Good Company!

Well, well, well… what have we here… It’s Good Company! Are you as in love with it as we are?… we know the answer to that 🙂

It’s soft and it’s sweet, but still has that Sis Boom PUNCH that we adore so very much. Which is your top pick?

Good Company Collage

Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl … shipping currently. Can’t you just feel it in your hands! That luxurious, whimsical goodness.. Aren’t you just ready to hoard it and fold it sweetly on your little shelves… Stare at it for a few days… and then reluctantly cut into it making the most beautiful, lovely things?! It’s so close and it’s almost right there under your presser foot. Sit tight friends!

Lucky Girl Sis Boom Jennifer Paganelli


Did someone say Zebra?!….

Adore is a great word that comes to mind when we look at this beautiful woman in a classic chunky zebra (Lauralee) from Super fly.

The zebra will live on forever, in its playful simplicity. We LOVE how this darling sewer of blog, Goodbye Valentine used Lauralee in brown to create such a classic dress. Clearly, with some shades, a sun hat, and turquoise chunky jewelry the look is complete. BEAUTIFUL!

St. Croix Vibe

Look at this beauty, I would have loved a face but sometimes it’s just not a good hair day.  This is my old island roots. I love woman of color in brights it brings me back to my homeland.  And when I hear a sing songy dialect of the Caribbean islands I am somehow immediately transported to a wonderful time in my life.  This color dazzles on this woman and I’m so glad her first choice was brights.  Against her skin tone it was just all meant to be.  Sara Beth Upshaw of Molly Blossom’s is kicking it up big time in Jackson Mississippi and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this amazing silhouette!! Follow her Etsy shop and website for upcoming releases.  Pattern coming soon so stay close.  Thanks Sara for a beautiful silhouette. Crazy love fabric found here!!


It’s shipping

More beautiful then I remember.  My delivery came today and it is beyond what I recall!!  Really is so beautiful and so worth the wait. I’ve been right along side my friends who have waited patiently.   Before you know it you will have it and have difficulty cutting it.   That’s what I always here from you guys!!  So here is a pic, dream of the days ahead. The good news is most of it will ship in the next three weeks so before late May like intended.  Think about headboards and canopy’s in Happy Home and Girls Dresses and accessories in Girls World.  Please show us your visions too!!  Remember both books are in our shop for $42.00  Come by and say hi!!




West Indies Beauties

I know we’ve mentioned her before but gosh she is on fire. I love the latest by Suzanna McKeon of Hold it right there!!  You must look through her Etsy shop! I just love the scale of the Crossbody Budapest!!!  Nice Going as always Suzanna!!

A Star is Born!!

Look at this amazing accomplishment from our very own Carla Crim!!!  We are wildly excited here at Sis Boom to share this amazing debut and the timing couldn’t be better.  Carla as you know the amazing talent behind all the Sis Boom patterns.  Little did we know when we started out we would build a successful business together!!!  It’s a win win here at Sis Boom and I count my blessings every night because time and time again I hear how happy you all are with your patterns.  Carla I am a proud peacock cause I get to see you grow in so many ways and you never say I can’t. Carla is determined to learn and grow and never give up and I so admire that in her.  This girl has what I want.!! Carla, Hats off!! or on in this case hats on!!!  I want to salute you in this major accomplishment and sit back and watch you ride the wave.  All my love, Jennifer

Pre-order off amazon today!!

Flickr Love

We love you folks you keep Flickr Hoppin!!!!  Sis Boom Sightings in Flickr is filled with your amazing creations!!Giving me an overflow of content for the blog!!!!  So appreciated.  So here goes.  Michelle Renee is doing a bang up job with all the West Indies, Girls World Vibe and Honey Child she can find!!!  Love the satchels!!  Also used our laminate for a wonderful large beach tote.  Isn’t she soooo fun.  Then of course Bell Bottoms is revived by Jenny with this new pattern in the testing phase for Melissa Stramel.  she is an up and coming fabric and pattern designer and we love the princess feel of this dress on Kelsey.  Blogged here.

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