Egg Wand!

So with Easter around the corner, we decided it was time to design some fun, colorful Sis Boom eggs.

It doesn’t stop there… You may remember our free Egg-tastic tutorial from last year (fun!)… this year we wanted to add a little Ka-POW, so we made a little Sis Boom star as well!

Presenting the Sis Boom Egg Wand! Perfect for crafting up a storm with the kiddos- simply click HERE (or on the image below) to download PDF. Print on glossy paper, Cut ’em out, attach the paper to a little dowel or chopstick, and viola! For some added pizazz, definitely add some seam binding ribbon to the wand. Glitter too- why not?! Have fun and share you pics with us on facebook!

With the free download comes a handful of eggs and stars for you to cut out!


Sis Boom Egg Download



The Leighanna

Not much longer to wait!!!! Jenny has one for us to see!! Love her little girl!!  This is our latest pattern for girls from the infamous Carla Crim!!!  The Leighanna is sure to be a big big hit.

The Beautiful Kate

This is the real beauty — this beautiful face was missing from the original apron post and we couldn’t hold back from sharing it with you today!!— beautiful Kate’s face!! We just celebrated Katie’s graduation from high school. My, oh my, how fast time flies! We will be sending her off to Endicott in just a few short months.

A Peaceful Sanctuary.

We adore this attic… long, mossy green Casey Scroll drapes sweep the floor… softly colored walls emit a calmness, and just enough light seeps in to set a peaceful tone. Why can’t we all have fabulous attics like this?! See more beautiful moments captured by Annalea Hart.

Learn how to make curtains with just a pair of scissors… by Annalea Hart

pssst. Hey, You!… Don’t forget to comment on our raffle post! Just by commenting you enter to win 10 yards of Sis Boom fabric!

Aprons, Aprons!! Hot off the press!

Do any of you have the Monday Blues? Because this will probably cheer you up…

Look at these beautiful, Sis Boom aprons in Casey Scroll! We love Casey Scroll so much!! The color range is perfect and balanced, and the apron itself fits every body type beautifully!

Love what you see? It will be available on the market in a matter of days! We don’t yet have a list of stores, so if you happen to bump into it, please do tell us where!… you can also peep it via Peking Handicraft if you are a retailer and are interested. Let us know your thoughts!

Can’t you just picture yourself cooking or baking up a storm in one of these beautifies!!!?

Baby it’s cold outside!

So Maddie and I are sitting here giggling through a WordPress tutorial and we decided to use this baby shot to express how we are feeling.  It’s 6 oclock and pitch black out the kind of night that you sew up something pretty or take a snooze  after a long day at the office.  We are just writing to say we hope you have a warm and cozy night  however you decide to spend it.  Sweet dreams.  Oh and if this is your baby we think it’s so adorable .  Let us know!!!