Free PDF download!

Yup at Quilt Market!! Bump into Jenny grab a card and Instagram your Golden Ticket #jenniferPaganelli and @jenniferPaganelli to win your PDF download!!!  Jenny will be there handing out these beautiful cards to 100 people.  We just love to give away prizes!!!!  So get to the Quilt Market and Introduce yourself to Jenny and start creating beautiful fashion today with your #hashtagged Sis Boom card !!! Look for Miss Jenny in A Good Company patchwork dress that is undeniably Sis Boom ! She will be a show stopper we are sure of that. So lucky to have this lovely woman represent us at market..There are no words that extend my love for this woman.  She encouraged me at a time when I was so lost.  So cheers to you Jenny and Thank you for being you.  Her picture below with her amazing daughter.

QM! QM 2 Good Company Collage Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 7.30.44 AM

Winner Winner!

When I threw up the Circa 1/2 yard raffle you all SHOWERED me with kind stories, memories, tid-bits about yourselves, and I had a BALL reading through EVERYTHING. As always, thank you for the endless support and for filling the blog with your loveliness and kindness. Sheesh, we should have raffles more often 🙂

As you know, I never manually chose a winner, everyone’s comments are equally precious and warm my heart so very much. Our randomly selected winner happens to be someone that I just met recently at Surtex in NY. Thank you, Kim Moulder, for the awesome comment and for stopping by my booth. You ROCK! You’ve all gotta check out Kim’s designs. What a compliment, that comment was, coming from the lovely and talented Kim 🙂

Hope you all have a seriously awesome day. Stay posted for another raffle sometime soon.

Lots of Love!


2 Days left to enter Circa Raffle!

In case you forgot, we’ve got a Circa raffle going on!! It ends at midnight on 6/15, which means you’ve got all day today and tomorrow to enter! Read more about the raffle and comment on the original blog post HERE. GOOD LUCK!

And the winner is….

Thank you to EVERYONE for the Sis Boom support and LOVE!

This was a fun raffle and we’re so grateful for each and every comment. They were all moving and beautiful. Our randomly selected, and oh-s0-lucky winner is KERRY! We’ll be having another raffle soon so stay tuned, friends!!!!

P.S. if you want to make your own valentine wreath- go for it!! It’s easy and involves glitter– what could be better?! Find an embroidery hoop, or something with a similar shape, punch out some hearts from your fave paper pattern.. and glue them along the embroidery hoop! Add some glitter for pizazz, and, of course, a big bow!

Have FUN & let the glitter fly!



Get in on this raffle..Holy Smokes..Do not miss this.  Raffle!!


It’s Monday and here we go!!!

The raffle begins so please listen while I explain the details.  First we can share the project we created with Accuquilts Go Baby. Also these are some of the dies we used. I love this machine reminds me of an Easy Bake on so many levels!!! I love applique, I love it on ticking something wonderfully appealing about the old with the cut outs!! Oh  and please forgive Penelope she wanted so much to be in the photo and was a little concerned that you may not see her if she wasn’t directly in front of the camera..oh well you get the point.  I also used the appliques on squares of green to give them some contrast on the ticking.  Anyway I’m pleased as punch and hope you are too.

So for the raffle there’s lots of ways to enter and they are as follows.  First sign up for their email and get 22 patterns for doing that simple task.  Then go to these links and say hi.  Most importantly leave a comment here to enter to win one of these die-cut machines..Yes you heard me correctly
GO! Like us:
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GO! Sign up:
GO! Watch us:

Don’t forget leave a message here and you could win one of these machines, it’s that simple but please don’t forget to sign up for there newsletter.  Oh and end Friday night at midnight winner to be announced Saturday!!

Last Chance to Win a Stack of West Indies!!!

Happy Friday!! Not only is it an amazing day because it’s a Friday, but also (get excited) we are going to be picking our West Indies Fat Quarter stack winners today! Last chance to enter the raffle, so get going! Tell your friends too! Click here to enter the raffle (just leave a comment to enter)

Goooood luck!

It’s Raffle Time!

We are just having the most fabulous morning here at our fabric sale– Sis Boom is inundated with all sorts of amazing!

We weren’t expecting such a grand turnout, and boy are we loving it!… but there’s something missing…  as our bolts dwindle down to nothing, we sit here and think of all of our dear friends who are far away and cannot make it… which is why we are hosting a raffle!

Right here- Right now! Enter a comment to win this sweet stack of fabrics, new and old, scraps to yards.. Winner will be announced next Friday. Get going & good luck!!

And the Winner is…

Thank you to all for your inspiring, beautiful comments! It is so fun grazing through everyone’s wise words and learning about all of your strong, powerful goals!! You go, girls!

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Our winner is… Karen Veneziano !!!!!! Congrats, Karen!!!! Your goodies will be on their way shortly!!

Keep checking back for regular raffles!!! Thanks again for all of your beautiful comments!! xo

Raffle Time!

If January is a month for renewal, help us breathe some new life into these gorgeous oldie, but goody, Sis Boom fabrics!

We’re declaring this a raffle!!! What’s at stake? 10 yards of Sis Boom goodness! In order to enter the raffle, comment on this post and share a concept of renewal for January! (Gasp – can you believe January is almost half way over?!)

Let’s renew while we can! Have fun! Winner will be announced next Thursday! Ready. Set. GO!