BFF’s in Happy Land

Thanks to our friend Jenny over at Sew Pretty Dresses, we get to admire these sweet BFFs wearing some fabulous Sis Boom Dresses in Happy Land! We’ve got one sweet girl in a Marissa dress, and our other sweet girl donning the Mary’s Fancy Sash dress from Girl’s World! Jenny– you never cease to amaze!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Free Tutorial

Oh you must make one for yourself and your Girl.  Jenny our girl from Sew Pretty Dresses has come up with the very best Free Tutorial for our Super Fly fabric Jane named for all you wonderful Janes!!  Check her out, Follow her on facebook!  Jenny loves her kids, her home, and to hoard Sis Boom Fabric, that’s why we love her. Seriously she wants to help you!!  She is so supportive of all the guys and gals in the Sis Boom community and has been such an amazing friend to me.  Love her so!!! So here is her daughter Kelsey wearing Jane in green  !! For the fabric try here. Thanks Hawthorne Threads!!   To be honest I had a hard time finding this one so some sincere advice from your friend Jen, start collecting now so you don’t run out!!


Happy Home Photo Challenge Week 3 WINNER!

You guys rock!! We LOVE seeing all of your Happy Home Photo Challenge submissions!!!! For our WEEK THREE WINNER We have to hand it to not ONE, but TWO lucky ladies! We tried so  hard to choose one, but we simply couldn’t!! Put your hands together for our friends Jenny of Sew Pretty Dresses, and Judy Buchanin of Hickity Pickity totally rocked the casbah this week with their submissions. We asked to see where everyone’s family gathers…. and boy did they show us!

Sew Pretty Dresses

Sew Pretty Dresses

Hickity Pickity

Hickity Pickity

Thank you so much for sharing these special photos with us. We love seeing where you and your families reside and enjoy time together!! Stay tuned.. overall winner announced in just a few minutes!


Madeline my super assistant and all around Happy Girl and I were talking today about how much we love the fabric Madeline from Queen Street and up pops Jenny’s beautiful daughter Kelsey wearing the cutest frock made with Madeline in blue in our flickr group Sis Boom Sightings!  Thanks Jenny she’s so precious and we love the curls!!  Fabric here ask if she has more ebayers usually do!!!  Make sure to follow Jenny’s blog tour for Happy Home.  Thanks so much Miss Jenny!!

In the Texas sun!!

So the kids went to their grandparents and the whir of the sewing machine never stopped til they arrived home three days later.  Jenny has so much accomplished and she is revealing them here exclusively for Access Sis Boom!!  Could she be any prettier??  Now forget everything I said and match the lipstick!!!! The Shana Tunic with wonderful bell sleeve is just so stinkin cute as Carla would say!!!!  And the next time I saw the flickr group her daughter Kelsey was in it!!!  Check out her wonderful West Indies outfit. Jenny you are an amazing designer!!

The Leighanna

Not much longer to wait!!!! Jenny has one for us to see!! Love her little girl!!  This is our latest pattern for girls from the infamous Carla Crim!!!  The Leighanna is sure to be a big big hit.