We had a magical photoshoot with Tim Geaney our favorite photographer in the whole wide world.  His photos are just soulful and touching.  We can’t believe our good fortune when we get to have fun with him in the jungle or in his studio.  We love a collaboration and we love trying new things, it’s how we grow into ourselves.  I hope these photos engage you and encourage you to be expressive and enjoy the process!!

Check out all the inspiration!!


We love the the Marco Pattern on women..great for summer!!!!




4 Responses to “Magical”

  1. ruth says:

    what fabulous photos, the fabrics really pop out and the necklaces are delicious!

  2. Petra says:

    I love these photos!!! Your models are always out-of-this-world beautiful and really bring out the best in your fabrics and designs (not that they need it).

  3. so magical and beautiful!!!

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