. because we’re going to be having a very special School house, featuring the amazing Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress, and then our Girl’s World book signing at the Chronicle Books booth!!! We’ll also be handing out some real goodies so make sure to stop by and say hello! (We’ll be getting you dates & times within the next day or so!)

Beautiful Marsha Moore Quilt!

Check out this Honey Child beauty designed by Marsha Moore!! Marsha will be in Utah– so make sure to say hello and let her know you saw this gorgeous quilt on our blog! Have an awesome day, everyone!

So long, boxes!… See ya in Utah!…

Even our boxes go out in style around here. We just sent off a few very heavy boxes that are headed to Utah!

Knowing that market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of boxes, we decided to kick it up a notch and make ours a very obvious Sis Boom box. Think we did ok? Who’s going to market?!

Queen Street!!

Did you all get to see it at market?????? I hope you all have yours and are ready to get your hand making on!!!  The holidays are around the corner!! For those of you interested in buying handmade check out Etsy because there are great shops selling great handmade items that you have to have! BTW If you are looking for Queen Street to purchase Etsy can be  a great place to start. Thanks for all the blog and website love..we are so happy with our new diggs!!!  Talk soon.

Queen Street
What it feels like!