Stripes in minutes!

Popped this stunning, striped wall up in a jiff today! We simply painted the wall with a chalkboard paint (let it dry for a few weeks) and then slapped up these fabulous Wall Pops stripes … voila!

A sweet little Valentine vignette tops it all off and warms our Sis Boom hearts. Hope you love it!


Free Valentine Download !

Let’s get CRAFTY! Free download for our fave peeps in the world — YOU!

As a banner, gift topper, or good ole fashioned valentine, these colorful little cards will surely make your special one swoon.

Sis Boom Valentine Banner

Sis Boom Vday

In these few short steps we’ll have you up and running…

  • Click HERE, or on the image above to download the full PDF
  • Rescale to your heart’s desire (or leave as is)
  • Print on glossy paper
  • Cut out
  • Feeling crazy? Glitter the edges!

If you’re making a banner:

  • Punch holes in the corners
  • String with bakery twine or any other ribbon



MORE clip art

Hi! It’s Madeline! Ok– I am so over the moon with this new CLIP ART! ahh I can’t stop dreaming up ideas to share with our Sis Boom friends!

As you can see, I made more use of our Valentine CLIP ART.. I’m just thinking of Valentine’s Day as a kick off of LOVE! Why do we only profess our love so openly on this one single day?! Let’s keep it going! Even more surprising than a sweet card on February 14th… is a card afterwards just to say, Hey.. I really (still) love you a lot. It’s like a little non-Valentine’s day surprise.

What else can you do with these Clip Art goodies?

  • Print on fabric paper (check Amazon for this) & make pillows! Embellish with sequins & more!
  • Print on iron transfer paper (check Amazon for this) and embellish an apron, T-shirt, pillow & more!
  • banners, cards, cake & cupcake toppers, garlands, announcements & invitations
  • paper chains
  • collages
  • photograph embellishments
  • the list goes on! send us your ideas!

Forget Me Not

Say I Love You with a sweet Forget Me Not Bouquet. Paired with silky seam binding and velvet on a floral heart, this one’s packed with love and tenderness.

Dangle a precious collection like this from a powder room mirror, a doorknob… how about as sweet little cake toppers?! Or cupcake toppers?! (you know you just got excited!!!!)

How? When you’re gluing your heart backing on, sneak a super thin piece of wire, or even a toothpick between the layers, apply your glue, and press together! Totally, cute, eh?

To make a dangling heart, place a piece of seambinding ribbon between two hearts, glue them together & add your posy with a thin piece of velvet. voila!!!

The possibilities are limitless… these little Valentine traditions will look awesome anywhere that calls for a little touch of love. Sigh. So sweet!

Say LOVE with a colorful Sis Boom Bouquet!!!

This one’s for all of YOU out there!!! What better way to say, “I LOVE YOU”, than with a sweet, colorful bouquet?!

By incorporating all happy colors, this one won’t have to be tucked away with the rest of your pink and red decorations after February 14th. It’s the perfect color palette to welcome spring… and the perfect color palette to put a smile on your face each day you pass by it.

To Make your own:

  • Download the PDF, simply by clicking on the image above
  • Print & Cut out your “flowers”
  • With a hot glue gun, use pipe cleaners, wire from hangers, or any other like object, and secure the back of the paper “flower” to a flattened piece of the pipe cleaner or wire
  • Repeat until you have your desired number of flowers
  • Tie them all up in a beautiful bow with a happy ribbon
  • Use letter stickers, if you have them around, to spell something special out in the ribbon!
  • Viola!

Let’s Kick Off February! The month of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Well, here’s the deal… we had every intention of waiting until the 1st of February do kick of the Sis Boom Month of L-O-V-E… but we just couldn’t do it! We’re BURSTING at the seams with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Love for you, Love for our families, Love for our friends… basically love is flying in every direction and we can no longer contain it!

Here is a colorful, happy, trinket that is just FULL of love! It’s being posted today, before the start of February, to show just how serious we are about the love thang.

And another version…

And some more.. it’s no coincidence that a Barbara Strawser painting is peeking from behind … we’re SO full of LOVE for Barbara!! (is all this Love talk making you sick already?! Well, Get ready for a month full of it 😉 )

You all sent in such beautiful comments during January, our month of renewal and loving oneself… will you please grace us with your beautiful comments on love?! Pretty please?! Your comments make us SO happy!

How I feel About You

To all of you in the New Year