Jennifer Paganelli Goodies for sale on Etsy!


Loving the colorful Sis Boom goodness that you see here day in and day out?! Overjoyed by the saturated colors on our facebook page? Want a piece of it to call your own?!… We thought so…
That’s why we’ve opened an Etsy shop and it’s in action! Take a peak at our assortment of pillows, handmade garlands, plush toys, and then some. Perfect for sweet gifts and happy touches around the house, the Jennifer Paganelli shop on Etsy awaits your company. Go on, don’t be shy!


Mollie Makes US Edition!!

One of my favorite folks is in the very first US Edition of Mollie Makes and she utilized Beauty Queen in the sweetest of ways..Look at these Yummy sachets.  Kim Layton is just the kindest and sweetest girl on the planet. Truth be told she had 20,000 followers on twitter and she actually acknowledged me when I reached out.  Sometimes folks can get way to important about the numbers and the followers and forget they are actually real people following them.  I think its so important to acknowledge folks cause really people all want to be seen. I have never forgotten her for that.  We have become good friends and I love how she educates Etsy sellers on her blog Everything Etsy and shows ways for sellers to showcase and promote their product.  She and her husband do tutorials and sort through all the Etsy information to bring you ways to reach your Etsy audience. They are just a couple of good folks and I was so happy they were in Mollie Makes first US edition.  So get your copy and pour through the wonderful inspiring pages of Mollie Makes found here.  


kim mollie



Did you know…

That we’ve got a full blow, bustling, chock full – oh – goodness Etsy shop?!

Pillows, Plush, garlands, and hearts galore, the shop is bright and festive just the way we love it!

Don’t be shy… come take a peek and let us know what you think.

Happy Monday!

Screenshot 2014-03-20 14.14.44

Felt it in my heart!!!

I love Felt, I love it for the Joy it brings!!!!  Happy Happy Happy (insert new Happy Song)  I love working with my hands!!!!!! Check out my new buddies that will debut on Etsy soon.  I love the Hippie flowers and the pom poms and felt boxes and even bells to complete the look!!!!  Any how you all inspire me and cause me to run to my craft room to create. Loved meeting new peeps and seeing old friends at Christies on National Quilt day. You have my heart!!!pinney plum plunky pconfection

Crown the Winner!!

The winner of the Easter Egg Hunt?? Create a crown! Google a Crown template, decorate and have ready!!!  We love miss Abby in hers and the fun handbag we decorated with jewels and paper pieces!!! The fabric can be found here..  Happy Easter to all..much love, your Sis Boom Family!  The last photo is something magical you can create using the book Girls World Book!!! We call it the Josie Dress.

All photos Tim Geaney





Have you seen flickr??   Look in Sis Boom Sightings!! Have you been on our facebook,   Search Sis Boom. Do you see what’s going on??  Folks with their Girls World and their Happy Home and patterns from the  Sis Boom Pattern Co.are creating the most beautiful items!!  Here’s a quick collective for those who have lost their passwords, can’t find the link, don’t want to register on those sites..We get it!!!  First up Sew Fun by Monique,  Her very affordable quilts can not stay in stock..think Holidays!!!!!  Next Judy B. who has become a household name has these amazing pillows and stockings for the Holidays.  contact her through her Etsy shop here! Call her, contact her, she is easy to work with..Make it a Hickity Pickity Sis Boom Holiday..Ok Miss Jamie you are up next with that amazing quilt you posted to Flickr.  That’s a party in a blanket!!!  Thanks for that beauty! Jamie’s Etsy shop is here!!    Shop Sweet baby Jamie!! Thank you all for your love and devotion!!!

For sale in Etsy

Cutest Dress in Girls World Vibe!!!!!!!! Check out that ball of fabric flower!!! Incredible creation!  Thanks Maddie and Cate for this sweet dress.



Minding my own bees wax

ok so I’m sitting here after  George of customer service woke me up from my nap with loud barking.  I love how he lets me investigate to see if a prowler has come in while he waits upstairs until I give him the everything’s clear sign..  Poor George I’m afraid in his mature years is spooked by anything that resembles a shadow or sounds like a pin dropping..anywho I get on etsy and I find that Monique has been busy with the West Indies Collection making baby bumpers for cribs.  Her color sensibility blows me away.  One thing that I love about her when you use Sis Boom Fabrics across lines it all works!!!!  She really fascinates me!! I wish her all the continued success in the world..see how she does it.  oh and it’s all for sale..  Get the bumpers made before the baby arrives ,!!! Thanks Monique for sharing your color sensibility with us once again!!

cute, cute, cute!!!

Who else is longing for a hot, Summer day?! …birds chirping, the sun beating down on your face… throw a sandy beach in the mix, a bike ride to the park, a picnic in a field… you feelin’ it now?

When our Sis Boom friend, Karyn, sent us this adorable tropical capri set, that’s just what we found ourselves longing for! A cute Sis Boom outfit on a hot Summer day!

Beautiful work, Karyn!… and what a beautiful model you’ve got there!!