Sis Boom Room Marcella in Blue!

Clean and Modern with a slightly rustic twist (thanks to our Anthropologie (6) Coiled Rope knobs and (7) Capri Candle in a Jar), this Sis Boom Room has a totally pleasant balance. What we love about this concept? Sis Boom can be paired with any style to achieve a happy, cozy room!

Our vegan friendly, Giant Cardboard Taxidermy (1) allows for an animal friendly wall decoration that can be left alone or spray painted to one’s desired hue! Even though it won’t be out ’til May quilt market in Utah, we’re obsessed with the idea of tossing Honey Child into this cute lil’ mix. The combo of (2) Dana and (3) Danielle seem to hit the nail on the head in this particular scheme. Sexy, simply Ikea floor lamp, (4) Kulla, gracefully lights up our imaginary room with dimming capabilities.

You’ll never guess where we discovered this (8) Avenue Six Yield Chair… Sam’s Club! It’s wide open arms beckon you and a blankie to curl up and read a book! While you’re being fancy, cozy, modern & rustic, toss some pennies into an adorable (10) Buddha bank, which also makes a sweet decoration for your mantle or bedside. Last but not least, (9) Moxi Lolly Roller Skates are a MUST in this snowy weather… get some exercise by skating around your living room!

With the focal point being a blue (5) Marcella pillow you just can’t go wrong! Its chunky flamestitch is so cozy, clean and colorful!

10 Responses to “Sis Boom Room Marcella in Blue!”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Sis Boom knows no boundaries! Another great showcase of the way the fabrics go with anything. Thanks!

  2. Melissa S says:

    Just found your blog,
    LOVE IT!

  3. Melissa S says:

    Saw you over at Where Women Create…great post.

  4. pam says:

    My daughter covered her deer head with fancy paper, you could cover it with some amazing Sisboom fabric and it would be magical! xo

    • Madeline says:

      That’s an awesome idea!! Thx! I think I would cover mine in some Queen Street – Madeline… That’s my fave. sigh…

  5. Rosanne Derrett says:

    Squeaking with excitement – Giant Cardboard Taxidermy + periwinkle Rosetta or blue Danielle + modpodge = amazing wall art! Do we really have to wait till Spring Market for the taxidermy?

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