Sale Alert!

So exciting news for our blog followers but you need to hustle.  Our fabrics have arrived at JoAnn Fabric and craft stores. We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of  Jenny Eliza 2.  We are already seeing some amazing creations and we love that you share your world with us!!! We want you to be aware if you don’t see it in your local store it should be arriving any day now.  If you can’t wait order on line!  They are in stock and on sale!!!!

$7.79 is an unbelievable price regularly $12.99 so take advantage because we never know when the sale ends!! Such a great intro price!!

The other good news is all patterns are $4.00 off on our site! Call it a love thang!!  All I’m saying is you can start ordering and get that dress for that special occasion by the end of next week. You with me??  Use code SWOON.

Madeline is back!! She is working virtually and it is so nice to have her!! Love that girl!! Beau is a happy 4 month old and digs his new family!!  A serious cutie!! he’ll be modeling before you know it!!

So get up on these sales and if its your first PDF there is a support group..I mean it!! Love to Carla who is behind the scenes with Jeanine and Cathy making your pattern experience flawless…Thank God for the Scientific Seamstress!!

Have a great week and visit us on facebook! or on twitter !


plug sale pink polka beach reddot

Take advantage today!! Jenny Eliza 2 is here!!


Tell us if it arrives in you Joann Store!


Caravelle Arcade

Caravelle Arcade was an open pavilion of shops in St. Croix and as a young girl I was window dresser to many!!  Probably making a dollar an hour I sweat inside glass cases to drape and perfect my visual talents little did I know it was prepping me for the big time store Bonwit Teller!! This island this special island in the Caribbean Sea was home to my family for many years.  I think you can tell through the years of my work I have never left my past behind me it lives on through my textiles!!! Homage to St. Croix where the gifts keep on giving. Ships in May!! 2015.bp2











Good Company takes my breath away!  What a vision.  The greens , the blues, the yellows, the pinks all jump at you with the happiest of greetings. They want to be layered, and patchworked and loved to death.  Keep our secret safe..quilting cottons, the affordable way to look chic!!rich

Sis Boom Bed!

Hi Everyone!

As I previously mentioned, my professional background includes putting together bedding collections.  In fact, long before I joined Sis Boom, I was using Jennifer’s lines to make duvets, sheet sets, dust ruffles, upholstered headboards, toss pillows, curtains and more! While my mind automatically sees a large scale floral and thinks “duvet,” you guys turn the same exact print into the most beautiful clothing, quilts, aprons, shower curtains, etc. I have ever seen! I am CONSTANTLY blown away by your creativity. Since you have been so gracious in sharing your creations with us, I’d thought I’d share with you how my mind views a brand new Jennifer Paganelli collection. And speaking of brand new, I will be using fabrics that can be found in her upcoming “Good Company” line to be released in November 2014.






Reverse of Duvet/Dust Ruffle Options:





Sheet Set:






Another great suggestion is using a large bold pattern for an upholstered headboard like these:







and use a combination of solid colors found in the print as your duvet!

An upholstered headboard can be found in Happy Home by Jennifer Paganelli!


Keep your creations coming! We love seeing them!!



Pom Pom Party Pouf & Garland Tutorial!

It’s time to craft!!! Join Jennifer as she walks you through the Pom Pom Party Pouf & Garland tutorial from Happy Home.

It’s a GREAT project for the Summer — think of all those special moments you can decorate… from BBQ’s, birthday parties and beach parties to weddings, kiddo parties, and well, even a special room in your home!

These are fabulous projects to do with kids, as there are kid-friendly options. The Plastic poms you will see come wrapped up in a twisty tie. It’s a safe alternative to the hot glue gun, and still achieves the same, beautiful result.

As always, we like to remind folks that the glue gun should ONLY be used with parental supervision. It can get very hot and can be dangerous.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


A Sis Boom Cottage!

Fresh cut flowers, a warm breeze, lemonade in your hand, and your feet up on a soft, handcrafted quilt. The curtains billow in the air as a Summer breeze passes through, and you dream of your next sewing project… A pillow? A table cloth? A satchel?… all things that make your life just a little bit sweeter. You’re in a Sis Boom cottage, and it’s perfectly balanced between a soft, whimsy sensibility and a sleek modern spin… Somewhere in the middle of those two worlds is where Sis Boom lies. Pom poms and cotton meet glitter and sheen to create a welcoming, happy, inspiring place for you and your family to dream, love and play.

1. Happy Home, signed by Jennifer Paganelli, 2. Papier Mache Animal Sculpture, 3. Jennifer Paganelli Antonia embroidered pillow, 6. Circa Wholecloth Twin Quilt

Elf Central

As you know we are getting ready for our annual show coming up Dec. 13, 14,15th that Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  So I just want to say I’m in the speed lane of crafting and enjoying my time immensely in the craft room.  My husband Peter and my assistant Madeline are making it so nice for me so that I ‘m free to create 100’s of items for the show so from October to December I don’t look up hardly.  But as crafters all know something amazingly divine happens when we are in the zone. It’s a magical time and I have so many ideas and those ideas breed new ideas so there is no time to despair.  I hope you all our well I’ve been thinking so much about the Sandy victims and praying for them and trying to do what I can.  Before I leave you I wanted to show you the Vanessa and Bettyann ready to be launched in two short weeks and it’s a very exciting time.  This is one of the last items in our book Happy Home to be done and then all the clothes in the book will be patterns.!!!  Thank you Carla for making this all come to life.  You are the best!


Below is Judy /Buchanan version . Thanks Hickity Pickity.  Judy takes custom orders!!!

Vanessa is the adult and Bettyann is the child’s!


As for Happy Home I am so grateful to all of you for your likes and reviews on Amazon and I hope you will find exciting things to create. Remember it makes a great gift along with Girls World on special in our shop.  The Canopy and Headboard below are both part of the Happy Home book and can be done so inexpensively.  I hope your juices are flowing and you will be ready to create a space for yourself in the New Year. I am so excited for 2013.


Chronicle Books SALE!

You should all DEFINITELY know about this!

Thanks, Chronicle Books for extending this awesome sale!

One week only! 40% Personalized Books and Gifts at

Use code: MYCB40

Ends 10/30/12

One week only! 40% off Personalized Books and Gifts at with code MYCB40. Ends 10/30/12

Super Fly Sis Boom Room

It’s ANOTHER Sis Boom Room featuring Super Fly… and boy is it SUPER! We just want to point out that these curtains are totally doable! There is a wonderful curtain tutorial in our Happy Home book (which you can get on Chronicle Books for an awesome price AND free shipping through the 20th!! Click HERE for details.

You’ll also notice that we couldn’t help but to squeeze one of our Sis Boom pillows in there (5)… it’s deliciously MOD and fresh!


1. Super Fly Curtains in JP056 Pink | JANE (learn how to make these in Happy Home! See picture below!), Mod glasses by Artel $133.65, CB2 Ada Table Lamp $59.95, Bop Chair $498.00, Sis Boom Hotel Soho Pillow in cobalt blue $110.00


It’s a Chronicle SALE!

Don’t we just love that word, SALE?! Well, here’s something that will put a nice big grin on your face… It’s quick and simple and it’s a GREAT BARGAIN!…

Through July 20th, Chronicle Books is offering a great deal, 35% off and FREE shipping! Use discount code FRIENDS at

Happy Shopping!! Psssst, while you’re there, you may want to pick up your copies of Girl’s World & Happy Home!!! Jus sayin’ … 🙂


After we applied the discount, we got a Girl’s World, a Happy Home AND a Sis Boom Flexi Journal ALL for $40.56 !!!!!