So Thankful!!!

Thank you all for making Thanksgiving so special, you remind me everyday to be grateful even if you are just scared to put a zipper in.  I get it and my new motto is “step into it” .  I don’t want to be scared because most of my fears always come out with the same outcome….”that wasn’t so bad” . You all teach me to go for it!! I’m amazed at some of the hard stuff you walk through..’yikes’ but together we can do the unthinkable.  I just love you all for trying.  So here’s to you!! Love through the season.  I’ll be thinking of you. xo Jenniferaheart

Today I’m working on Happy Land due out in October

Recoloring, rethinking, but this one was spot on!!  A heart for all of you because that’s what I’m feeling!!  It’s cold here and I am hunkered down sewing sequins and ensuring that Happy Land is everything you guys love in this world.  I am pumped for this incredible New Year.  Stop by often, remember to play and always stay true to you!

You Mean the World to me!!!

A bit of Sparkle

A bit of sequin sparkle

She Stops Traffic

Wherever we go folks want to know this beautiful woman.  She Glows.  Happy from the inside out folks see that when they meet her.  She has taught me so much over the years but mostly how to love, how to forgive and how to walk by his side.  She reminds me of how good life is even in that moment when the world feels like it’s falling down around me.  She’s a rock and in the summer I am lucky that she spends time with me and helps with the biz.  She’s actually wearing one of our newer styles called the  Claire which she named for one of my nieces. She loves that name. The business keeps her young and she loves to be involved and I love when she lends her sensibility. She’s a special lady as you can see by the light in her eyes that has been captured so beautifully by Tim Geaney and her make up by Nancy Geaney .  Yes that dynamic duo!!  love you Mom!!

Say LOVE with Glitter!

What makes us happier than glitter? …. and lots of it? These super cool dangling glitter hearts are one of our fave projects this February… They’re laser cut hearts (one  has been backed with red felt to add a pop of color), and they are sure to make your honey smile.

Michaels often has loads of them, and once they’re glittered they become so special. In order to get them glistening in glitter, just modpodge the surface and add your favorite glitters. For an extra special touch add a bow!!  When all was said and done, we couldn’t resist photographing our hearts in the city of LOVE!… (Eifell Tower curtesy of Ikea)

Forget Me Not

Say I Love You with a sweet Forget Me Not Bouquet. Paired with silky seam binding and velvet on a floral heart, this one’s packed with love and tenderness.

Dangle a precious collection like this from a powder room mirror, a doorknob… how about as sweet little cake toppers?! Or cupcake toppers?! (you know you just got excited!!!!)

How? When you’re gluing your heart backing on, sneak a super thin piece of wire, or even a toothpick between the layers, apply your glue, and press together! Totally, cute, eh?

To make a dangling heart, place a piece of seambinding ribbon between two hearts, glue them together & add your posy with a thin piece of velvet. voila!!!

The possibilities are limitless… these little Valentine traditions will look awesome anywhere that calls for a little touch of love. Sigh. So sweet!

Something to LOVE

We spotted something very special on a very special blog… Weblog of an Ordinary Woman… and might we add that this “Ordinary Woman” is a rather extraordinary woman!!!… She whipped up TWO maternity tops in ONE day… and what was so cool…?! One of them is in Poodle! The extraordinary woman shares that the pattern was made with Newlook 6887. How fun!

Check out her blog for tons of inspiration on adorable little baby clothes, clothes for mom-to-be, and Mother – Daughter matching outfits!!!

psssst…. February is less than 24 hours away! The Official month of LOVE!! Get ready!

Crafting for the one you LOVE

Now that we’re pretending it’s February (we’re only a few days off, ok?!) … aka the month of LOVE, we will be updating the blog regularly with fun, lovey, heartsy, red & pinky sorts of crafts and inspiration!

Today we have this sweet Valentine Garland on bakery twine. So delicious, right? String this baby over a doorway, above a bed, over a mirror… basically anywhere, and let your heart smile!

So simple, yet SO sweet… and of course, oozing with loads of LOVE!

Don’t you just love the color red in February?! It makes our heart sing!

Move over, this seat’s taken!

Let’s Kick Off February! The month of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Well, here’s the deal… we had every intention of waiting until the 1st of February do kick of the Sis Boom Month of L-O-V-E… but we just couldn’t do it! We’re BURSTING at the seams with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Love for you, Love for our families, Love for our friends… basically love is flying in every direction and we can no longer contain it!

Here is a colorful, happy, trinket that is just FULL of love! It’s being posted today, before the start of February, to show just how serious we are about the love thang.

And another version…

And some more.. it’s no coincidence that a Barbara Strawser painting is peeking from behind … we’re SO full of LOVE for Barbara!! (is all this Love talk making you sick already?! Well, Get ready for a month full of it 😉 )

You all sent in such beautiful comments during January, our month of renewal and loving oneself… will you please grace us with your beautiful comments on love?! Pretty please?! Your comments make us SO happy!

January is the Month to Love Yourself!

We have officially proclaimed January as the month of renewal and the month to love yourself!

Try new things often and give yourself whatever it is you need to feel peace each and every day. Here is a little craft for you… It will constantly remind you how important it is to pay attention to yourself!

In addition to making this sweet banner for yourself, try to do a little bit of the following… we will too 🙂

  • Create a loving mantra that you can repeat in the mirror
  • Journal your thoughts before the demands of the day crowd in
  • Create an enchanting place to nurture yourself
  • Do one thing you’re afraid to do

Print out these 3 pages (downloadable PDFs – just click on ’em to download).. cut them out and punch two holes along the top… string a sweet ribbon through them all… and viola. Most importantly– don’t forget to Love Yourself!

How I feel About You

To all of you in the New Year