Did someone say Zebra?!….

Adore is a great word that comes to mind when we look at this beautiful woman in a classic chunky zebra (Lauralee) from Super fly.

The zebra will live on forever, in its playful simplicity. We LOVE how this darling sewer of blog, Goodbye Valentine used Lauralee in brown to create such a classic dress. Clearly, with some shades, a sun hat, and turquoise chunky jewelry the look is complete. BEAUTIFUL!

What I’m talking about.

It’s a new world, it’s a new day and we are blessed to be part of these new emerging times.  Check out Judy Buchanan shedding light on the wonderful Jane in Superfly. Remember, Judy is your source for purchasing items if you don’t sew. Shop her adorable and wonderful selection HERE on ETSY, or contact her directly here.

Loving these bold prints juxtaposed with this Shabby Chic Interior.  We get to choose. How lovely is that?  There used to be so many rules. My mom reminds me of them all the time- mostly that everything from one era stayed in that era and that you didn’t mix. Now it’s so much more eclectic and we define our own style in making choices.  In my mind, there is a fresh breath in Judy’s take on the world and it is shown over and over on our facebook page.  She has style.

I hope you will join us on facebook— join the conversation, because everyone there wants to meet you and we are all saving a place for you.  If you love what we do here just stop in and meet like-minded friends.

So, here are some portraits from Georgia Handy’s latest photo shoot. (See more Georgia Handy HERE).  The brilliance of this combo below can’t be denied.  Your photographer and his interpretation is everything- that’s why I so love Mr. Tim Geaney who photographed both of our books, Girls World and Happy Home.  Purchase them for less than $35.00 on Amazon! (Now, that’s unheard of!).

Hoping for signed copies? Look no further – visit our shop.



Sis Boom Moment brought to you by Mia

Let’s all take a moment to admire this sweet Mia. How precious is she?! Thanks Tim, for capturing this Sis Boom moment.

We’re LOVING how Super Fly, such a mod, strong, large, bold print, is lending itself to a soft, sweet moment here. It’s like the print that does it all– from ultra mod curtains and pillows to dainty dresses for sweet little girls.

We hope this peaceful Sis Boom moment made you smile. What would you do with Super Fly?!


It’s that time!! Time to announce our SUPER FLY RAFFLE WINNER!!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE for the lovely comments! You know if we could, we’d let everyone win fabric!!

Put your hands together for the wonderful ANDREA of andreacreates!

Visit Andrea’s sweet site for creative inspiration. Happy Thursday to all! Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing weekend!


We realize that many of you can’t be here for the Sis Boom Holiday sale …and we couldn’t leave you hanging…

SO we’re having a special SUPER FLY RAFFLE just for you!!!!!

Simply leave a comment on this post and enter to win 4 yards of SUPER FLY! You’ve got a WEEK.


Superfly Meets Hotel Soho

It’s wonderful and amazing that all of Jennifer’s lines weave in and out of each other beautifully. Colors and shapes work together in harmony, whether there are years between to fabrics… scales compliment each other, even if a decade separates their respective publications… and what is especially beautiful to watch is how Jennifer’s fabrics bring out the warmth of her Sis Boom home dec line that includes pillows, rugs, aprons and more. Alone, they all stand firm and proud, and together it’s one giant party that screams happiness and cheer! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s me, Madeline here.. one of Jennifer’s biggest fans 🙂

It’s such a treat to watch Jennifer weave her way through these collections, both fabrics and pillows and more, and see how she always manages to do it just right. Here is a perfect example of the harmonious relationship. Super Fly, a recent line that boasts a scale large enough for pillows, bedding and furniture accents, also lends itself beautifully to fashion forward clothing. Juxtapose the totally mod line with Jennifer’s graphic Hotel Soho embroidered pillow collection and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. The combinations are endless, and we always thank Tim Geaney for capturing the true essence. What combinations do you love?! Have a wonderful day! xx Madeline

A Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak!

OK! We can’t keep it in any longer! You may have seen it on our fabrics page, but we’ve got some Happy Land laminates coming your way! So here’s a sneak peak of the drop dead gorgeous-ness being used as a table cloth..lookin GOOD!

Psssst. It’s also a sneak peak of the photo shoot we just had this past Monday. It was UNREAL! We can’t wait to share the pics with all of you! Hold on tight.. you’ll be blown away when you see Happy Land and Super Fly in action.


Super Fly Sis Boom Room

It’s ANOTHER Sis Boom Room featuring Super Fly… and boy is it SUPER! We just want to point out that these curtains are totally doable! There is a wonderful curtain tutorial in our Happy Home book (which you can get on Chronicle Books for an awesome price AND free shipping through the 20th!! Click HERE for details.

You’ll also notice that we couldn’t help but to squeeze one of our Sis Boom pillows in there (5)… it’s deliciously MOD and fresh!


1. Super Fly Curtains in JP056 Pink | JANE (learn how to make these in Happy Home! See picture below!), Mod glasses by Artel $133.65, CB2 Ada Table Lamp $59.95, Bop Chair $498.00, Sis Boom Hotel Soho Pillow in cobalt blue $110.00