Jus Sayin…

We simply adore all of you… and we’re feeling generous.

Keep checking back for a lil surprise.. Jus sayin’…


Will You Be Our Valentines?!

Good Morning to all… and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! We hope that your mornings are all off to a lovely start and that your day has in store for you nothing but hearts, chocolates roses, and ALL things happy!!!

To kick off the special day we have a super simple, super fun garland tutorial for you! It requires a 1 1/2″ punch, dental floss, a hot glue gun… and lots of love. Quick– go whip one up and surprise him either when he wakes up, or when he gets home tonight! yay!

PS, we know you can’t help but to notice the awesome Barbara Strawser Mermaid panel…. Sigh. So beautiful, right? and… we can’t say much more, but you’ll be seeing more than just a sneak peak of that Queen Street headboard in a few weeks or so… xo Have a wonderful day! See tutorial below!!!

To create your own:

  • Download the Heart circles PDF by clicking on any of the above images
  • Print out Heart Circles and either punch them out with a 1 1/2″ punch OR use a scissor to cut those babies out
  • Take a piece of dental floss and hot glue gun your heart circles back to back with the dental floss between them!
  • Hang this lovely creation wherever your heart desires
  • Have fun!

Flip That House!

Hey friends!! Boy, do we have a renewal story for you!!!… We had a bunch of these really sweet little vintage houses, and while there was something very special about them– the color and happiness just wasn’t there.

The cuteness, but lack of pizazz inspired us to flip them… and so we did just that! By dismantling each house, re-painting, glittering, adding charm in the windows, and re-assembling them, it’s now clear to see that these were much needed renovations… these houses are soo sweet, shimmery, and happy!! If only we could figure out a way to live inside

Each home comes complete with plumbing, heating, washer, dryer, backyard, and electricity. just kidding.

Aren’t they so sweet!? Thanks Tim Geaney for capturing the magic of these little houses in your awesome photos!

Loving what you see? We just put ’em up FOR SALE in our store (that’s right, Houses for sale!!!)!! And the market in this housing department proves to be very good :)…. Plus, the super fun part about purchasing a little house is the surprise element… order either a single dwelling home ($25 including shipping) or a double dwelling home ($30 including shipping) and we’ll surprise you with your one-of-a-kind abode.