Sis Boom Blog Tour Day 3

Sis Boom Blog Day 3

It’s Day 3 here on the Sis Boom At School and At Play Blog Tour. Thanks to Cookies n Bees on her write up on the Sis Boom Sally and Kelsey.

Today, Tina Sew Tiny, reviews the Leighanna pattern and shows you how to add elastic to the short sleeve. Stop on by and say hello!

Welcome to the Sis Boom Blog tour!

We are excited to announce that our bloggers EACH have a pattern giveaway on their posts! Every weekday from Monday, August 22 through Friday, September 1, we’ll feature something new; so be sure to follow along with this tour!

August 22 Paisley Roots / August 23 Cookies n’ Bees / August 24 Tina Sew Tiny / August 25 Screeching Dinosaur / August 26 PearBerry Lane / August 29 Troosp To Tots / August 30 A Crazy Craft Lady / August 31 Glitter in My Coffee / September 1 Sunflower Seams / September 2 Adventures with Bubba and Bug

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We JUST announced our raffle moments ago… and we couldn’t wait a minute more to announce our PDF PATTERN SALE! Yep! You read it right!!

It’s our way of showing special Sis Boom friends who are far away that we’re always thinking about them!

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The Sis Boom Team

Summer Isn’t Over!!!

No sirreee!!  Come on make the Rebecca or the Shannon!!! You will live in this pretty drop waist and if you have the chunky zebra in every color I would get started!!!  Check these out!! LauraLee is carried here. Thanks Quilt Home  These pretty girls are in a small Shannon Pattern and they are kicking the look!!!  Katie on the left is 14 and sister Lauren is 12. Freeze frame is right  !!!  You just want to look at these pretty, preppy dresses on these pretty girls and soak up the summer’s Par-Tays!!  We are so excited!!!!!  Can you tell!!?  Our PDF patterns are amazing and we love to show you how the new fabrics redefine the patterns and their ability to roll with the current patterns .  Hope you like what you see once again and I don’t mean this lightly hoard your zebra!!!  Some folks are still screaming for our last zebra that we did!! Dorm rooms and girls bedrooms are being created with these wonderful colors that will outlast the test of time.  Show us your Superfly quilts, inspire us!! Photos Tim Geaney.




INSTANT DOWNLOADS Now Available in our Pattern Shop!!

Hi everyone– it’s Madeline here. We’ve got some very exciting updates to share with you regarding a new feature on our website….. Now you can instantly download Sis Boom PDF patterns!!… What does that mean for you?

Buy. Print. Sew. LOVE! All in an instant!

Read on to learn more

New Instant Download Feature with Sis Boom PDF Patterns
I am SO happy to share something very exciting with everyone out there… We JUST launched a BRAND NEW Sis Boom Patterns Shop. It’s awesome and so easy to use. The most exciting update is that all patterns are now instant downloads! You’ll also notice that each pattern has its own page with pattern details and multiple pattern views. You’re going to love it!

Sis Boom Shop
Additionally, our Sis Boom Store is full of wonderful products, like signed copies of Girl’s World and Happy Home, the Sis Boom note cards & journal, and aprons. Come take a look!

How does the Instant PDF Pattern download process work? (all of this information can be found on our FAQ page:
We love this downloadable pattern feature on our web site because it allows you to start sewing minutes after you place your order! Once you’ve decided which pattern you’d like to order, click on the “Buy” button. Follow prompts to complete your order. You will then be emailed a link to download the file. Additionally, a link will appear in your account history/downloads page. The pattern is a PDF file. Within moments you will have your pattern and you can begin your project! Patterns are then printed on your end and assembled.

How do I Print & assemble MY PDF patterns?
When you select the pages to print, select “none” so that the printer does not change the pattern size upon printing. Once printed, the square box should measure 1″ square on the pattern piece. At this point you will need to cut and assemble the pages to make each pattern piece. There are directions on how to assemble the pieces. Many customers like PDF patterns because the paper is sturdier and you are able to print each size separately. Some people print the directions and others read the directions directly from their computer. Choose the size pattern you need and print out those pages. If the pattern piece is bigger than an 8×10 sheet of printer paper, it will print out on several pages and you simply cut and assemble. There are directions for how to do this. Some people also choose to print out the directions and some people just follow along from their computer screen. The advantages of this method are that you don’t have to deal with cutting out nested patterns sizes (thereby ruining other sizes in the nesting), plus computer paper is sturdier than tissue paper that commercial patterns are normally printed on. These patterns have much more detailed instruction, photos and diagrams than a typical commercial pattern would. That makes these patterns great for the beginner and the experienced sewist alike.

Last, and certainly not least, thank you to all of you for the warm birthday wishes!! I received the most special gift– being able to spend more time and work alongside Jennifer. Who wouldn’t want that!!!

🙂 Have a wonderful weekend xo Madeline

We love Fashion!!

Do to the long list we have for our silhouettes to become patterns I’m afraid we can’t tell you when this will debut.  Poor Carla is on vacation so I can’t make any promises but just know our commitment to beautiful quilts and apparel is first and foremost in our minds. We love our sewing community and try to develop items your heart can’t wait to produce.  We have been so blessed with an incredible following and never want to disappoint.  We also show this photo so you can see how the fabrics look.  So many of you never get to see the scale until you receive it in the mail or walk into a brick and mortar store.  This is our gal Debra who looks so perfect for a resort vacation.  We love how Nancy Geaney styled her hair and how Madeline put the perfect jewels. And of course to Tim Geaney for this beautiful portrait.

Here we are with this beautiful girl in Crazy Love’s Joann in Pink I love this dress and I love it long!!  Then we have Lynn Harris from Little Red Hen and her divine quilt and that beautiful patch by Monique! A seriously beautiful bed!!! Let us know what you think!!

The Shana Bell

This is an older shot but i think it gives a nice feel for the Shana Bell tunic for the fall!!  Opaques (mine have to be control top) and sleek boots!!!  Great pattern!!

The Leighanna

Not much longer to wait!!!! Jenny has one for us to see!! Love her little girl!!  This is our latest pattern for girls from the infamous Carla Crim!!!  The Leighanna is sure to be a big big hit.