We Simply Adore You, Adore Magazine!

What’s not to love about this sweet little ensemble of Winter Woolies on the Adore Magazine Blog?! Mother nature is not quite sure whether she wants to be hot, chilly, rainy or sunny these days… but we can’t deny that crispness in the air that is slowly creeping up! Winter, whether we think so or not, is really just a hop skip & jump away.

With that being said, we just adore this Winter Woolies feature put together by Adore magazine… and Oh Em Gee.. We are so pumped that our Marcella Pillow is in there! heya!!!

See our Beloved Marcella Pillows on Shelter!

Shelter, by Julie Richard, posted a really beautiful spread featuring Jennifer’s most recent designs including the Marcella pillows, Honey Child, Rugs, and St. Thomas pillow collection! See exactly what Julie has to say about these Summery pieces!

You can find many of these beautiful pillows and rugs at the lovely Layla Grace!

Our Marcella Pillow is HUGE hit!!

So in writing about the Marcella Pillow (featured in the most recent Sis Boom Room), we performed a little Google search… and to our surprise we discovered something really AWESOME!!!!!……. Hold On to your seats!!!…

These pillows are not only hot off the press, but they’re HOT HOT HOT!!!! They’ve been featured in a super rad online Magazine, High Gloss in a segment named “Roll Call: Pillows”… Our Favorite Pillows of the Moment!! But that’s not it, folks… Within the TOP 25 pillows are TWO MORE from Sis Boom!!!! How Fun and exciting and what a special surprise!!!

Below are snapshots of Super Sweet High Gloss Magazine… fun, fun, fun!

Like what you see? Shop Ten 25 Boutique has ALL FOUR colorways of the Marcella Pillow! Go check it out! For a complete list of stores that sell Sis boom Product (pillows, rugs & aprons), check out the list to the left, “Sis Boom Products”. Enjoy!! xo

Sis Boom Room with a POP of Yellow!

Here you have it, folks… a LOVEly Sis Boom Room!! Look closely and you will spot our hot off the press Marcella Pillows as well as (4), Rosetta (1), Nelly (2), and Mikaela (5) from Honey Child! We couldn’t leave this funky bohemian setup without adding a little party action — what fun is a bright, happy room without a disco ball (3)?! I mean, come on! Looks like Spring, eh?

1. Sis Boom Rosetta (Honey Child), 2. Sis Boom Nelly (Honey Child), 3. Chauvet Disco Ball, 4. Sis Boom Marcella Pillow, 5. Sis Boom Mikaela (Honey Child), 6. Murray Feiss table lamp Macy’s, 7. Kai Candle, 8. Elle Bank Urban Outfitters, 9. Atelier Chesterfield Anthropologie,  10. Love Italic Double Ring Topshop, 11. The Book of Love Urban Outfitters

Sis Boom Room Marcella in Blue!

Clean and Modern with a slightly rustic twist (thanks to our Anthropologie (6) Coiled Rope knobs and (7) Capri Candle in a Jar), this Sis Boom Room has a totally pleasant balance. What we love about this concept? Sis Boom can be paired with any style to achieve a happy, cozy room!

Our vegan friendly, Giant Cardboard Taxidermy (1) allows for an animal friendly wall decoration that can be left alone or spray painted to one’s desired hue! Even though it won’t be out ’til May quilt market in Utah, we’re obsessed with the idea of tossing Honey Child into this cute lil’ mix. The combo of (2) Dana and (3) Danielle seem to hit the nail on the head in this particular scheme. Sexy, simply Ikea floor lamp, (4) Kulla, gracefully lights up our imaginary room with dimming capabilities.

You’ll never guess where we discovered this (8) Avenue Six Yield Chair… Sam’s Club! It’s wide open arms beckon you and a blankie to curl up and read a book! While you’re being fancy, cozy, modern & rustic, toss some pennies into an adorable (10) Buddha bank, which also makes a sweet decoration for your mantle or bedside. Last but not least, (9) Moxi Lolly Roller Skates are a MUST in this snowy weather… get some exercise by skating around your living room!

With the focal point being a blue (5) Marcella pillow you just can’t go wrong! Its chunky flamestitch is so cozy, clean and colorful!